Béatrice - Cooking

Béatrice - Cooking

Bonjour, my name is Béatrice. Thanks to my grandmother, I developed a love of cooking in early childhood. At her, everything smelled of apple brioche, rhubarb jam and fresh country produces. It’s not always easy to cook in Paris as the number of invitations exceeds the days of the week! So, it’s really necessary to think out the menu in order to have a successful diner at home. The wining recipe: gourmet, seasonal and dietetic dishes. And surprising presentations. No longer possible to serve the traditional Blanquette of veal to make your guests happy…

Dopo centotrenta anni di vita, l’azienda Paul, uno dei più grandi marchi della panificazione francese, è una vera ambasciatrice dell’Art de vivre alla francese. Presente in più di 33 Paesi, Paul rappresenta l’amore per il lavoro ben fatto, la gioia di offrire ogni giorno dei prodotti di qualità e di accogliere la clientela in una cornice unica e tipicamente francese. Il concetto di PAUL: pane fresco, di vari tipi e di grandissima qualità…

Parsley is a natural diuretic and detoxifier. It acts on the liver. If you have a centrifuge, don’t fail to add it to all of your vegetable juices. With its very good balance in Vitamin E and polyunsaturated fatty acids, avocado protects its fatty acids from oxidation. It protects against cell ageing.

The hachis Parmentier is a gratin dish made with mashed potatoes and ground beef. This traditional French dish was born in Paris, and tradition has it that its name is due to the pharmacist Antoine Parmentier, who proposed it to Louis XVI, in the belief that the tuber, or rather potato, would be an effective remedy against famine.

Le Parigine non disdegnano i grassi, ma ne assumono in quantità giuste, orientandosi verso i grassi “buoni”, come l’olio di oliva nelle insalate, i semi di lino e… l’avocado. Lo sapete cosa ha fatto la mia amica Lou, che non riusciva a far mangiare l’avocado ai suoi bambini, Emma e Firmin? Ecco che si è inventata una ricetta superfacile e fantastica di mousse di cioccolato fondante all’avocado! Anche le mie amiche vegetariane non sanno resistere!

Although Parisians love zucchini gratins, mashes and ratatouilles, the trend is for carpaccio in all of its forms. This is also true for zucchini, an ideal dish for friends before going shopping on avenue Montaigne. To go with a bottle… of water, of course! Recommendation: avoid adding the sugar for a healthy attitude.

In Paris we love Italian cooking.  But we love to adapt it in a less traditional way making it minimalist, trendy or personal home made with a touch of “my grand’ma best recipes”. In other way we are very good in creating fusion cooking with the dishes of our Italian neighbours which we’re quite happy to make part of our Parisian heritage. From Tiramisu to spaghetti bolognese to special risotto, not a dishe that we try to adopt & adapt…


This beautifully colored soup is a tradition in France. I got the recipes from my grandma’ Madeleine that used to prepare it for her grandchildren in winter time. Many thanks to her. It is very low in cholesterol and sodium, it is also a good source of vitamin E, vitamin B6, folate, iron, magnesium and phosphorus. Also a very good source of dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium, copper and manganese... Serve hot as a light and creamy first course.

French Soupe à l'oignon is a delicious soup for wintertime usually served as a starter. Even if it is so Parisian, Parisian’s find it heavy and today eat it very few. But all of us do order a time a year a Soup à l’oignon, when comes out a strong envy of tradition and diet exception! This is my grand’ma French Onion Soup recipe, once you try it you'll never try another. It culminates in a rich-tasting soup with melt-in-your-mouth onions.

A baguette please! Just say these few magic words and in an instant you will have fragrant bread under your arm and the guarantee of flavor and aroma that are renewed daily. Although the first mention of bread in the Bible dates from 1800 BC, it was not until the 1930s that the baguette was invented and immediately became part of French daily life. At first it was considered ephemeral when compared to the coarse, rustic bread whose abundant loaf allowed to stay fresh for several days without the need to return to the baker, the baguette, a gourmet bread, quickly became a real bakery star, the symbol of France abroad and a cornerstone of French heritage like the Arc de Triomphe or the Eiffel Tower… 

Si dice: “rosso pomodoro”, “verde pisello”, “giallo peperone”, ma avete mai sentito dire: “viola carota”? Mai, ci scommetto. Eppure, un tempo, il "viola carota" ci stava, eccome! In origine, infatti, i colori prevalenti della carota erano quelli della varietà violacea o quelli tendenti al grigio. 


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