Are you in the hunt for a chic and effortless Parisian looking? The hairstyle is fundamental and for the last two years the fringe cut have been everywhere. But as always the Parisian woman even with fringe has a style all her own. Let's try to decipher together... First rule: while bangs can be worn on most hairstyles, they don't necessarily fit everyone and can't necessarily correspond to all hair types, so you'll have to be critical in front of the mirror and make a few adjustments to its shape or length for a true Parisian look. If you've always hesitated to adopt it in 2019, this year it's almost unavoidable in Paris provided you choose the right fringe.

For a long time relegated to the rank of girls' hairstyles, bangs (fringes) were not always popular. But in the last few years, it has been making a comeback! Jane Birkin,frange jane birkin Brigitte Bardot and Marianne Faithfull, the undisputed queens of the bohemian Frenchy spirit and the rock 'n' roll look made in the UK, made bangs their signature beauty in the 60s and 70s.


With its slightly unstructured lengths, the tapered fringe is the easiest model to wear. Both chic and casual, it's a must-have that everyone can fall for. It gives the haircut a structured yet relaxed effect. That's why Parisian women love it! It is even considered to represent the French style par excellence. The cream of the crop: a long, fuzzy square shoulder-length, subtly plunging and slightly gradient at the ends. Other distinctive features? The tapered fringe can be combed separated by a parting in the middle, and with rather crumpled wavy lengths to erase a potential stilted effect. This is how the foreign media perceived the last haircut of the Frenchwoman spotted at the Paris Fashion Week with Jeanne Damas in the spotlight... Jeanne Damas, always her! The tapered fringe will give your hair a new lease of life and rejuvenate you without losing its seductive qualities.


frange jean louis david 21.Start by looking at the most "Parisian" fringe patterns on the Social Network to get an idea

Short, straight, curtain, layered or ultralong: the fringe can take any shape. What makes it irresistible? It comes in an infinite variety of shapes, it is difficult to resist the fringe, whether it is a temporary attempt or a hair signature. Look at the French hashtag #frange #franges #frangestyle #jeannedamas

2.Study the shape of your face and the quality of your hair.

You're dreaming about bangs, how do you know if the bangs look good on you? To see in real time if the fringe will enhance your face, you can download the app. of this hairdressing simulator: 


You should choose a fringe design that emphasizes the nature of the hair and facial features. Follow the guide:

frange 3Do you have thick hair? Go for the long, straight bangs.

Do you have fine hair? Opt for a long fringe at the base of the eyebrows but not too static like Jeanne Damas'. This fringe is the embodiment of the retro Parisian Jane Birkin style. It can be split into two strands or melted into a ponytail or bun for a cool effect.

Do you have a big forehead? The straight maxi fringe, cut just above the lashes, brings a decidedly retro side that is not lacking in character and underlines the look. No more reasons to resist it, especially since it can be worn on dizzying lengths as well as on short cuts.

Do you have curly hair? It's best to wear long fringe (see the models at the Jacquemus fashion show) ... in anticipation of the humid days that bring up curls and create frizz. The curly version has been a great success since the return to grace of natural hair, but as you can see, control of hair volume is essential to avoid baba-cool!

Do you have a small forehead? A small forehead will hardly tolerate a thick fringe but more a thin and light fringe. A fine fringe is perfect and elegant with medium-long hair and short bobs. It dresses delicately and without overloading the small foreheads.

Do you have a round face? ... with well rounded cheekbones and no angular features on the jaw and foreheadfrange coupe-sophie-marceau. The aim here is to refine your features, so go for a tapered fringe and/or a side fringe to create a gradient effect and thus give a little length to your face. Forget too thick fringes like curtain fringe or short fringe.

Do you have an oval face? The best proportioned face! Straight, long, thick or light fringe, it's up to you to choose the one that will best bring out your personality. The more daring can try the short fringe. It's fashionable and provides a 1950s pinup style. The "baby fringe" is however to be consumed with moderation if you want to look like a real Parisian, that is to say never too "fashionable". It will thus be necessary to adopt a clothing style not too "fashionable" at the risk of losing the famous Parisian chic effort less. A fringe is considered short when it ends two centimetres above the eyebrows.  Beware, an oval face that is too elongated can also sometimes lack volume. In this case, always go for a long, bulging fringe. It will break up the effect of the length of the face without creating a big contrast.

Do you have a rectangular face? Do you have a long face with a forehead and an angled jaw? Choose a thick fringe, wick or curtain style for maximum style. It's well known that fringes shorten the length of the face and soften the contours.

Do you have a square face? Opt for a rather long and tapered fringe to refine a pronounced jawline and soften the angular side of the face. Avoid fringes that are too short or too straight, which will only accentuate your square jawline. It is therefore worn flush with the eyelashes to emphasize the eyes instead. If you wish to feminize your face, opt for a fringe that is styled on the side. Your fringe is very sparse and will reveal your forehead, which will give length to your face, which should not be "shortened".

frange a la parisienne

3. Maintain the fringe, because nothing worse than a fringe can heal, even if the result for a "Parisian" style should be "effort less".

Easy to live with, the fringe still requires a regular cut so that it doesn't fall into the eyes and turn into a sloppy look.

And when she pushes, what does we have to do? When your bangs start to get a little long, you can wear them as a curtain. Long adopted by Caroline Receveur this fringe is worn with a parting in the middle and must be worn with an equal separation on each side.

Want to cut your own bangs? You should do it on damp hair previously smoothed with a comb or a flat brush. Tie your hair in a ponytail, then cut off any excess. The fringe will naturally round out around the face by itself. Be careful, it is better to cut too long than too short, but it is still ideal to go to the hairdresser. Because... a failed fringe, what a horror! All it takes is one bad chisel stroke to ruin everything!

If we like it so much, it's because the fringe has a very interesting role after 50 years. When the skin loosens and the gaze tends to fall off, it comes into play. Not content with camouflaging certain wrinkles (forehead, frown lines, crow's feet...), it restructures the look, even lifts it. Use a maxi fringe worn slightly to the side and tapered. To avoid the too strict effect of the fringe. It will give movement to your mane and prevent it from appearing too fixe

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