Marion & Nicole - Design

Marion & Nicole - Design

My name is Marion. I fell in love with interior design when I was 18, rummaging through the Flea Market for unusual objects to decorate my apartment. I turned this into my profession, becoming a personal shopper for often foreign, clients looking for the best of what the capital has to offer. As for me, it’s different. I went to a school of design and then opened my own boutique in Paris. A photo-shoot for a decoration magazine led to our intense meeting. Whether the 50’s or Empire, art of the table or floral arts, our tastes and skills are complementary. The result is always incredibly super-Parisian!

Qui a Parigi, nell’inconscio collettivo, la sobrietà è sinonimo di buongusto… Noi, le parigine, siamo convinte che optando per il bianco o per una delle sue declinazioni, non rischiamo di sbagliare (di risultare “di cattivo gusto” o di stancarci). Se da un lato questo è vero, dall’altro rischiamo di lasciarci sfuggire molte possibilità…

A romantic diner is sometimes more complicated than a big party for thirty! Parisians have the well-earned reputation of being masters in the art! Although we can’t promise that you’ll win his heart, several tips will help you create a seductive environment. The question is: how to prepare a meal that doesn’t simply arouse the taste buds? Answer: decor, menu, ambiance, everything is important.

Hey everybody, Santa Claus is comin’ to town and it’s time to deck the halls! We’re dreaming of a white Christmas, just like the ones we used to know (well, almost!). Marion and I are busy decorating for the holidays with our families. Marion’s apartment is in the Trocadero neighborhood and mine’s in the Marais. This year’s Xmas concept is “shabby chic”, a bold trendy look with soft, delicate, powdery colors that are just marvelous for a festive mood…

The famous American photographer David Phelps goes once a year to Paris. His love affair with Paris lasted for more than 10 years. Passionate about art and decoration, the City of Light, continues to fascinate him. He loves the Seine, the museums  and long walks in small Parisian streets. The textures, surfaces and light of Paris are for him a source of unlimited inspiration. We asked him what he thinks of Parisian interiors; a small, pocket Latin Quarter apartment and a prestige apartment of the Golden Triangle..

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