French charm, attitude or posture?

The Parisian stands straight and walks with her head high. Haughty, superb, proud and snobbish? Not more than anyone else. Perhaps it’s just natural, genetic and involuntary? Certainly, the Parisian is aware that she belongs to an elite lucky enough to live in the city of light, the capital of style and romance. Does the way she carries herself have anything to do with this? Or is it a question of upbringing that engenders such haughty behavior? So, improve your posture and borrow an “unwittingly” superb attitude and perhaps obtain this, so Parisian, slightly snobbish charm.

ATTITUDE port de tete nbPOSTURE. What Parisian hasn’t heard: “stand up straight, keep your head up…”? Who hasn’t learned how to walk across the room with a book on her head, wearing 2-inch heels? Like our mothers, good posture was an easy and important way to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body. Indeed, standing straight allows you to feel better about yourself, have more self-confidence. Good posture keeps your body aligned: back straight, square shoulders, chin up, chest out and belly in. If you can imagine a straight line going from your earlobe through your shoulder, hip, knee, right to your ankle… that’s all there is to it. You know how to stand!


sophie attitude 1ATTITUDE. The Parisian wields the art of paradox and contrast with exceptional virtuosity. It’s genetic! She’s both natural and sophisticated. She’s impertinent and self-confident while being discrete and without the slightest exuberance. She’s a real presence but with discretion. She’s simple, elegant but very sure of her taste. Everything should seem to be simple and obvious and not foster the idea that the result was obtained with great effort. It’s a question of upbringing! In short, the Parisian is supposed to be beautiful and stylish without any effort! She uses lipstick, of course, but it’s just to look slightly made up, nothing is calculated… The Parisian doesn’t blindly follow fashion. This is normal as she feels that she’s creating the trends! She never shows up for an evening looking like a Christmas tree: she’ll have removed her ballet shoes and put on pumps, but kept her jeans on. In fact, she’s only passing through, because she had some free time. Is the Frenchwoman a good bluffer?

So what do you think Posture ou Attitude? Chantal

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Chantal - Children

Bonjour, my name is Chantal. I’m often told that I’m “so French”. This is, in part, due to my traditional upbringing in Versailles, one of the most conservative cities in France, famous for its chateau, good schools and large families. I have three daughters. They’re model children, cheerful, nice and really fashionable. I’m in Paris almost every afternoon for my charity work and I still work part-time as a dance teacher. When the occasion presents itself, I teach etiquette to children at school. I’ll try and explain why my children get so many compliments.    

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