Good manners at the beach

Oh yes, Parisian ladies have beaches even in Paris: Paris-Plage. At the core of French manners is the "savoir-vivre" and good behavior. Thus, despite holidays being synonymous with rest and relaxation, one should never forget good manners. Here are some basic rules that a Parisian lady must respect when on the beach, whether she is in Biarritz, Brittany, or on the Côte d'Azur.


Living in harmony and savoir-vivre on the beach

Spending holidays on the beach is a great joy as long as everyone contributes a little. What is a practical trick for knowing how to behave? Behave as if you had gone to visit someone. A calm and thoughtful approach will allow everyone to have a good time.

Golden rules to be respected at the beach so your parents are not ashamed of you

-       Even on the beach, some savoir-vivre rules must be kept in mind.
-       Unless you have a private beach, you will be crowded among many other fine-sand beach lovers.
-       All this while trying to safeguard peace and harmony to the maximum. Therefore, here is a small introduction to savoir-vivre rules on the beach!

spiaggia2Savoir-vivre on the beach: basic rules of beach behavior

1.    Respect other's personal space
-    Do not place your bathing towel too close to others. Respect distances. We all need a little intimacy, and we can easily feel oppressed if someone invades our "personal space". Of course, on overcrowded beaches, such personal space can be quite small. But do keep this basic rule in mind.

2.    Do not dirty your neighbors with sand

-       Step lightly between the lounge chairs.
-       Be careful to not walk on sand castles.
-       Avoid shaking your towel near people. Consider the direction of the wind.

3.    Etiquette when in the water... Avoid...

-       Throwing objects into the water.
-       Getting other people wet when you take a dip.
-       Putting games into the water that may pose a danger to others.
-       Splashing people with water.

4.    Let others enjoy some view of the sea...

The beach is a public place as is its view... so avoid building a wall of umbrellas!

5.    Greet your neighbors...

Courtesy and bon ton are also valid on holiday.

6. It is not okay to smoke on the beach

-       Depending on the direction of the wind, smoking can go everywhere and disturb other vacationers.
-       This is very annoying because the smell of cigarettes with sea air does not go together.
-       If you really cannot go without your dose of nicotine, put yourself in the right position so that you do not send ashes and smoke onto your neighbors. Do not throw cigarette butts on the beach.
-       The same goes for electronic cigarettes. Even the strawberry-papaya aroma can be annoying.


7.    Keep the beach clean

-       Most beaches have trash cans at strategic points, so there is no excuse to leave garbage behind or even worse: in the water. Greasy paper, picnic leftovers, plastic bags... pick up everything!

8.    Do not be loud

-       Do not forget that most people frequent the beach in order to rest. So respect other's desire for tranquility.
-       Keep in mind that sound spreads more easily on the beach.

a.    Keep your voice low.
b.    Teach your children not to yell. This form of care will be greatly appreciated by your neighbors.
c.    Do not exaggerate the radio volume. It would be better to enjoy the sound of the sea than the radio...
d.    Cries and shouts can be very annoying. They are to be avoided, except of course, in cases of emergency.

9.    Dress for lunch at the beach restaurant

-    A sarong for ladies
-    A shirt for men
-    A t-shirt for children


10.    Other

-       Constantly keep an eye on your children.
-       Do not undress in front of everyone.
-       Do not show your body in its entirety (for fans of full nudity, there are designated beaches).
-       Do not let your dog bathe in the sea nor shake dry near swimmers.


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