Welcome to SOPHIE’S CAT, a sophisticated podcast for Paris lovers! Inspired by her lifestyle blog, Sophie the Parisian shares with listeners interesting conversations with famous Parisian chefs, designers, stylists… all in love with the Ville Lumière.  A podcast dedicated to all women who recognize Paris as a center of beauty and Parisian woman as role models for elegant fashion and superb style. Tune in now !


  • Time: Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Quando il giovane architetto Charles Garnier presentò a corte il progetto per un nuovo teatro dell'opera a Parigi, l'imperatrice Eugenia de Montijo esclamò sorpresa: “Che cos'è? Che stile è questo? Non è classico, non è Luigi XIV né Luigi XVI!”. Garnier rispose con orgoglio: “Maestà, questo è lo stile Napoleone III!”


  • Time: Monday, 12 November 2018

Carole Bouquet is a French movie star. She worked with the most famous directors. She became world famous with her role as a James Bond girl with Roger Moore in “For your eyes only”. Now 61, Carole Bouquet is still incredibly beautiful and hasn’t lost an ounce of her charm and unequalled allure. Nothing seems to tarnish her complexion. She claims that it’s better to try and overcome your age rather than try and hide it…

Paris One step ahead 2014. Paris stays one step ahead, and the future face of the capital for the 2020s gradually takes shape. The cultural scene is without doubt the destination’s strongest attraction with the opening of new venues, the reopening of prestigious sites and with events for every type of public. From museums to trendy bars, from galleries to palaces or design hotels, from monuments to sumptuous restaurants, Paris is more than ever a capital city that is in the public eye and which continues to surprise Parisians and visitors. There is a vibrant energy at every turn! Paris is set to become an even more creative capital.

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Edita da RIZZOLI, Sophie la Parigina è una guida di stile moderna su PARIGI. Illustrata dai disegni di Alessandra Ceriani, completata da un elenco degli indirizzi preferiti dalla parigina e arricchita di ricette gastronomiche.


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Published by RIZZOLI New York, Sophie the Parisian'sis a modern life style guide about PARIS. Illustrated with color drawings, complemented by a list of Parisians' favorite locations and enriched with gastronomic recipes.

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