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Bonjour, my name is Maxime. I obtained my name because my grandmother always took me to Maxime’s in Paris for my birthday, always in the company of her best girlfriend! When I was fourteen years old, I was already enamoured with their Parisian chatter. Now, when with friends, I know everything about the art of invisible make-up and light cocktails! The Parisian really has a very distinct character: she’s surprising and interesting. And she’s so feminine! As for invitations, it a real task: each day Paris offers new exhibitions, previews and vernissages. With a Parisian, you absolutely have to be in the right place at the right time!

The royal squares in Paris are an open-air testimony to France s incredible historical heritage.

Ordered by the King of France himself, the squares were meant to consecrate an important event in the reign, such as a military victory or a birth, and to express all the power and wealth of the royal family.

1.Place Vendôme is today the symbol of Parisian luxury. In the past it was an important place for revolutionaries: from the balcony that today belongs to the Ministry of Justice, the first French republic was proclaimed. It was built by Louis XIV in 1686 to house the Royal Library. But the King s aim was also to build a square similar to the Place des Vosges, with his own statue in the centre. In fact, there was originally a statue of the Sun King in the centre of the square, but this was destroyed during the French Revolution and, in 1810, was replaced by a 44-metre high column, erected to celebrate Napoleon Bonaparte s victory at the Battle of Austerlitz.  Today, Place Vendome is a charming and popular spot with its beautiful buildings and numerous shops selling the world s leading brands, especially jewellers.


2. Place des Vosges, the oldest square in Paris. In 1605 Henry IV decided to create the first royal square in Paris. The square was officially inaugurated with the name Place Royale in 1612, and quickly became the most frequented and fashionable place in France, a meeting point for aristocrats and intellectuals, but also a favourite place for duels and tournaments of the nobility. Today, the Place des Vosges is an enchanting place: in the centre of the square is a public garden with lime trees, paths, benches and play areas for children, numerous fountains and sculptures, including the equestrian statue of Louis XIII, and all around arcades with many antique shops, art galleries and a few cafés.


3. Place Dauphine was built at the behest of Henri IV between 1599 and 1606 and was bordered by terraced buildings. The square is home to art galleries, small restaurants and cafés, making it an ideal place for an aperitif or a quiet dinner.


4. Place des Victoires. Another little-known square in Paris.  Circular in shape, it was an architectural gem at the time (1686). At the centre of the square was a statue of Louis XIV, which was destroyed during the French Revolution and later replaced by another, which is still there today,


5. Place de la Concorde is located in one of the most beautiful districts of Paris between the Champs-Élysées, the Jardin des Tuileries and the Louvre museum. The square, characterised by its majestic elegance, was built in honour of Louis XV.  In the centre of the square, flanked by two splendid fountains, stands the Egyptian obelisk of Luxor, dating from the 13th century B.C. and donated to France in 1836. On either side of the Place de la Concorde you can admire the eight allegorical statues representing the major French cities.

Parigi, lo sanno tutti, va girata a piedi. Non c\'è niente di meglio che girovagare per la città, senza curarsi troppo di avere una meta precisa. Si può decidere di andare a dare un\'occhiata alla Défense, il più moderno dei quartieri cittadini, oppure di visitare i vecchi quartieri, come Saint- Germain-des-Prés nel 6° arrondissement….

\"EsternaAvete notato che i parigini amano sedersi in quella specie di salotti all\'aperto che chiamano terrasses? Sono spazi ristretti, ricavati sui marciapiedi davanti ai bar, in genere protetti da un tendone in caso di pioggia o di vento e spesso dotati di un “fungo” che emana calore. Non ci crederete, ma è un piacere star lì a chiacchierare, a bere un thé e a guardare la gente che passa.

Loro non si curano di voi, ma voi li scrutate, fate commenti sul loro abbigliamento, sul cagnolino che portano al guinzaglio, sull\'ultimo modello di borsetta di Chanel o\"4c509e64f77aff9405854982e5b7923e\" di Louis Vuitton che le parigine esibiscono con impareggiabile grazia. Spesso le terrasses sono veri e propri ambienti protetti da vetrate o da pareti di plastica trasparente. In genere questo accade per le brasseries, i ristoranti e i bistrot. E, per chi non lo sapesse, la parola bistrot, molto diffusa in Francia e ancor più a Parigi, pare derivi dalla parola russa “bystro” (быстро) che significa “rapidamente”, “in fretta”.

Sembra infatti che durante l\'occupazione russa di Parigi (1814-1818) i soldati russi a cui era vietato bere alcolici, quando si recavano in uno spaccio e chiedevano un bicchiere di vino o di acquavite, temendo che qualche ufficiale di passaggio li scoprisse, chiedevano all\'oste di essere serviti rapidamente: “bystro, bystro!”. 
Ecco che la parola divenne il nome di quei locali dove si viene ristorati in fretta: i bistrot, appunto!


French is strange, you may be able to read it well but when you get to France you can\'t watch french tv or have a conversation with a neighbour! So, listening to French language songs can be very helpful with learning the French language. What the song says is more important than what the song sounds like. So French song is an excellent pedagogique way to learn, try hear with Yves Montand song, A Paris…

A Paris
Quand un amour fleurit\"la-giovane-donna-africana-emozionale-sta-ascoltando-musica-tramite-le-cuffie-e-tiene-l-aneto
Ca fait pendant des s\'maines
Deux coeurs qui se sourient
Tout ça parce qu\'ils s\'aiment
A Paris
Au printemps
Sur les toits les girouettes tournent
Et font les coquettes
Avec le premier vent
Qui passe indifférent
Car le vent
Quand il vient à Paris
N\'a plus qu\'un seul souci
C\'est d\'aller musarder
Dans tous les beaux quartiers
De Paris
Le soleil, qui est son vieux copain
Est aussi de la fête
Et comme deux collégiens
Ils s\'en vont en goguette
Dans Paris
Et la main dans la main
Ils vont sans se frapper
Regardant en chemin si Paris a changé.

Y a toujours
Des taxis en maraude
Qui vous chargent en fraude,
Avant le sationnement
Où y a encore l\'agent des taxis
Au café, on voit n\'importe
Qui qui boit n\'importe quoi
Qui parle avec ses mains
Qu\'est là depuis l\'matin
Au café
Y a la Seine
A n\'importe quelle heure
Ellle a ses visiteurs
Qui lla r\'gardent dans les yeux
Ce sont ses amoureurx, à la Seine
Et y ceux, ceux qui ont fait leur lit
Près du lit de la Seine
Et qui s\'lavent à midi,,
Tous les jours de la s\'maine, dans la Seine

Et les autres, ceux qui en ont vu d\'trop\"download-1\"
Et qui veulent oublier, alors, ils\'jettent à l\'eau
Mais la Seine,
Ellle préfère
Voir les jolis bateaux naviguer sur elle
Et au fil de son eau, jouer aux caravelles, sur la Seine
Les ennuis, y\'en a pas qu\'à Paris,
Y\'en a dans l\'monde entier
Oui, mais dansl\'monde entier,
Y\'a pas partout Paris
V\'là l\'ennui
A Paris, au quatorze juillet
A la lueur des lampions
On danse sans arrêt
Au son d\'l\'accordéon
Dans les rues

Depuis qu\'à Paris
On a pris la Bastille
Dans tous les faubourgs
Et chaque carrefour,
Il y a des gars et il y a des filles
Qui, , sans arrêt, sur les pavés
Nuit et jour, font des tours
Et des tours
A Paris !

A Paris (extrait de l\'album : Le Paris De ... Montand, 1964, Sony BMG Music)
A bientot à Paris! Maxime

You, who have always wanted to know we Parisian women live, who are so admired for our attitude and style, take a ticket for “ Oh My God She's Parisian!”. A jubilant show not to be missed in Paris. The only one-woman show in English made by a real Parisian woman about her life in Paris! A hilarious crash course on the "real" Paris.

The bridges in Paris are much more than just a way of getting from one bank of the Seine to the other; they’re a distinct part of Parisian life. Each one has its own story, atmosphere, and life . . . like all Parisian women. I love and adore them. Here’s a little song I’ve written for you.



Under the bridges of Paris,

Parisian women dance, laugh, and sing

While upon them,

The tourists dream and take pictures.


On Wednesday afternoons,

Parisian kids

Fly across the pont d’Iéna

To play on the carousel by the Tour Eiffel.




My American friends

Stroll along the banks of the Seine,

It’s an unforgettable moment

Walking under the pont du Carrousel.


Since the Exposition Universelle of 1900,

The Paris smart set dances and twirls across

The pont Alexandre III

On its way to the Grand Palais.


Romantics from all over the world\"39418761b286a1ad5e0df311525fe04f\"

Stroll hand in hand and in love,

Along the passerelle des Arts 

To the Louvre.


Under the pont Saint-Louis

Between the Île Saint-Louis and the older Île de la Cité

My Italian friends

Take a leisurely stroll along the riverbank.


The secret refuge of Parisian women

The Île aux Cygnes by the pont de Grenelle 

Is where you find the mini Statue of Liberty,

Given to Paris by the American community.


\"595013776f3e1f24b5d7a4efe701fc00\"Gaze upon the booksellers from the pont Royal,

A row of little green chests,

Forgotten novels or prewar newspapers,

Etching out a whole poem on the banks of the Seine.


On the pont de la Tournelle

Connecting the left bank to Île Saint-Louis

We hear the sound of happy music,

And see the twirling shapes of dancers and skaters.






“Let’s go down to the Seine. It’s a delightful river. You never tire of looking at it,” wrote Guillaume Apollinaire. That says it all!


Every year, numerous exhibitions, sometimes of international origin, are hosted in the main museums of the capital: below is a selection of the unmissable events of the 2019 season and an overview of the 2020 season. The success of the cultural offer in Paris is now a matter of fact...

My friend Nick, from New-York asked me about French Oysters… I could talk for hours about this, but lets do shortly. First of all, my point of view is: if many countries produce lots of wonderful oysters, no country in the world can offer a more complete oyster experience than France! Getting a French oyster in France means that it is served up along with a boat load of savoir vivre, backed by lots of cultivation savoir faire and national pride, all in a setting of immense cultural wealth. Regardless of how the service might be… no doubt ever exists in the mind of the French person serving you that you should feel privileged to be served the finest oysters in the world…

\"ostriche-p1\"Since Roman times, the coast of France has been the place of choice where prime oysters can be found. In modern times, France was the first country in all of Europe to start cultivating oysters on a large scale. It\'s called \"L\'ostréiculture\" and, in turn, the growers are referred to as \"Ostréiculteurs\" or \"Parqueurs\". From North to South there are seven distinct growing regions: Normandy, North-Brittany, South-Brittany, West-Central, Marennes-Oléron, Arcachon, and the Mediterranean. Although some of these areas are far more famous than others, they all produce excellent oysters.

“Hi Nick, how are you doing in New-York? I am so happy to hear that soon you’ll return to visit us in Paris! The \"Ville lumière” is a real paradise for lovers of oysters like you are. I will try to \"Rene-Linssen-Oyster-Knife-Anisa-Sabet-The-Macadames-18-1\"answer to give you a short notice about them:

- First of all, all kinds of French oysters are delicious and tasty.

- Our oysters are divided into two broad categories: the excavated that we call “creuses” and the flat called “plates”. Especially the excavated can be of various sizes, from 5, the smaller, to 0, the larger, and different taste and texture…

- To eat oysters in Paris it is very simple… In the oyster bars and restaurants, open oysters are served with lemon or beside a vinegar sauce and scallions. But I personnaly would eat without any addition.

- Special counters with seafood of all kinds can be found outside many restaurants in Paris, both in summer and winter. The quality of the oysters is delicious an guaranteed everywhere.

- In Paris oysters flown in daily from Brittany and from Normandy, o they are so fresh!

- I prefer to accompany the oysters with a light red wine served chilled. My favorites are the wines of the Rhone Valley, like the Brouilly or the Saint-Amour, but also the Gamay of the Loire Valley.

\"oysters\"I hope I satisfied your curiosity and look forward to meeting you here in Paris”.

Bonne dégustation, Maxime

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On July 14, the French National Day reaches its peak in Paris.

On the occasion of the French National Day, the traditional fireworks display offers an exceptional firework display each year from the capital's most emblematic monument: the Eiffel Tower.

Ognuno ha il suo modo di essere romantico! Mentre alcuni potrebbero semplicemente divertirsi seduti sulla terrazza del Café de Flore, altri potrebbero preferire passeggiare mano nella mano attraverso il labirinto di strade nel Quartiere Latino o farsi fotografare a Montmartre ...


Passeggiate romantiche


Le rive della Senna sono state apprezzate da coppie innamorate da secoli. Le banchine attorno alle due isole di Ile Saint Louis e Ile de la Cité sono luoghi ideali per passeggiare insieme. I ponti fanno anche appello alle coppie.\"paris-bike-tour\" Potrebbe essere perché i loro archi simboleggiano un\'alleanza? O perché l\'acqua che scorre sotto di loro porta con sé la più selvaggia delle promesse? Secondo la tradizione, i piccioncini dovrebbero baciarsi e esprimere un desiderio sotto il Pont Marie, soprannominato \"ponte degli innamorati\". Una consuetudine più recente è quella di appendere un lucchetto cosiddetto \"d\'amore\" sulle inferriate del Pont de l\'Archevêché e del Pont des Arts per immortalare il proprio amore.


Baci sulle panchine pubbliche


Le panchine nei parchi pubblici e nei giardini di Parigi sono luoghi perfetti per amare coppie di tutte le età a sussurrare dolci noie a vicenda. Storicamente, i Giardini delle Tuileries sono \"paris\"sempre stati un luogo privilegiato per il comportamento libertino. Gli ampi vicoli erano un tempo teatro d\'amore e giochi d\'azzardo. In questi giorni è più probabile vedere coppie accarezzare le sensuali sculture di marmo di Maillol, o sgranocchiare mele caramellate al luna park nei giardini in estate. Scambia i baci a un\'altezza vertiginosa nel Tempio di Sibilla, arroccato su una cima rocciosa nel Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, o al buio nella grotta sottostante con le sue stalagmiti. Abbracciate seducenti vicino alla Fontaine Médicis nel Jardin du Luxembourg, baciate come gli antichi romani nelle Arènes de Lutèce e dondolate sopra il livello della strada nei giardini della Coulée Verte. In un clima molto freddo, l\'ambiente tropicale di Serres d\'Auteuil è un buon posto dove stare, così come lo sono le serre nel Jardin des Plantes. Per confidenze discrete, i giardini di Rohan e Fontenay della National Archives sono tra i preferiti dai piccioncini. Questi luoghi, restaurati e riaperti al pubblico nel 2011, offrono l\'atmosfera di un romantico giardino del XIX secolo con alberi di pino, gloriette e topiaria.


Il fascino senza tempo delle gallerie commerciali coperte


Simbolico della vecchia Parigi, i portici coperti sono molto apprezzati dai parigini. Con i loro alti tetti di vetro, le boutique eclettiche e il fascino vecchio stile, hanno un\'atmosfera \"imgres\"tutta sua che favorisce una passeggiata romantica, lontano dai rumori della città. Le più raffinate sono la Galerie Vivienne e la Galerie Colbert, con il loro arredamento neoclassico. I Passages Jouffroy e Passage Verdeau delizieranno chi ama gli oggetti da collezione, mentre il Passage du Grand Cerf e la Galerie Vero Dodat sono magneti per gli appassionati di design. Il Passage Choiseul è un altro punto di ritrovo popolare e il Passage Brady con i suoi numerosi ristoranti indiani ti trasporta nel subcontinente.




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Il clafouti all'inizio è un dolce francese tradizionalmente a base di ciliegie mascherate, cioè interamente ricoperto da una sorta di pasta flan. Una torta che viene servita calda, un classico delle tavole francese. Qualche tempo fa mi sono divertito a inventare una variante italiana a base di.... pomodorini e mozzarella. I miei amici (milanesi di passaggio a Roma) sono rimasti stupiti: gli ingredienti si combinano magnificamente per dare un piatto gustoso e molto originale.

carita-orizzontale    vancleef-orizzontale



Edizione Italiana

Edita da RIZZOLI, Sophie la Parigina è una guida di stile moderna su PARIGI. Illustrata dai disegni di Alessandra Ceriani, completata da un elenco degli indirizzi preferiti dalla parigina e arricchita di ricette gastronomiche.


English Edition

Published by RIZZOLI New York, Sophie the Parisian'sis a modern life style guide about PARIS. Illustrated with color drawings, complemented by a list of Parisians' favorite locations and enriched with gastronomic recipes.

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