Chantal - Children

Chantal - Children

Bonjour, my name is Chantal. I’m often told that I’m “so French”. This is, in part, due to my traditional upbringing in Versailles, one of the most conservative cities in France, famous for its chateau, good schools and large families. I have three daughters. They’re model children, cheerful, nice and really fashionable. I’m in Paris almost every afternoon for my charity work and I still work part-time as a dance teacher. When the occasion presents itself, I teach etiquette to children at school. I’ll try and explain why my children get so many compliments.    

There are several differences between the French table manners and American dinner etiquette. Table manners in France are fundamental to every public dining situation. And every essential skill has to be built on a solid knowledge base. For French’s dining is more than just consuming calories, it is an Art de Vivre, a part of the partimoine culture. There is a proper technique for eating everything from foie gras to salad…

Oh yes, Parisian ladies have beaches even in Paris: Paris-Plage. At the core of French manners is the "savoir-vivre" and good behavior. Thus, despite holidays being synonymous with rest and relaxation, one should never forget good manners. Here are some basic rules that a Parisian lady must respect when on the beach, whether she is in Biarritz, Brittany, or on the Côte d'Azur.

Il formaggio è uno dei fiori all’occhiello del patrimonio gastronomico francese ed è il prodotto lattiero caseario più consumato dalla parigina. Ma come tagliarlo secondo la forma come a Parigi?

The Parisian stands straight and walks with her head high. Haughty, superb, proud and snobbish? Not more than anyone else. Perhaps it’s just natural, genetic and involuntary? Certainly, the Parisian is aware that she belongs to an elite lucky enough to live in the city of light, the capital of style and romance. Does the way she carries herself have anything to do with this? Or is it a question of upbringing that engenders such haughty behavior? So, improve your posture and borrow an “unwittingly” superb attitude and perhaps obtain this, so Parisian, slightly snobbish charm.

Così come ci piace vestirci per uscire, indossare dei bei gioielli, il bon ton a tavola deve riflettere la nostra eleganza e il “savoir vivre”. Questo “savoir vivre” alla francese non deve mai essere privo di semplicità e di naturalezza, per essere elegante. A Parigi, l’arte della tavola è un’arte molto rigorosa, soprattutto quando parliamo di posate.

Eh sì, le Parigine hanno le spiagge anche a Parigi, Paris-Plage, e il “savoir-vivre” e il comportamento da avere con gli altri sono fondamentali nell’educazione francese: le vacanze sono sinonimi di riposo e di relax, senza dimenticare mai la buona educazione. Ecco alcune regole base che deve rispettare una parigina quando sta sulla spiaggia, che sia a Biarritz, in Bretagna o sulla Costa Azzurra.

Parigi pullula di eventi e di divertimenti per i bambini ! Se molte sale da spettacolo propongono attività a loro dedicate (marionette, circhi, maghi, narratori o cantanti), anche i musei offrono delle belle sorprese, con grandi mostre dedicate all’infanzia. I ristoranti che si rivolgono ai bambini e che sanno accoglierli ? Ecco la mia selezione personale, menu per bambini, seggioloni, zona sosta per passeggini e carrozzine, spazio giochi per i più piccoli. Andare al ristorante con i bambini non sarà più un incubo per voi. Per una « 3 giorni » a Parigi con bambini di età dai 7 ai 12 anni, o molto più piccoli, ho trovato per voi due link veramente al top…

Are French children, quieter, more polite and pleasant than others?  I can assure you that young Parisians also have bad marks at school, from time to time, do not really like going to bed at night and have an artistic bent not always to our tastes when they do street-art in their bedrooms. So then, between the young mother always impeccably dressed and her model children, what is the key to the success of this French-style upbringing? …

It’s the new French paradox: we, the French, complain a great deal, don’t have much faith in the future or in institutions and yet, with an average of two children per woman, France, along with Ireland, is Europe’s champion. And this isn’t all. When French women are interviewed, 32% of them dream of having three children… A great many experts correlate the birthrate with the rate of growth and the record French fertility rate is certainly enviable …

If you’re moving to Paris with teenagers, your teens will be mixing with French teens, which means some pretty strange words will be coming out of their mouths  French teens, like teens everywhere, have their own special language. Don’t panic. We’re here to help.

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