Daniel Boulud is one of the Michelin-stared French chefs. He proudly represents France abroad. He mainly exercises his art in New York where he has several restaurants, including the gastronomic “Daniel”: a magnificent homage to great French cuisine. In the décor of the historic Mayfair hotel, his table draws all Manhattan high society…


  • Time: Wednesday, 15 May 2019

A great, seasonal “anti-aging health food” recipe. Growing older inevitably means a progressive functional decline, but we can still limit the damage by paying careful attention to our lifestyle, and part of this means eating right!

The hachis Parmentier is a gratin dish made with mashed potatoes and ground beef. This traditional French dish was born in Paris, and tradition has it that its name is due to the pharmacist Antoine Parmentier, who proposed it to Louis XVI, in the belief that the tuber, or rather potato, would be an effective remedy against famine.


  • Time: Tuesday, 05 February 2019

Although Parisians love zucchini gratins, mashes and ratatouilles, the trend is for carpaccio in all of its forms. This is also true for zucchini, an ideal dish for friends before going shopping on avenue Montaigne. To go with a bottle… of water, of course! Recommendation: avoid adding the sugar for a healthy attitude.

In Paris we love Italian cooking.  But we love to adapt it in a less traditional way making it minimalist, trendy or personal home made with a touch of “my grand’ma best recipes”. In other way we are very good in creating fusion cooking with the dishes of our Italian neighbours which we’re quite happy to make part of our Parisian heritage. From Tiramisu to spaghetti bolognese to special risotto, not a dishe that we try to adopt & adapt…


  • Time: Thursday, 24 January 2019

Provate ad invitare a cena una vostra amica in visita a Parigi, non importa l'età, né se è bionda o bruna, l'importante è che sappia apprezzare la buona cucina. Scegliete un ristorante dove si mangi veramente alla francese: niente spaghettì boló o sushì e sashimì, ma vera, autentica cucina francese, per esempio Le Procope, nel quartiere Saint Germain-des-Près. È forse il più antico ristorante di Parigi, l'ambiente e gli arredi sono caldi e accoglienti e, fidatevi, si mangia bene senza spendere una fortuna. Fatevi dare un bel tavolo e iniziate offrendo una flûte di champagne alla vostra ospite. Poi prendete l'iniziativa e ordinate per entrambi una soupe à l'oignon gratinée. 


  • Time: Friday, 14 December 2018

French Soupe à l'oignon is a delicious soup for wintertime usually served as a starter. Even if it is so Parisian, Parisian’s find it heavy and today eat it very few. But all of us do order a time a year a Soup à l’oignon, when comes out a strong envy of tradition and diet exception! This is my grand’ma French Onion Soup recipe, once you try it you'll never try another. It culminates in a rich-tasting soup with melt-in-your-mouth onions.

Non avete idea di quanti italiani abitino Parigi. Ve ne sono in tutti gli arrondissement, ma specialmente sulla Rive gauche. Il Quartiere Latino (5° e 6° arr.), per esempio, è abitato soprattutto da chi è a Parigi per motivi di studio. Sono giovani preparati e intelligenti, innamorati della nostra città di cui, a volte, conoscono aspetti e luoghi che noi neppure sospettiamo. Disponibili e cortesi, fanno presto amicizia e hanno un'incredibile capacità di adattarsi a parlare una lingua che non è la loro. Hanno una tale predisposizione ad apprendere usi e costumi locali che quasi li scambieresti per veri parigini.  


  • Time: Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Green bell peppers are the most common color on produce shelves, but the yellow variety contains much more of certain vitamins. Do you know that eating red peppers can increase libido and build collagen? The peppers also contain fiber, protein and iron. They are very versatile, let have a look to our novembre detox pepper aperitif soup to serv with fresh raw vegetables…


  • Time: Saturday, 17 February 2018

Don't expect to find strictly French food in Paris! Like any big city, Paris is home to a vibrant mix of international cuisines and Parisian girls love to discover original or creative recipes as this funny and healthy Yellow Gazpacho recipes with sunny yellow tomatoes! The difference in color between red and yellow tomatoes is not just superficial…

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