sophieintroSophie the Parisian is a blog that reflects the lifestyle of a dynamic, working girl from Paris, showing off her free, curious, elegant, and modern personality. The protagonist Sophie is a Parisian from head to toe, her blog is a "French style" encyclopedia: fashion, gastronomy, culture, education, social events, ... It brings a contemporary look at the Parisian life.

Visit Paris in the company of Sophie the Parisian and ten of her avatar friends, who each have their own specialty on the blog: Béatrice (cooking), Brigitte (social circle), Catherine (guide), Cécile (wellness), Chantal (children), Charlotte (fashion), Isabelle (spot light), Marion and Nicole (interior & design) and Maxime (culture).

All these characters came to life under the pen of Nathalie Peigney, the soul of the blog and the creator of the Sophie the Parisian concept. Marketing consultant, journalist, and ex-fashion designer, she is guaranteed editorial quality.


You can sense the excitement mounting in Parisians as they eagerly await the big switch-on date. The city’s Christmas lights are guaranteed to enchant people of every age and fill them with wonder at all the fairytale colours adorning the streets of Paris. Arcades of light, multicoloured stars, incandescent flames, twinkling projections, gorgeous backdrops to the capital’s broad avenues. The title of “Ville Lumière” takes on a whole new depth of meaning.

Centuries in the making, the reputation of Burgundy and its wines reaches every corner of the world. Here’s a Burgundy quiz for you: once you’ve answered these ten questions, you’ll be in a class of your own when it comes to knowledge of Burgundy wines and people will clamour to join in your fascinating company! But above all if will heighten the pleasure you receive from tasting and sharing a fine bottle of Burgundy. The better you know these wines and all that surrounds them, the more you’ll be able to enjoy and talk about them…

From one glass ceiling to another, the contemporary art bandwagon rolls into the familiar grounds of the Grand Palais, for the start of the annual FIAC art fair, 2014 October 22. This year the event hosted 68 galleries from 14 different countries, specializing in contemporary and emerging art. As usual, the fair was located across Paris. Its main gallery base was in the Grand Palais, with events in the Tuileries, the Jardin des Plantes, the Place Vendôme and on the banks of the Seine…

A beautiflul and trendy deep-orange color for this rich and hearty soup of red lentils! Do you know that lentils contain dietary fiber, folate, vitamin B and minerals? Health magazine has selected lentils as one of the five healthiest foods. Lentils are a good source of iron, having over half of a person's daily iron allowance in a one cup serving. See our Halloween soup recipe...

Have you ever seen how a real Parisian woman eats the most common of sea foods, mussels? Invite her to dinner at one of the many Léon de Bruxelles scattered around Paris. She will be tempted by the most classic dish on the menu, famous "Moules marinière", served in the traditional casserole with cast-iron lid. She will chat pleasantly with you, sip a glass of cool red wine, not a beer, and will have an indescribable expression of satisfaction when the moules arrive at the table. Now, watch her carefully…

What pears? Beurré Hardy, Comice, Conférence, Louis Bonne, Douillard or Alexandrine
The French love pears. They’re tasty, refined and a natural form of medicine that also fights skin ageing. Moreover, they contain 84% water, ideal for diets. In addition, the high calcium content in the pear makes it one of the most recommended fruits for children and adolescents. So, just be careful not to overdo it because of the sugars!

Parsley is a natural diuretic and detoxifier. It acts on the liver. If you have a centrifuge, don’t fail to add it to all of your vegetable juices. With its very good balance in Vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids, avocado protects its fatty acids from oxidation. It protects against cell ageing.

October 21 at 8 p.m., the place to be in Paris is the Opéra Garnier! I’m there with my fiancée Caroline to see Rain, the work by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, a major figure on the international choreographic scene. Sitting in the 15th row of the orchestra, Caroline is ultra elegant in her dress designed by Lagerfield for Chanel. All Paris is here. It’s just not possible to miss an opening night at the Opera, especially as it’s so difficult to be one of the happy few to receive an invitation. And, the evening will end with a platter of Oléron oysters at the Bar à Huîtres Garnier.

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