The hachis Parmentier is a gratin dish made with mashed potatoes and ground beef. This traditional French dish was born in Paris, and tradition has it that its name is due to the pharmacist Antoine Parmentier, who proposed it to Louis XVI, in the belief that the tuber, or rather potato, would be an effective remedy against famine.

How to serve cheese in the land of cheese?

  • Time: Friday, 13 February 2015

For a very long time in France, cheese was considered food for the masses, and therefore actually low-class. Until the French Revolution (1780), cheese was hardly mentioned in French menus. However, for a large part of the French population, cheese constituted the only source of protein in their diets. Nonetheless, certain dairy products, such as crème fraiche (sort of like our sour cream) and fresh soft cheeses (akin to our cream cheese or cottage cheese) were considered worthy of aristocratic palates.

Did you know that in France we eat more than 55lb of cheese a year‽ With well over 1,000 varieties, there is little doubt that France is the world leader in Cheese! Whether you prefer your cheese fresh, pasteurized, sharp or mild, we have a cheese for every taste. We just love cheese! In fact, 96% of us eat cheese regularly. Everyone agrees that visiting France without tasting French cheeses would be a sacrilege, I agree…

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