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Charlotte - Style & fashion

Bonsoir, my name is Charlotte. My mother, ex-model for Saint-Laurent, is American but I’ve lived in Paris since I was 4 years old. Since my mother was often abroad for fashion shows, my French grandmother, a dressmaker for Chanel, taught me the way to become a real Parisian. Today, I’m a wedding-planner and my husband directs a famous fashion magazine. I don’t have to tell you that I have a front seat at all of the fashion shows and I’ve developed a good general culture about fashion. Although I’m the personal shopper for my friends, my strong points are marriage and elegance.

Monsieur è la rivista maschile più antica del mondo. Lanciata in Francia nel 1920 da Jacques Hébertot e Paul Poiret, riflette un “Art de Vivre all’insegna dell’Eleganza”, sempre fedele ai propri tempi. E alla parigina piacciono gli uomini eleganti, soprattutto quando si tratta del suo uomo! Ecco i consigli di stile della rivista più chic fra i magazine di Parigi…

We gauche Americans can’t get enough books and articles about how to eat, dress, shop, entertain and look as sophisticated as a French woman. Several years after the publication of Ines de la Fressange’s Parisian Chic and its companion, Parisian Chic City Guide, comes a new guide to French style:  Sophie the Parisian: Style Tips From a True Parisian Woman by Nathalie Peigney (Rizzoli, 2018). 

So, you’re vacationing in Paris and you’d love to catch a Froggy Prince Charming, right? To attract a French guy, first you have to know what turns him on or off. Generally speaking, they’re attracted by interesting feminine women. In fact, several surveys have shown that on a first date, they notice your eyes, your smile, your boobs, and your hair (in that order). Weight actually comes last. In terms of fashion, their tastes are pretty conventional. The results below might just surprise you.

Ecco il condensato e lo spirito di una delle più belle e originali riviste che siano mai state create. Si chiama ÉGOÏSTE ed è rigorosamente stampata in bianco e nero… Fin dal 1977, anno della sua prima apparizione in edicola, quarantuno anni fa, sono usciti soltanto 18 numeri! Appena si sparge la voce che un nuovo numero di ÉGOÏSTE è in vendita, se non siete dotati di velocità supersonica per recarvi ad acquistarlo all'edicola più vicina, non lo troverete più: è già esaurito!

Jeffrey Leatham and the Four Seasons George V and its flowers have been bound together. Their story cannot be separated, even though Jeffrey Leatham is now artistic director for the George V. Working with roughly 15,000 flowers every week, Jeff and his team of assistants transform the hotel from season to season, palette to palette. Such imagination. Submerged purple orchids. Angled long stemmed roses. Hydrangeas preening for the guests. Every kind of flower in every imaginable design. At night, literally hundreds of candles are magically lit and scattered among vases throughout the hotel. 

“Becoming Parisian is possible, but remaining Parisian is an art” said Nathalie Peigney, author of « Sophie the Parisian: Style Tips from a True Parisian Woman ». To spend time in Paris is to spend time in a city with a feminine energy. Simply the proper article spoken when saying the city of Paris is la ville de Paris. But what exactly does that mean?

After a few days before the opening of «Paris Photo», the most important photography fair in the world, Angela Lo Priore, the famous photographer of 100 PORTRAITS and EAT ME talks about her inspiration and her work. Waiting to see his new opera "Stairs Obsession" at the Grand Palais in Paris, we dive into the surreal world of Angela Lo Priore.

Good jeans deserve, and above all require, special care and maintenance. Here are tips from Monsieur, the longest-running men's magazine in the world (launched in France in 1920 by Jacques Hébertot and Paul Poiret, it reflects an "Art de Vivre in the name of Elegance" that always remains faithful to the times). 

Fashion designer Christian Louboutin has developed an international following for his distinctive red-soled footwear. But he happened on his life's passion by accident: all it took was a trip to a museum where he saw a sign indicating that high heel shoes were not permitted there. “I was totally fascinated by that sign. I'd never seen shoes like that”… 

Fr« Ginette Ny » originated the concept of Contemporary Jewelry and created a world where each woman can invent her own modernity, made of a subtle balance of achievements, emotions, and sensuality.

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