How to wear these summer essentials: swimwear, white linen shirt, mini socks and the timeless seesucker jacket! Here are the style tips of the most chic magazine among the magazines of Paris... For an impeccable look during the holidays.

Ma l’abito da uomo è compatibile con un t-shirt o come valorizzare una giacca nera ? Da Parigi a Cannes, ecco i consigli di stile della rivista più chic fra i magazine di Parigi… Per un per un viaggio impeccabile durante le due settimane a Cannes. 

Well, “the” gift time of the year is upon us.  Every year, millions of men throughout the world receive a tie at Christmas and go off to the store and change it the next day as it is not to their taste!  What you should know, ladies, is that a tie is a very important accessory to men and that its colour, style, shape and how it is knotted are essential points that often underline our personality and the message we send out to the world!  So it is high time I explain how to choose a tie as a gift for the man in your life…

Monsieur è la rivista maschile più antica del mondo. Lanciata in Francia nel 1920 da Jacques Hébertot e Paul Poiret, riflette un “Art de Vivre all’insegna dell’Eleganza”, sempre fedele ai propri tempi. E alla parigina piacciono gli uomini eleganti, soprattutto quando si tratta del suo uomo! Ecco i consigli di stile della rivista più chic fra i magazine di Parigi…

Good jeans deserve, and above all require, special care and maintenance. Here are tips from Monsieur, the longest-running men's magazine in the world (launched in France in 1920 by Jacques Hébertot and Paul Poiret, it reflects an "Art de Vivre in the name of Elegance" that always remains faithful to the times). 

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