• Time: Thursday, 07 March 2019

We, Parisian girls looove the spa. In Paris, it is talked about everywhere, girlfriends give each other addresses, a new place opens every week! But when we've never set foot in a spa, we wonder how to do. And French’s are crazy about etiquette… so relax ok, but stress an hour before for fear of looking like a loser, no way. A short guide to good manners could certainly be useful.

Si parla spesso dei capelli delle parigine e del modo di portarli pettinati-spettinati, una vera arte! Ma prima di ottenere questo effetto, c’è tutto un lavoro di cura che riguarda la pelle o i capelli: la parigina, la cura ce l’ha proprio nel suo dna. I nostri capelli sono spesso il barometro del nostro benessere. Allora, ecco come ottenere una capigliatura stupenda!


  • Time: Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The Parisian man is a contradiction. He’s drawn to the “nice girl” type, but he’s also attracted to the sexy fox. So how do we strike the right balance between demure and provocative? It’s better to be innocently suggestive than openly ‘come hither”.  We need to look delicate and fresh, not plastered in makeup. In Paris, a woman’s face is fundamental when you first meet. A man’s gaze goes first to your eyes, then to your mouth and your smile. Your boobs actually come last. The first step in enticing a guy the Parisian way, is to have the right reflexes before your mirror. Here’s a quick guide.


  • Time: Wednesday, 06 February 2019

French women take their skincare very seriously. It’s part of our culture, we know beauty and know skincare… so we make it look easy and natural. This is the secret of the Parisian style, effortless clean beauty. The “Je ne sais quoi” beauty of a French girl. But the starting point is: we find a skin care routine that works and stick to each of us. In France, “clean beauty” is a global trend because women are starting to understand that “dirty” chemicals may cause allergies, or skin diseases. Let’s have a look at our skincare routine. 


  • Time: Saturday, 24 November 2018

So, you’re vacationing in Paris and you’d love to catch a Froggy Prince Charming, right? To attract a French guy, first you have to know what turns him on or off. Generally speaking, they’re attracted by interesting feminine women. In fact, several surveys have shown that on a first date, they notice your eyes, your smile, your boobs, and your hair (in that order). Weight actually comes last. In terms of fashion, their tastes are pretty conventional. The results below might just surprise you.

If you are in New York on 1st November at 18:00 please join us for this glamour moment: Jessica Matlin shall present Sophie the Parisian’s book « Style tips from a true Parisian woman» at the mythic Rizzoli library of Broadway. We’ll talk about Paris, but about beauty and elegance. If you haven't heard of Jessica Matlin, she is the reference of beauty and health in the US media world. Her job, beauty director of the famous US magazine: Haper’s Bazaar. We can say Jessica thinks, feels, and breathes luxury. 

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