Focused on the notion of well-being, the sustainable commitment is essentially part of new codes of consumption for the Parisienne. It is not only the threat of disastrous global warming that motivates her, but also the desire to belong to a tribe concerned by the green attitude. As a result, she willingly lends herself to earth friendly initiatives even if it upsets her organization! Starting with her philosophy in terms of consumption...

\"Make - consume - discard - make - consume - discard - etc.\". Why not put an end to this cycle which will inevitably run up against the depletion of the planet\'s resources? \"is the kind of sentence we often hear on the terrace of trendy Parisian cafés or on the way out of Parisian schools.


Indeed, whether it is a fashion effect or a collective awakening, the Parisian woman has become aware of her negative role with an over-consumption of objects of all categories, from fashion to decoration and food. \"By modifying my consumption habits a little, I can considerably extend the lifespan of my objects, which will decrease production and reduce the quantity of waste\", Martine tells me in front of a window at the department store of Le Bon Marché de Paris.

\"OUROf course Martine but not only… Beyond slowing down the impact of our consumption on the environment, all these actions are very often a source of savings!

But how do you explain this? Concretely: borrowing, renting, buying second-hand rather than systematically buying new, and repairing, giving, reselling, exchanging rather than throwing away, allows us to optimize the use of our objects and postpone as late as possible the moment when we have to get rid of them.

Buying new but responsible? Yes, but how?

Before buying a new product, the first reflex is to ask yourself: will it really be useful? Why not borrow it from those around me, rent it or buy it second-hand? ... If buying a new product finally meets a real need, we might as well make the right choices so that it lasts as long as possible and thus contribute to preserving the planet\'s resources while doing good to our wallet.

In France, environmental labels indicate to the consumer that the products on which they are affixed are more resistant, easily dismantled, repairable, simple to maintain or that they benefit from an extended warranty...

Discover all the environmental labels classified by product category.


Ideas received for which we must fight....\"OUR

The list of preconceived ideas that prevent people from changing their consumption habits can be a long one. And yet, avoiding systematically buying something new or throwing away things that could still be useful is within everyone\'s reach! And there is often much more to be gained from it than one might think.

\"Buying second hand is too risky.\"

\"Better buy than rent\"

\"Better to buy than borrow\"

\"Fixing it isn\'t worth it.\"

\"Buying sustainable, it\'s not profitable.\"

\"Reselling things is complicated.\"

\"Barter is outdated.\"

\"Offering, there\'s not much point\"

To all his preconceived ideas, we say No !

Our objects have not one but many futures. Why should they necessarily have to be bought new when they can be borrowed, rented or bought second hand? Why should they have to be thrown away when they could be repaired, given away, resold or exchanged?”… Carole, 21 years old, law student at the University of Assas in Paris.

Long life to our objects!

New mobilization campaign to extend the lifespan of objects!

\"OURIn order to find their way around and adopt the right reflexes, the French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition and the ADEME agency (1) have created a site with all kinds of practical advice, news, tools for sharing your objects with your neighbours or even diagnosing equipment breakdowns... But it is also and above all a directory through which you can quickly identify the professionals best able to meet your needs, whether it is a question of finding an alternative to buying new or a solution to avoid throwing away anything that might still be useful.


And to accompany the action, the site presents tutorials, tools to share our objects between neighbours, to diagnose the breakdowns of numerous devices and a directory giving access to the contact details of a large number of professionals whose activity or service offer makes it possible to extend the lifespan of our objects.\"OUR

The new communication campaign \"Our objects have many futures\", presents everyday objects - a telephone, a toy, a chair, a dress... - in a humorous and offbeat way and shows the multiplicity of choices available to us to consume differently.

Bravo !!!

(1) The Ademe Agency helps to finance projects, from research to implementation, in the following areas: waste management, soil conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energies, raw material savings, air quality, noise abatement, the transition to the circular economy and the fight against food wastage.

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