Fashion Trends for Kids in Paris, Fall/Winter 2018

With winter approaching, we are extremely excited to upgrade our child's closet.The last few years fashion has seen a great social media influence, which has led to a rise in the number of little-fashionistas taking over social media platforms like Instagram. As a result kid’s fashion has today become fast-moving and cutting edge in many ways.


enfant4Styles, materials, palettes of colors, lets have a look at autumn/winter 2018/19 fashion. The season sees a natural evolution of the palette of colors that we have already observed in the last winter season: ochre, yellow, brown, caramel are becoming more and more trendy, as well as the greys, while the touches of color are made from an orange vitamin. Even lilac and violet are affirmed, in a less wide and more contrasted range: we pass thus from pale lilac to deep violets. The range of blue is made very nordic, recalling the sky of Northern Lights.

The basic theme

• Being neutral means being yourself and focusing on what’s really essential. This trend certainly marries the philosophy of less is more that in fashion translates into clean lines, the shape that follows the function, the elimination of frills. The colors are the reassuring brown, beige, grey, which are well mixed with the blue/pink powder or even with dark blue and violet.



• Be curious in the world of kids is important, it leads us to the limits, to the unknown, to the universe. The theme also embraces the mystical and intimate side of the human being, as well as the Northern Lights, with their colors. The palette ranges from violet to blue, more or less dark, illuminated by gold, yellow, beige, while prints, denim and technical fabrics are a must.

• Think globally means to travel beyond our boundaries and to draw inspiration from the world and from animals: in kids fashion this translates into animalier or floral and animal prints, with palettes of colors ranging from beige, pink, mossy green, up to blue, gray, burgundy.

• Speaking out means action, freedom of exchange: a strongly modern, urban trend, which translates into a kind of street style where the sporty style and the brightest colors, like red, orange, black, are contrasted with yellow , blue, gray.



enfant8The kids fashion trends

• Metallic: there will be a lot of golden winter jackets next season. A lot! Finger in the Nose has the golden and silver down jackets in their winter collections for a few years now. Well, next season you will see many more brands who picked up this trend! We saw a lot of festive wear made from metallic yarns.

• Pink: still there and available in many shades. Summer will be very pastel but for winter we will see a stronger, more powerful version.

• Ruffles: and then ruffles combined with pink! But overall, there are ruffles in many different ways. Dresses, knitted jumpers, skirts and pants too.

• Flared pants: talking about pants, we are seeing less skinny and more bootcut styles.



enfant9• Cherries: T H E print. So many different versions it was truly interesting how the brands interpreted the cherry. Small, furry, bold, sequins, minimalist versions, playful… if you like cherries, there will be something you love next A/W for sure!

• Organic: best trend! More and more brands produce with our earth in mind. Combined with soft, natural colours and great basics. Basics that can be worn throughout the year and be mixed and matched easily.

• Knitwear is growing. More and more brands include knitwear and it is getting very fashionable too. Great colours, designs and interesting details.

• Collars: accessory wise the collar is a hit!

• Tutus: yeah, after pink and ruffles, all we can say: The tutus are still going strong too!



Foto 1. © Tartine et Chocolat, , collection Winter 2018/2019

Foto 2. © Bonpoint colletion, collection Winter 2018/2019

Foto 3. © Petit Bateau, collection Winter 2018/2019

Foto 4. © Inès de la Fressange, collection Winter 2018/2019

Foto 5. © Cyrillus, collection Winter 2018/2019

Foto 6. © Bonton, collection Winter 2018/2019

Foto 7. © Cyrillus, collection Winter 2018/2019

Foto 8. © Bonpoint collection, collection Winter 2018/2019

Foto 9. © Bonpoint colletion, collection Winter 2018/2019

Foto 10. © Cyrillus, collection Winter 2018/2019

Foto 11. © Cyrillus, collection Winter 2018/2019

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