Welcome to SOPHIE’S CAT, a sophisticated podcast for Paris lovers! Inspired by her lifestyle blog, Sophie the Parisian shares with listeners interesting conversations with famous Parisian chefs, designers, stylists… all in love with the Ville Lumière.  A podcast dedicated to all women who recognize Paris as a center of beauty and Parisian woman as role models for elegant fashion and superb style. Tune in now !

The famous American photographer David Phelps goes once a year to Paris. His love affair with Paris lasted for more than 10 years. Passionate about art and decoration, the City of Light, continues to fascinate him. He loves the Seine, the museums  and long walks in small Parisian streets. The textures, surfaces and light of Paris are for him a source of unlimited inspiration. We asked him what he thinks of Parisian interiors; a small, pocket Latin Quarter apartment and a prestige apartment of the Golden Triangle..

Qui a Parigi, nell’inconscio collettivo, la sobrietà è sinonimo di buongusto… Noi, le parigine, siamo convinte che optando per il bianco o per una delle sue declinazioni, non rischiamo di sbagliare (di risultare “di cattivo gusto” o di stancarci). Se da un lato questo è vero, dall’altro rischiamo di lasciarci sfuggire molte possibilità…

carita-orizzontale    vancleef-orizzontale
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