I am Nathalie, the author of Sophie the Parisian's. But who is Sophie? She is a Parisian woman from head to toe. She knows Paris and its art de vivre like the back of her hand. She can talk and talk about Paris and the Parisian life and culture for hours: elegance, gastronomy, fashion, education, seduction, and personality of the so-called perfect Parisian woman.

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Sono Nathalie, l'autrice di Sophie la Parigina. Ma chi è Sophie? E' una parigina dalla testa ai piedi e conosce Parigi e la sua art-de-vivre come le proprie tasche. Può comunicare e parlare per ore di Parigi, della vita e della cultura parigine, sa tutto dell’eleganza, della gastronomia, della moda, dell’educazione, della seduzione e della personalità di queste parigine da molti ritenute perfette... Attraverso questo sito e i suoi libri, Sophie svela ...

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Long candy, square candy, round candy… the Parisians love all sorts of bonbons. For some of us candy is a treat, for others, an indulgence. The French have had a sweet tooth for over 2,000 years! French confectionary comes in all shapes and sizes, depending on our tastes and mood. Les bonbons, c’est si bon! Even if we know very well that sugar is not so “bon” for health! That’s what candy means to us! And you?

It’s the new French paradox: we, the French, complain a great deal, don’t have much faith in the future or in institutions and yet, with an average of two children per woman, France, along with Ireland, is Europe’s champion. And this isn’t all. When French women are interviewed, 32% of them dream of having three children… A great many experts correlate the birthrate with the rate of growth and the record French fertility rate is certainly enviable …

How can I thank you, all of you who were able to understand the immense grief of the French people after the attacks in Paris, showing us your support and your amazing love of Paris by the countless messages sent.  During these horrible days in January, I was in New York visiting the 9/11 Memorial and new museum devoted to the intolerable attack in 2011.  While my first reaction was sadness, I was gradually comforted by my admiration for these incredible tokens of love and solidarity that arrived from all over the world, often from strangers, distant relatives and from artists who expressed their grief in their works.   My friends from Canada, Rose and Herb come to Paris twice a year for a long three-week stay. Their love affair with Paris has lasted for more than 20 years and the City of Light, continues to fascinate them. The way they talk about it is one of the nicest things I’ve read these past weeks…

Tomato Vegetarian yellow Gazpacho

Don't expect to find strictly French food in Paris! Like any big city, Paris is home to a vibrant mix of international cuisines and Parisian girls love to discover original or creative recipes as this funny and healthy Yellow Gazpacho recipes with sunny yellow tomatoes! The difference in color between red and yellow tomatoes is not just superficial…

In French culture, there are rules about how certain foods are to be served at formal occasions. The most difficult dishes to serve are not necessarily the most difficult to enjoy. Serving grapefruit, a nougat glacé or a cantaloupe to Parisian guests? In French tradition, there’s special etiquette for serving these dishes. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for the perfect hostess or host…

Sweet sixty's in Paris

Ah! Paris, the cradle of fashion, design and sartorial excellence. Paris: your podiums are most watched, your houses of fashion most influential, your collections most anticipated and your fashion-weeks can’t be overlooked. Each season, true fashion addicts wonder: what will be worn? Fortunately, Sophie is aware of the latest and will inform you about the major trends for the coming winter… Jane Birkin sang: "Ex-fan des Sixties, petite baby doll… ". You’re not dreaming. The Sixty’s are back! This is the main trend right now. Miniskirts, A-line dresses, patent leather Mary Jane shoes, graphic checks and patterns in marshmallow colors…  An unavoidable look for Parisians, both feminine and sexy, with strong influences of Swinging London, for a fresh and carefree allure. Absolutely necessary for the right mood sans faute pour être pile dans le mood Brigitte Bardot et Catherine Deneuve this coming winter.

Christophe de Jaeger famous French Doctor has developed a unique method combining diagnosis and action in order to preserve one’s health capital age well, and stay in good health as long as possible… Nutrition is one of his numerous tools, look at his after feats recommendation : “Firstly, opt for raw foods. This will allow your pancreas to fully recover, clean itself and lower inflammation. Consume uncooked foods three meals a day”....

At an upper crust dinner, how does one seat guests, in a way that shows respect for everyone and hurts no one’s feelings? Seating protocol is a conundrum for many a host and hostess.
The first thing to do is to draw up a guest list in order of social status and age. This will determine the order in which people are seated relative to the hosts of the table.

Bonne et heureuse Annee

Béatrice, Brigitte, Catherine, Cécile, Chantal, Charlotte, Isabelle, Marion, Nicole and Maxime – the entire Sophie the Parisian team – wish you a wonderfully Happy New Year.  Since Sophie came into being, many, many of you have followed us, thanks to all of you!  2015 marks an important landmark for us – the book SOPHIE LA PARIGINA in Italian is coming out in the 1st quarter followed by SOPHIE THE PARISIAN in English in the second half of the year.  Above all else, our aim will be to amuse you, help you decipher the Paris lifestyle and reveal the very latest secrets of a Parisian girl.  Wishing you all a very Happy New Year - Sophie.

Beatrice Brigitte, Catherine, Cecilia, Chantal, Charlotte, Isabelle, Marion, Nicole e Maxime, tutta la squadra di Sophie The Parisian vi augura un bellissimo e felicissimo anno. Siete stati molti, moltissimi, a seguirci dopo la nascita di Sophie, grazie di cuore! Per noi, il 2015 sarà un appuntamento importante, con l'uscita, nel 1º trimestre, del libro SOPHIE LA PARIGINA, in italiano e, nel 2º trimestre, del libro SOPHIE THE PARISIAN, in inglese. La nostra mission sarà sempre e comunque divertirvi e informarvi, per raccontarvi la vita parigina e svelarvi i segreti di una parigina dei giorni nostri. Buon anno a tutti da Sophie.

At the Musée d'Orsay, the Paris art museum housed in the former Orsay train station, Franco-Mexican tenor Rolando Villazón hosted an exceptional musical evening devoted to the capital. A number of prestigious artists came together to celebrate Paris, performing classical arias and legendary pop songs inspired by the City of Lights.

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