• Time: Monday, 21 January 2019

Se non vi è mai capitata una cosa del genere, non potete sapere ciò che si prova. Sono mesi che faccio la corte a una ragazza molto carina, intelligente, simpatica, elegante e con altre decine di virtù che non starò qui ad elencarvi. Dopo avere rifiutato inviti a cene, pranzi, anteprime cinematografiche, concerti classici, jazz, pop, ecc., l’altro ieri accetta di uscire con me per assistere ad uno spettacolo di pattinaggio artistico sul ghiaccio, una versione un po’ riadattata della celebre favola di Cenerentola.

Chances are you have someone in your list who is impossible to get a present for because she usually has the latest and greatest of everything! Well… don’t start pulling your hair yet! Here is a thoughtful gift that is undeniably cool, genuinely practical and yes… something she can use. Sophie the Parisian: Style Tips From a True Parisian Woman  


  • Time: Saturday, 08 December 2018

Il rosa è un colore prevalentemente femminile che incarna dolcezza e romanticismo! Spesso viene associato alla gioia, da qui deriva il popolare modo di dire “vedere la vita in rosa”. Vestirsi di rosa è quindi una buona idea per cominciare la giornata con la giusta dose di felicità… Vestirsi di rosa è sempre di moda, anche per inverno.

Monsieur è la rivista maschile più antica del mondo. Lanciata in Francia nel 1920 da Jacques Hébertot e Paul Poiret, riflette un “Art de Vivre all’insegna dell’Eleganza”, sempre fedele ai propri tempi. E alla parigina piacciono gli uomini eleganti, soprattutto quando si tratta del suo uomo! Ecco i consigli di stile della rivista più chic fra i magazine di Parigi…

When it comes to effortless style, French women have a formula down pat—you know that intriguing je ne sais quoi that combines both effortlessness and elegance. To find out more, we talked with Nathalie Peigney, author of the new book Sophie the Parisian: Style Tips from a True Parisian (Rizzoli), who splits her time between Paris and Rome on all things Parisian, from style tips and the art of practicing moderation to her perfect day in Paris.

Good jeans deserve, and above all require, special care and maintenance. Here are tips from Monsieur, the longest-running men's magazine in the world (launched in France in 1920 by Jacques Hébertot and Paul Poiret, it reflects an "Art de Vivre in the name of Elegance" that always remains faithful to the times). 

With winter approaching, we are extremely excited to upgrade our child's closet.The last few years fashion has seen a great social media influence, which has led to a rise in the number of little-fashionistas taking over social media platforms like Instagram. As a result kid’s fashion has today become fast-moving and cutting edge in many ways.

Parisians have the distinguishing feature of following the trends while maintaining a certain freedom. Their secret: mix basics with ultra trendy items, play with colors.  This winter, Parisians will brighten the streets of Paris because colors and prints are in the spotlight. Black no longer has the lead even though it remains a timeless, elegance in any circumstance.

Sweet sixty's in Paris

  • Time: Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Ah! Paris, the cradle of fashion, design and sartorial excellence. Paris: your podiums are most watched, your houses of fashion most influential, your collections most anticipated and your fashion-weeks can’t be overlooked. Each season, true fashion addicts wonder: what will be worn? Fortunately, Sophie is aware of the latest and will inform you about the major trends for the coming winter… Jane Birkin sang: "Ex-fan des Sixties, petite baby doll… ". You’re not dreaming. The Sixty’s are back! This is the main trend right now. Miniskirts, A-line dresses, patent leather Mary Jane shoes, graphic checks and patterns in marshmallow colors…  An unavoidable look for Parisians, both feminine and sexy, with strong influences of Swinging London, for a fresh and carefree allure. Absolutely necessary for the right mood sans faute pour être pile dans le mood Brigitte Bardot et Catherine Deneuve this coming winter.

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