Isabelle - Spotlight

Isabelle - Spotlight

Bonjour, my name is Isabelle. At my parent’s, a week didn’t go by without a social gathering. It may have been a garden-party, a bridge party or a diner dance. No caterers, of course, everything was homemade! With my sisters, we learned how to put different spreads on toast, the right way of course, arrange the flowers for the tables or decorate the buffet, to say the right thing to each guest or organize an elegant picnic. As appropriate, I learned etiquette during these receptions and also had “savoir-vivre” lessons. Today, I work in public relations in Paris and the education that I received is of great use. I’ll give you several very Parisian tips…

Se c’e’ una cosa che i parigini amano, e lo si nota quotidianamente a Parigi, é lo sport! A cominciare dalla course à pied (camminata veloce o footing). Si parla di cosa si può facilmente vedere per le strade, beh, questo é il primo e forse più banale esempio di sport praticabile a Parigi. E non solo ovviamente...

Maybe it's because she has been an ageless beauty for as long we can remember that we forget Vanessa Paradis first became a child star at the age of 14, with the worldwide success of her song "Joe le taxi". Then she became a brilliant actress (she was awarded a 'César', French equivalent of Oscar, for her debut movie 'Noce blanche'), a fashion icon (spokes model for Chanel), wife to Johnny Depp, a mom to Lily-Rose and John Jack Christopher. And she sailed through all of it with her indelible Parisian je ne sais quoi. This native Parisian and French style icon knows the capital like the back of her hand, citing the Eiffel Tower and the Debilly bridge as her favorite landmarks.

In France, serving wine is not simply a question of pouring a liquid into a glass. It’s a sign of refinement and breeding that takes savoir-faire. To a certain degree, it’s ceremonial, especially in Paris…

Avete quattro soluzioni per scegliere un ristorante a Parigi… Affidarvi al concierge dell’hotel, chiedere consiglio all’amico italiano che per ultimo è andato a Parigi, cercare in una guida… o chiedere consiglio a delle autentiche parigine come me!

In Parisian tradition, being a first-class hostess is more than pouring drinks and seeing that everyone gets fed. Meticulous attention to detail is very important to us, even after the meal.  Guests must feel pampered and cocooned as they slowly digest and engage in after-dinner conversation. It’s up to the hostess to see that everyone is having a nice time and will have wonderful memories of the evening. It’s time to serve good coffee, relaxing herbal teas, or delightful liqueurs.  If smoking is allowed, it’s also the right time to pass around the cigarette box, and offer the gents hand-rolled Churchills."

At an upper crust dinner, how does one seat guests, in a way that shows respect for everyone and hurts no one’s feelings? Seating protocol is a conundrum for many a host and hostess.

Boil mineral water for 10 minutes with sugar, add the Chinese green gunpowder tea, allow to boil for 2 minutes, then add a bouquet of mint. Remove from the flame and allow to seep for 5 minutes. Drink with pine nuts.

I cocktail bar proliferano nella capitale. Dal Marais a Belleville, Parigi è forse diventata la vulcanica capitale della Mixologia? Ecco i nostri indirizzi preferiti, in cui vivere un’esperienza da favola da “mixologi”, come dei parigini…

In linea di massima, la moda tende alla realtà e al comfort, senza dimenticare tuttavia il fun, il colore e il glamour… In poche parole, quali sono i capi indispensabili da adottare? Su quali colori ed imprimés puntare per essere al top quest’inverno? Vediamo le novità che daranno ritmo al nostro guardaroba…

In French culture, there are rules about how certain foods are to be served at formal occasions. The most difficult dishes to serve are not necessarily the most difficult to enjoy. Serving foie gras, smoked salmon or fish to Parisian guests? In French tradition, there’s special etiquette for serving these dishes. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for the perfect hostess or host…

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Edita da RIZZOLI, Sophie la Parigina è una guida di stile moderna su PARIGI. Illustrata dai disegni di Alessandra Ceriani, completata da un elenco degli indirizzi preferiti dalla parigina e arricchita di ricette gastronomiche.


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Published by RIZZOLI New York, Sophie the Parisian'sis a modern life style guide about PARIS. Illustrated with color drawings, complemented by a list of Parisians' favorite locations and enriched with gastronomic recipes.

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