sophieintroSophie the Parisian is a blog that reflects the lifestyle of a dynamic, working girl from Paris, showing off her free, curious, elegant, and modern personality. The protagonist Sophie is a Parisian from head to toe, her blog is a "French style" encyclopedia: fashion, gastronomy, culture, education, social events, ... It brings a contemporary look at the Parisian life.

Visit Paris in the company of Sophie the Parisian and ten of her avatar friends, who each have their own specialty on the blog: Béatrice (cooking), Brigitte (social circle), Catherine (guide), Cécile (wellness), Chantal (children), Charlotte (fashion), Isabelle (spot light), Marion and Nicole (interior & design) and Maxime (culture).

All these characters came to life under the pen of Nathalie Peigney, the soul of the blog and the creator of the Sophie the Parisian concept. Marketing consultant, journalist, and ex-fashion designer, she is guaranteed editorial quality.


Just as we like dressing up to go out and wearing beautiful jewels, so table bon ton must reflect our elegance and “savoir vivre”. This French “savoir vivre” should never sacrifice simplicity and naturalness for the sake of being elegant. In Paris, the art of setting the table is a very rigorous art, especially when it comes to silverware. 

A great many people think that winter is synonymous with melancholy. The season ends the euphoria and softness of autumn and gives way to grey skies and somber landscapes. However, the Parisian sees things in a different light: she equates winter with the return of wonderful Parisian evenings, elegant vernissages and Beaujolais launchings. Whether on Avenue Montaigne, the top of the Eiffel Tower or in Montmartre, there’s no lack of wine-tasting evenings… This year, Beaujolais will be available on Thursday , November 15. Where should I take Caroline, my epicurean, fashion-conscious fiancée?

Accompagnano, arricchiscono, esaltano e insaporiscono: non c’è davvero miglior alleato in cucina delle salse. Può sembrare un gioco da ragazzi, ma preparare una salsa a regola d’arte richiede un’ottima conoscenza di abbinamenti, sapori e consistenze. Vi propongo oggi tre ricette, ma se desiderate altre ricette… basta lasciarmi un commento in fondo al servizio.

After closing its doors for a four-year, $234 million refurbishment, the Lutetia hotel is back, adding to the ranks of fashionable luxury hotels in the French capital, just in time for the peak summer season. For the past century the Art Nouveau Hotel Lutetia has been a Paris icon, known as much for its popularity with artists as its unusual Left Bank location. 

Fashion designer Christian Louboutin has developed an international following for his distinctive red-soled footwear. But he happened on his life's passion by accident: all it took was a trip to a museum where he saw a sign indicating that high heel shoes were not permitted there. “I was totally fascinated by that sign. I'd never seen shoes like that”… 

Il Dott. Arnaud Cocaul, medico nutrizionista presso l’Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière di Parigi, è specialista nella cura dei disturbi associati all’obesità, nella terapia del sovrappeso e, in generale,  in quella dei disturbi del comportamento alimentare. Ha al suo attivo, come autore, anche numerose opere e pubblicazioni.

If you are in New York on 1st November at 18:00 please join us for this glamour moment: Jessica Matlin shall present Sophie the Parisian’s book « Style tips from a true Parisian woman» at the mythic Rizzoli library of Broadway. We’ll talk about Paris, but about beauty and elegance. If you haven't heard of Jessica Matlin, she is the reference of beauty and health in the US media world. Her job, beauty director of the famous US magazine: Haper’s Bazaar. We can say Jessica thinks, feels, and breathes luxury. 

Mention the name Sonia Rykiel and you think of the French designer’s geometric red bob, striped knitwear but mostly, eminently wearable clothes. Sonia Rykiel created chic ready-to-wear clothes that were popular around the world. She died two years ago, but for the past four years, her fashion house has been overseen by artistic director Julie de Libran. 

Un arrivo che fa seguito allo spettacolare restauro della sala, unica al mondo, del ristorante: il tetto si apre maestosamente per svelare il cielo di Parigi. Uno slancio pieno di brio verso l’indirizzo diventato famoso da quasi 80 anni.

Until January 2019, the Fondation Louis Vuitton is featuring separate exhibitions of two painters linked by their fascinating intensity and brief, meteoric lives: Egon Schiele and Jean-Michel Basquiat. With a selection of 250 creations selected from their exceptional body of work, the Fondation Louis Vuitton celebrates the itineraries of the two artists who, says Suzanne Pagé, artistic director of the Foundation, “saw themselves as prophets of art and had extravagant virtuosity.” Today we shall talk of Jean-Michel Basquiat and give you appointment in November for Egon Schiele.

Sono più di cinquanta, tra quelli della Rive Droite e quelli della Rive Gauche della Senna e sono di varie lunghezze, dai 1971m del Quai de Bercy, il più lungo, agli 80m del Quai du Louvre, il più corto. Ma, come è facile immaginare, non è certo la lunghezza che determina l'importanza di un “quai” di Parigi rispetto ad un altro. Cominciamo col dire che da certi “quais” è possibile ammirare alcuni dei più celebri monumenti della capitale, dalla Tour Eiffel a Notre-Dame a Place de la Concorde, senza trascurare i ponti storici che legano una riva all'altra della Senna. Ma procediamo con ordine.

French style and savoir vivre, good manners, and training in the excellent Académie des Gouvernantes de Paris... French governesses are among the most popular at the moment. But what exactly makes them so special?

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