the parisian girls just adore water

  • Time: Friday, 26 February 2016

Why are Parisians so often seen sitting on a café terrace with a glass of Perrier and a slice of lemon, or going to the office with a big bottle of spring water sticking out of their bag? And at home, infusions and teas, whether or not for detox, feature prominently!

Christophe de Jaeger, famous gériatre et gerontologist has developed a unique method combining diagnosis and action in order to preserve one’s health capital age well, and stay in good health as long as possible… “It is now possible to oppose the fatalism of aging and its stigmas: decreased energy, insomnia, weight gain, memory problems”....

As of late, vegetarian dishes have been increasingly the center of attention, as people seek to eat more healthily. Rich in quality protein and vitamin B, tofu is one of the Parisienne’s favorite food products for occasionally replacing meat. It’s good, contains lots of calcium and is very easy to digest.

My friend Anne Lipscomb is a former award-winning public relations manager who developed multiple chemical sensitivity in 1993. She became one of only a handful of people in the state of Washington to receive workers’ compensation for illness related to sick-building syndrome. “When I could finally contemplate a vacation abroad, after 14 years of being forced to live housebound, visiting Paris quickly rose to the top of my wish list”...

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