I am Nathalie, the author of Sophie the Parisian's. But who is Sophie? She is a Parisian woman from head to toe. She knows Paris and its art de vivre like the back of her hand. She can talk and talk about Paris and the Parisian life and culture for hours: elegance, gastronomy, fashion, education, seduction, and personality of the so-called perfect Parisian woman.

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Sono Nathalie, l'autrice di Sophie la Parigina. Ma chi è Sophie? E' una parigina dalla testa ai piedi e conosce Parigi e la sua art-de-vivre come le proprie tasche. Può comunicare e parlare per ore di Parigi, della vita e della cultura parigine, sa tutto dell’eleganza, della gastronomia, della moda, dell’educazione, della seduzione e della personalità di queste parigine da molti ritenute perfette... Attraverso questo sito e i suoi libri, Sophie svela ...

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Béatrice, Brigitte, Catherine, Cécile, Chantal, Charlotte, Isabelle, Marion, Nicole and Maxime – the entire Sophie the Parisian team – wish you a wonderfully Happy New Year.  Since Sophie came into being, many, many of you have followed us, thanks to all of you!  2015 marks an important landmark for us – the book SOPHIE LA PARIGINA in Italian is coming out in the 1st quarter followed by SOPHIE THE PARISIAN in English in the second half of the year.  Above all else, our aim will be to amuse you, help you decipher the Paris lifestyle and reveal the very latest secrets of a Parisian girl.  Wishing you all a very Happy New Year - Sophie.

Beatrice Brigitte, Catherine, Cecilia, Chantal, Charlotte, Isabelle, Marion, Nicole e Maxime, tutta la squadra di Sophie The Parisian vi augura un bellissimo e felicissimo anno. Siete stati molti, moltissimi, a seguirci dopo la nascita di Sophie, grazie di cuore! Per noi, il 2015 sarà un appuntamento importante, con l'uscita, nel 1º trimestre, del libro SOPHIE LA PARIGINA, in italiano e, nel 2º trimestre, del libro SOPHIE THE PARISIAN, in inglese. La nostra mission sarà sempre e comunque divertirvi e informarvi, per raccontarvi la vita parigina e svelarvi i segreti di una parigina dei giorni nostri. Buon anno a tutti da Sophie.

At the Musée d'Orsay, the Paris art museum housed in the former Orsay train station, Franco-Mexican tenor Rolando Villazón hosted an exceptional musical evening devoted to the capital. A number of prestigious artists came together to celebrate Paris, performing classical arias and legendary pop songs inspired by the City of Lights.

A great, seasonal “anti-aging health food” recipe. Growing older inevitably means a progressive functional decline, but we can still limit the damage by paying careful attention to our lifestyle, and part of this means eating right!
Although there may be differing definitions of the ideal diet, there is universal agreement about the primordial importance of plant-based foods. This is not limited to just fruit and veggies, but includes wholegrain products, herbs and spices, olive oil, dark chocolate, and beverages like green tea and red wine.

A meeting or interview with Michel Jouenne, one of the most prolific and gifted of his generation of French artists, is always a great moment, an honor and an immense pleasure. Indeed, this artist, who no longer needs any presentation, being so well known and recognized, among the panorama of contemporary artists, adds passion and color to each of his statements. For him, a landscape is like a woman to win over: you have to know how to surprise it, steal its ephemeral vision, a fleeting emotion, in order to be able to convey its soul on the canvas….

A well-informed Parisienne is a healthy Parisienne! What are we supposed to be eating these day? What’s actually good for you? What’s not? Trying to decide from women’s magazines can drive you crazy. And scientific magazines aren’t exactly crystal clear either. The Mediterranean diet? High-protein diet? Fat, no fat, low-fat? Sugar, sugar free, sugar substitute? What a headache…

Every year, thousands of children song "Petit Papa Noël". This Christmas song, created in 1946 by Tino Rossi, is currently the best-selling single of all time in France, with over 5,711,000 units sold. The song has been covered by many artists over the years… so it could bee an excellent way to learn French and celebrate Christmas time! Just try this easy and pedagogic song before your next trip to Paris…

The well-“red” Parisian… In wintertime, I think the color red gives us Parisians a little lift. It’s warm, it looks good, and it’s flamboyant! We Parisians wear it with black, gray or white. Anything can look great in red (handbag, gloves, coat, that sexy little dress). But keep the look sober, if you want to achieve Parisian elegance.

The Champagne region in northeastern France is renowned for its sparkling wines, produced according to many strict rules. Champaign is generally made from a blend of various wines (different vineyards, harvest years, grape varieties). Finding the right blend is an art, for this is what determines the taste of the champagne, and each champagne producer makes different choices…

"In Parisian tradition, being a first-class hostess is more than pouring drinks and seeing that everyone gets fed. Meticulous attention to detail is very important to us, even after the meal.  Guests must feel pampered and cocooned as they slowly digest and engage in after-dinner conversation. It’s up to the hostess to see that everyone is having a nice time and will have wonderful memories of the evening. It’s time to serve good coffee, relaxing herbal teas, or delightful liqueurs.  If smoking is allowed, it’s also the right time to pass around the cigarette box, and offer the gents hand-rolled Churchills."

The paradox of the Frenchwoman is that she’s gourmand. Although she likes fine cuisine, she also knows how to get back to a normal diet. Therefore, a good feast one evening and back to a balanced diet with lighter meals the next day. The holidays provide a good example. Like everyone, we put on 2 kg but are quickly able to resume our good habits and keep our mythical figure (well, not always). Whatever the case, don’t lose your good habits and eat at least five fruits and vegetables every day…

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