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Catherine - Lifestyle

Bonjour, my name is Catherine. I live in the heart of Paris. I’ve always loved to travel and, over the years, I developed it into a real art: the right addresses, the suitcase, how to manage fatigue with my Parisian look! From Cannes to Antigua, from the red carpet to Pilates, I have to live up to the reputation. I have small apartments in Paris that I rent out. I love to personally welcome my guests and give them some recommendations about life in Paris “living like a true Parisian and not like a simple tourist in an elegant private suit in the heart of the city”.

The food products are so numerous that it would take an infinite amount of time to decode the packaging in order to understand its composition. Then, according to statistics, it takes no more than 30 seconds to choose a product! No wonder then that we let ourselves be deceived: reading the list of ingredients on the packaging makes us more responsible and allows us to be better informed about the product and its effects on our health...

You've certainly seen them, walking along the Seine in Paris. The line of small shops clinging to the stone parapet of the river only stops when there is a bridge and then a passage. Then it starts again, as if nothing happened, until the next bridge. On the right bank you find the bouquinistes from Pont Marie to the Louvre. On the left bank, from Quai de la Tournelle to Quai Voltaire. In total there are about 900 of them! But who are they, what are they selling, how long have they existed?

Paris is one of the Instagrammers' favourite cities! Famous all over the world for its sumptuous architecture, its historical monuments and its lights, it is also famous for the sublime shots that photographers can bring back in their luggage or better on their feed! Here is the first part of my report about falling in love with Paris... if you are not already in love with it!

Under the effect of an ecological awareness, Parisian women are turning more and more to eco-responsible fashion: attention to the quality of the fabrics (organic cotton, leather "vegan" ...), their origin and the manufacturing process of the garment.  They are more and more attracted to a timeless, quality and sustainable fashion, in short a fashion that takes care of the planet. Here are our little secrets for you too to participate in this wonderful trend!

“Conscious eating can make us aware of our own actions, thoughts, feelings and motivations”…  Thierry Hergueta is sociologist and one of the great French specialists in mindfulness.. He explains to us the method to eat in full consciousness and how to take the time to observe and enjoy the meal, while slowing down the pace. Mindfulness is really interesting for pleasure as well as for health. So, Parisian! 

The story of the well-known brand Repetto is an amazing tale…. But first and foremost, it’s the story of a free and modern woman Rose Repetto, an entrepreneur before her time. A woman of passion who believed in her lucky star. Flashback to a French success story!

My friend Barbara came to Paris thirty years ago… Passionate about French Art de Vivre, the City of Light continues to fascinate her and gives her each single days energy and renew for her job. In fact, Through her company Sensi, Barbara offers managers of multinational companies the opportunity to try their hand at an artistic experience to develop their personal creativity in order to enhance their business performances. She is a true Parisian, she loves Paris and its magic roofs, the changing colors, the textures and the creative harmony of the city. I asked her to describe her “love affair” with Parisian roof…

In the Ville Lumière as elsewhere, the absence of sunshine is synonymous with gloom and periods of depression. It’s really true: the barometer of our mood varies according to the whims of the sun. The proof is that, in Paris, where the gray is omnipresent, a sunny day is always a beautiful day…



July 15, 2019 - Podcast n°5
Conversation with Axelle Bonamy founder of Ma Bonne Amie fashion rental service


In today’s episode, Axelle Bonamy the founder of Ma Bonne Amie, the most famous designer rental company in Paris, is sharing with us interesting topics about the new way of consuming fashion? “Today with the rise of environmental issues the concept of Ma Bonne Amie is particularly economical, ecological and definitely contemporary”. At Ma Bonne Amie showroom the Parisian women, and not only, come to rent haute couture and designer dresses for gala evenings or private soirées. “Wearing the perfect dress for an event is also gain in self-confidence, ease and assertive femininity”.

My friend Ann just arrive to Paris for studying at Sorbonne University. She rents an apartment for a few weeks in the quartier Latin, center Paris. As an avid biker in New York, she decided to travel by bike in Paris. “It is exhilarating to travel through Paris by bycicle at street level. It is an amazing experience and I encourage all of you that like biking to do the same but listen to those safety tips...

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