The history of this brand began in 1837, when Louis Vuitton, then 16 years old, moved to Paris to start his handcrafted luggage business.

At Monsieur Maréchal s Parisian Atelier, Louis Vuitton quickly became a highly regarded craftsman. This was the origin of a specialized activity and the beginning of a career in an industry based on his ability to customize suitcases and trunks according to the clients s wishes. Louis Vuitton held this position for 17 years before opening his Atelier at 4 Rue Neuve-des-Capucines, near Place Vendome. A bold choice that would prove to be successful: almost two centuries later, his initials are among the most famous in the world and the Monogram canvas has become the international symbol of luxury.

In 1875, the creation of the first vertical trunk-cum-wardrobe, with each part carefully designed, guaranteed the success of a company already specialising in travel. In 1886, the padlock with a cylinder lock allowing the customer to open each piece of luggage with a single key. Two years later, in 1888, the famous Damier canvas was created and registered. In 1892, Louis Vuitton died.

The rest of the history of the Louis Vuitton’s would be written by his son Georges and his grandson Gaston-Louis.

In 1896, the famous Monogram LV was created to celebrate his father. The motif is composed of the interlaced initials of his father LV; to complete the canvas Georges adds a flower with four petals enclosed in a circle, a four-pointed flower and a diamond containing it. For the creation of this canvas, Georges was inspired by the Gien majolica tiles with four-petalled flowers, a decorative element found in the kitchen of the family home in Asnières. In 1905 the Monogram canvas was registered as a trademark; this logo, which has remained unchanged over the years, marked the evolution of the luxury fashion world.

In 1914, Georges Vuitton opened a shop on the Champs Élisées, in an Art Nouveau building, which became the historical symbol of the House. In the following years, the brand grew and became pure luxury.

In 1987, the LVMH empire was created through the merger of Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennessy. Ten years later, American designer Marc Jacobs was commissioned to develop new lines of ready-to-wear, footwear and accessories.

After 15 years at Balenciaga, French designer Nicolas Ghesquière replaced Marc Jacobs in 2013. In 2020, Nicolas Ghesquière was joined by Johnny Coca to create high-end accessories.

Today, the company Louis Vuitton remains consistent with the spirit of its founder, Louis Vuitton, who invented the true Art of Travel through trunks, bags and accessories that were at once creative, elegant and practical.


Copyright outside photo: @ Image courtesy: Louis Vuitton


When it comes to style and fashion, Paris is a city of reference, and it\\\\\\\'s no coincidence that it has its own look! Chic and casual, elegant and sober, simple and sophisticated, classic and innovative: the Parisian look never gets old! Here are 10 must-haves for a Parisian.

Moins est plus. A few simple and versatile items make up a wardrobe in perfect French style. A dark sheath dress, ballet flats, a jacket, a well-cut shirt, a pair of jeans, to be mixed and matched without going overboard.

1. Jacket. Ideal for setting the tone for a casual look over a simple T-shirt or that touch of glam to complete a little dress: it saves on any occasion. Perfect for mid-season as a single coat or in winter under a coat.

2. A white shirt is absolutely a basic item that should not be missing from a girl s wardrobe. It s better if it s oversized because it adapts more practically to different styles and seasons. A shirt that suits us well makes us immediately elegant. It is ideal for the most formal and elegant occasions, with high-waisted skirts and trousers, but can easily be played down with jeans, dungarees or jumpers.

3. Jeans. Among the basic items, it is the one most used by all Parisian women. Among the thousands of models and colours, it\\\\\\\'s best to opt for a slim, dry and close-fitting model, not too tight.  The only colour of denim that counts is indigo, in a shade of blue without excess.The best with trainers, loafers, heels, blazer or maxi sweater... in short, perfect with everything.

4. White t-shirt. A basic item that is perfect on its own or under a blazer. Elegant with a suit or a high-waisted skirt. Casual with jeans or trousers.

5. Ballerina shoes are a passepartout, as they easily adapt to both elegant and casual looks. For the day, they are perfect with skinny jeans. For a more bon ton and formal look, also suitable for work, pair them with ankle-length capri trousers. For evening and elegant occasions, you can wear them with dresses and skirts.

6. Beige trench coat practically, the coat that goes with everything. You can find it in any shape (double-breasted, single-breasted, oversize, fitted) and it is a perfect garment. In short, one of the few truly evergreen garments!

7. Marinére. The classic mariniére, the absolute symbol of Parisian style. The striped T-shirt is perfect with a pair of ankle-length jeans and total white sneakers, but it can also become the key piece to make even the most classic navy jacket and trousers outfit instantly cool.

8. The little black dress should be accessorized according to the wearer s personality: it is perfect with classic dark pumps but also with ballet flats. It goes well with a smart jacket but also with a denim jacket, parka and trench coat.

9. The cashmere V-neck jumper. Perfect with any outfit, from jeans to the classic pencil skirt, with the right accessories it can be worn from morning to night.

10. Sneakers are comfortable, simple and very popular. Shoes created for those who simply walk a lot but want to feel good, without posture problems. White, they are the absolute bestsellers and are a must-have for any Parisian.

Copyright outside photo: @ Image courtesy: Ines de la Fressange for Uniqlo

Maybe you want a new summer 2020 hairstyle without complicating your life too much... here are some trendy hairstyles that are emerging in Paris often inspired by the DIY hairstyles we used to do during the confinement.

1.Siren beach waves or wet style?\"1\"

Shiny and wet effect. As soon as you get out of the water, the \"wet hair\" look establishes itself as one of the most in vogue in 2021, to be worn in the city too. It\'s an effect given to hats that reproduces the same effects that the sea and the wind have on the hat after a day in the sun and swimming, but without ruining them. And then... let\'s tell the truth, like many women, we Parisians like hats when they are slightly lightened by the sun and when after a bath, they dry naturally, creating those beautiful natural waves, messy and a bit rebellious. Forces a memory of childhood!

2. Dancer\'s bun!

\"3\"Among the hairstyles DIY naturally wins the chignon, anti-hot par excellence and always terribly chic and Parisian.  How 

come? Simple, because it\'s one of the most versatile hairstyles, which with a bit of manual skill can be improvised in a few minutes. It also saves us in all those occasions when we don\'t have time to wash our hair or put it in a crease.

3. High disheveled chignon

Are you short of time? Less than 30 seconds? Make a disheveled bun that\'s very trendy! Super fast and easy. Better if decomposed and fluffy. With that long open curtain fringe to \"6\"let you see forehead and eyebrows, the iconographic echo is definitely by Brigitte Bardot! Ideal hairstyle for everyday life, just like BB did!

4. Semi-cultivated with bun on top

In summer sometimes you just need to pick up the side and forehead strands to feel freer and lighter. Ideal hairstyles for those who love a disengaged look without too much definition.

5. The scarf

Chic, inaccurate,colorful, imaginative,hippie,sexy, the scarf on the head and all the beautiful hairstyles hair allow \"4\"you to create...a hair accessory that you can\'t do without, for 2021.There are many ways to use the head scarf. A very clever way is to tie the top knot high and then wrap the scarf over the head. This will protect the entire foliage from the sun and brackish water and highlight the harvest. Curly hair and bangs. In the midst of many curly spirals, the smooth, shiny, ribbed fabric that pops out is super chic. Semi-collected hairstyle with scarf. The coloured fabric flap, in this case, is used instead of the clip. It has no protective purpose but only decorative. The easiest way to wear a scarf on your head is to use it as a big clip. To tie a very simple ponytail.

6. The braid

The braid will be one of the most fashionable hairstyles, it will be low and very long to collect in sophisticated \"2\"chignons or dropped down with some hat that comes out of the hairstyle.

7. Ponytail

The ponytail is one of the most versatile and popular hairstyles today. The look requires minimal styling, equipment or special techniques, and you can dress it up or down with ease. Even better, there\'s a ponytail - whether high, mid-height, low or on the side - that suits every face shape and hair texture. From the gym to date night and even your wedding, a ponytail can be the perfect hairstyle to make you look your best.

8. Hairpins: maxxi, elegant or playful, to enrich all hair types

\"5\"Forget the usual hairstyles with simple and purely functional hairpins and hairpins: today bobby pins become giant, brilliant and super showy. Perfect for creating different hairstyles and giving a sophisticated and original hair look in a very short time, they are the hair trend par excellence and already many stars are showing it off.

Copyright outside photo: Internet

Copiright inside photo: internet

These are the white and blue striped shirts, again and again protagonists of 2024. Worn by the splendid Brigitte Bardot, celebrated by Jean-Paul Gaultier in the Breton version, these super chic t-shirts will accompany us again this year.


\"6666\"La marinière remains a timeless basic wardrobe for men and women for all seasons, all mods and all styles: you will never get tired! But how does a real Parisian wear it to diversify the pleasures and keep up with the times?

Max Mara\"mariniere

Let yourself be enchanted by the fake sailor look of this navy blue sweater by Max Mara, made of soft wool knit. With white nautical stripes, it has a golden buttoning on the left shoulder and classic ribbed finishes. A pair of cargo pants, for example, will be perfect to combine.


The result of the Puma x Balmain collaboration, this striped t-shirt is infused with the codes of the Parisian house and those of the sports label. Embroidered with felines and the designer\'s name, embossed golden buttons and altered hem are combined on this white model with sailor-style black stripes, to be combined with simple jeans, for example.


Balmain\'s house also dedicates itself to the famous \"marinière\" and delivers this irresistible white cotton t-shirt with the iconic black horizontal stripes. The distinctive elements of this model are the red letter logo on the back and a golden buttoning carved on the left shoulder. Wear it with everything, without exception






With white jeans\"Sans

Chic and graphic charm, in white jeans. We love not only light socks and also the shades of white and ecru that blend perfectly and give more pepper to the marine strip of my marinare.

The striped shirt and jeans is a true love story. The shades of blue, white and indigo marry very well and give you a chic and relaxed look.

Maybe you want a new summer 2020 hairstyle without complicating your life too much... here are some trendy hairstyles that are emerging in Paris often inspired by the DIY hairstyles we used to do during the confinement.

This summer, straw will invade the Parisian woman's wardrobe and is available in all kinds of styles, with a lightness to stroll in the city, in the country, as well as on the beach. But beware, the Parisian woman is a perfectionist and with straw as with the rest of her wardrobe, there is no such thing as a stylistic error: so rule number 1: the colour of the straw must be natural!

It may not feel like it, but Summer is around the corner and it is time to start thinking about swim suit season. From retro styles such as underwire and high waist bikinis to sexy high-rise suits and more, these are the 8 Parisian main trends that will happen this season.

The color white immediately gives a summery look, white is always in fashion and chic, in Paris but not only... According to the new spring-summer fashion trends, we Parisian women will dress from head to toe in white and you?

Impossible to resist the temptation to own a leopard print skirt this year. Even for the Parisienne! Although it is not one of the easiest pieces to wear in a chic and elegant way but if you just choose the right length and proportions, and especially if you choose the right combination the leopard skirt will become the highlight of your spring 2020 wardrobe

1.With a long black blazer and low white sneakers to show off your taste for fashionable shoes.

2.Matching a black turtleneck with a leopard print skirt.

3.With an oversized white shirt tied at the waist combined with a red clutch bag that will give a sparkling touch to your outfit...

4.With an oversized camel sweater and a pair of high-leg boots.


5.With a black tank top

6.With a white t-shirt and white sneakers for a sporty look.

7.With a camel turtleneck and a black leather jacket.

8.Matching skirt with a light-coloured sweater and a pair of elegant black moccasins - an ideal look for a casual style.


9.Combined with stylish sneakers and a short sweatshirt for a sporty style;

10.For a stylish skirt look combined with a black blouse and a medium heeled sandal.

11.With an oversized ivory short pullover and high heeled ankle boots.

12.C with a wide white t-shirt and sandal laced around the ankle.


13.For an everyday outfit the leopard skirt combined with a classic black t-shirt and a light trench coat. Finish this look with a pair of high-heeled sandals.

14.For a youthful look, the woman should be teamed with an oversized sweater and a pair of black amphibians.

15.With a white t-shirt and low heeled sandal for a simple style over time.


Photo outside: Olivia Palermo

Photo 1 street style

Photo 2 skirt by Rejina Pyo

Photo 3 street style

Photo 4 skirt by Prada

Photo 5 street style

Photo 6 street style

Photo 7 skirt by Gucci

Photo 8 street style

Photo 9 street style

Photo 10 street style

Photo 11 street style

Photo 12 street style

Photo 13 skirt by Balenciaga

Photo 14 street style

Photo 15 skirt by Erine

A quick glance at one of the key items in our Parisian wardrobe… “Opera glove” may sound quaintly antique, but it will become soon one of the most glamorous accessories of the next season.

A world premiere, models parading and filming themselves at home with Runway dresses, makeup, hairstyles, all put together in a great "CR Runway with amfAR against covid-19" fashion show with music, a crazy thing not to be missed on YouTube, if you haven't seen it on May 1st at 10:00 pm. Congratulations to Carine Roitfeld, the former editor-in-chief of the French edition of Vogue, for this great idea!

Il rosa è un colore prevalentemente femminile che incarna dolcezza e romanticismo! Spesso viene associato alla gioia, da qui deriva il popolare modo di dire “vedere la vita in rosa”. Vestirsi di rosa è quindi una buona idea per cominciare la giornata con la giusta dose di felicità… Vestirsi di rosa è sempre di moda, anche per estate.

Stonewashed jeans are a piece of clothing that never goes out of fashion and that the Parisian woman loves. In Paris that light blue jeans are not worn sporty, but in a casual chic way often with a feminine detail, can be the handbag, sandals, sectorial blouse or steering wheel... Take a good look at the following photos, every detail is important.

From season to season and from look to look, light blue jeans continue to be the protagonists of fashion. Here are 15 cool ideas to wear them in style in 2020, whether you\\\'re going to Paris or confined to your home or your reason:


1.     With white t-shirt, light-coloured jacket and low shoe;

2.     With white t-shirt, trench coat and moccasin. In this look the length of the trousers is important to highlight the male shoes.An interesting detail, the absence of a belt, which makes the look very natural;

3.     With a fitted white t-shirt and slim sandals. Here again, two important details that make the look very trendy: the absence of a belt and the animal-looking clutch bag, a must of the season;


4.     With white shirt and leather nail with a coloured shoe. Always very feminine. The pink goes very strong and I often wear jeans just like that, they are pink sandals, and my \\\"perfect\\\" black leather jacket. No belt here too! NB: the collar of the shirt closed by a masculine look but also \\\"gentle fille\\\" as the French say (good girl);

5.     With a tulle top and high-heeled sandals;

6.     With a white ruffle blouse, a very feminine and romantic look. The detail that makes the look fashionable is definitely the cut of the trousers and the python print pochette;

7.     With black t-shirt and sneakers and brown \\\"cognac\\\" belt assorted with the \\\"shopping\\\" or \\\"tot\\\" bag. Here a multitude of details make the look trendy, look at the length of the trousers, the simplicity of the belt, the clean shoes, the large but quality bag. A truly Parisian and chic look;\"\\"jeans\"

\"\\"Mytheresa\\"\"8.     With white t-shirt, masculine jacket and décolleté. A work look, when jeans are allowed to work... Always the snake pochette. This slightly revisited look from the 1980s with the blazer is very elegant. Classic but effective. Detail, the thin necklace that gives its classic, chic toco. This look is really a feminine, masculine, casual and elegant game;


9.     With oversized shirt and two-tone slingback. . A feminine/masculine game that the Parisian loves. Check out the super classic 1940\\\'s bag and the Chanel chicks shoes. Beautiful shirt in tone with the pants;

10.  With wide white t-shirt and coloured ballerina. Still here, no belt! Red is always sexy. A \\\"movie star en ville\\\" look. But red makes it trendy!

11.  With a very feminine white V-neck shirt and maxi straw bag (so trendy in 2020). Take a good look at the details on this photo: no belt, the length of the trousers and the type of dancers. This St Tropez look has become very Parisian;\"\\"Jeans\"

12.   With oversize pullover and Chanel type dancer. Important the mini bag that makes the look fashionable. The length of the trousers is also beautiful and feminine. Cute glasses too. The navy blue of the sweater seems interesting to me to give its \\\"holiday in Brittany\\\" touch but in Paris;

13.  With oversize pullover and two-tone slingback. Look at the details, the type of feminine bag, the cut of the sweater, the hairstyle of the hair, flat shoes of course in this case!


\"\\"552e2851e70635beef65aef88f8ee607\\"\"14.  With maxi overcoat and light brown low sandals. Look at the set of brown that are very chic. Very nice also the linen t-shirt and Ray Ban glasses. All very chic and simple;

15.  With \\\"marinara\\\" and military style jacket. J\\\'adore ! Et vous ? Just look and copy.\"\\"Con\"







Copyright outside photo: Jaens Sézane

Copyright inside photo:

1. Jeans Ami;

2. Jeans Citizens of humanity;

3. Jeans Frame;

4. Jeans Frame;

5. Jeans RTA;

6. Jeans See by Chloé;

7. Jeans Gucci;

8. Jeans J Brand;

9. Photo internet;

10 Victoria Beckham;

11,12,13,14,15. Photo intenet;



As a great lover of masculine elegance and having the good fortune to live with one of the most chic & smart Italians on the peninsula I was a little worried that this period of confinement would be synonymous with jogging for him as well as for me. In order not to fall into the trap of letting go physically and morally, I immediately decided to put my wardrobe to the test. And nice surprise, my man also with a trend, I take out my pyjamas and English dressing gowns until breakfast!

Impossible for us Parisian women, like many women, to go to the hairdresser at the moment... but here we are, we can't stand our roots which grow day after day during the confinement. Here are 8 tips for touch-ups to cope with the unbearable!

The Parisian and her handbag…a love story over the centuries. It can be mini, just enough for a phone and a credit card although very often huge, heavy and an annex to our home. We love it. During a well-filled day, it even turns into a set of matryoshkas, the Balenciaga shopping bag housing a Fendi evening bag and, of course, a makeup bag, not forgetting the shoulder bag for things that have to be found quickly…

Introducing the Pantone Color of the Year 2020, PANTONE 19-4052 Classic Blue, a timeless and enduring blue hue elegant in its simplicity. So Chic, So Parisian! Certainly and above all, a symbol of great elegance. We will be tapping into sight, sound, smell, taste, and texture to make the Pantone Color of the Year for 2020 a truly immersive color experience for all.

For us Parisian women, February and March are two months synonymous with moda, fashion shows and new ideas to stitch on the catwalks! As every year we are waiting for the program not to miss the show of our darlings, for some Dior, for others Jacquemus (I love...), and for many of my girlfriends, Chanel and its theatrical moves. Here is the schedule to prepare you, Paris during fashion weeks is just incredible, at every street corner you meet models, Vip or strangers dressed in incredible ways!

Twice a year, fashion's elite descend upon Paris for Haute Couture week 2020. The much-anticipated showcase presents the opportunity for couturiers to let their imaginations run free and design without the constraints of ready-to-wear practicalities.

The mystery of stilettos revealed… Scientists have observed that stiletto heels accentuate the movement of a woman’s hips, while shortening their stride...

"Black is always trendy" is what people often say to each other when they don't know what to wear. In any case.... Black is the Parisian woman’s color. Beyond the boulevard périphérique—the wall that “protects” the capital—women wear beige, blue, and pastel tones, but in the Ville Lumière, black persists and always wins. Although the runways and fashion magazines offer the new colors of the season, when buying, reason beats emotion and the Parisienne chooses black because it is the “master key” that goes with everything and suits all situations. 

While in other cultures “over accessorizing” is seen simply as a demonstration of femininity, in Paris it’s considered good form not to overdo it for fear of looking tasteless. That might seem a paradoxical attitude, but it’s based on the Parisian woman’s mentality of “less is more.” Basically, you can spoil a look by trying to overdo it, and that applies to jewelry, makeup, accessories, and plastic surgery. So…

Per affrontare al meglio il ritorno dalle vacanze, cinque consigli di professionisti da seguire alla lettera…

The story of the well-known brand Repetto is an amazing tale…. But first and foremost, it’s the story of a free and modern woman Rose Repetto, an entrepreneur before her time. A woman of passion who believed in her lucky star. Flashback to a French success story!

Maybe it's because she has been an ageless beauty for as long we can remember that we forget Vanessa Paradis first became a child star at the age of 14, with the worldwide success of her song "Joe le taxi". Then she became a brilliant actress (she was awarded a 'César', French equivalent of Oscar, for her debut movie 'Noce blanche'), a fashion icon (spokes model for Chanel), wife to Johnny Depp, a mom to Lily-Rose and John Jack Christopher. And she sailed through all of it with her indelible Parisian je ne sais quoi. This native Parisian and French style icon knows the capital like the back of her hand, citing the Eiffel Tower and the Debilly bridge as her favorite landmarks.

Fr« Ginette Ny » originated the concept of Contemporary Jewelry and created a world where each woman can invent her own modernity, made of a subtle balance of achievements, emotions, and sensuality.

Frédérique Dessemond is the creator of « Ginette Ny ». 

\"\\"3\\"\"She was born in Marseille in the South of France and grew up in « la Cité Radieuse » an architectural complex designed by French architect Le Corbusier known for minimalism and pure geographical lines. After studying art history in one of the best schools in France, she won the green card in a lottery and moved to New York in 1999. In 2002 she started the story of GINETTE NY and launched her first collection: foremost sold in the streets of Nolita, quickly catches the eye the buyer from Calypso, a fashion and jewelry store in New York City.



Her signature? 

A delicate line of gold monogrammed necklaces, that most women envy terribly. And it does not take too long to fall in love with the baby diamond purity necklace, a rose gold chain set with a flower design inspired by the infinity sign and paved with glittering diamonds.\"\\"2\\"\"

Her concept ?

Pure materials and natural stones, architectural and design inspiration, luxury of simplicity, purity of shapes, the collections are the reflection of a unique artistic expression. New vintage inspiration, sensual experience, Paris-NYC lifestyle. A connection between jewels and skin, like an extension of oneself, an opportunity to show your unique personality. An unique DNA in the world of contemporary jewelry. The full collection includes delicate bangles, sparkling drop-down earrings, tiny studs and pendants, bringing retro charm to your every outfit.


When she first started 15 years ago, « Ginette Ny » was one of the first jewelry brands offering a variety of fine pieces made of solid gold crafted in the most delicate way. As a matter of fact, she exclusively worked on gold, not even setting diamonds or any other gemstones. Through « Ginette Ny » Frederique Dessemond offered women an alternative between costume jewelry and high jewelry. Years passed and fine jewelry brands saturated the jewelry market offering way too many options to a clientele that once did not know where and what to buy. As a revival of the brand, « Ginette Ny » was re-launched this summer, introducing new materials and stones, such as diamonds, rose gold, onyx and pearls. A subtle balance between luxury and understated pieces, vintage inspiration and pure lines.


Frédérique Dessemond :

« At the origin of the contemporary jewelery concept, « Ginette Ny » aims to offer women an everyday luxury, a gold skin jewel, contemporary and timeless ».

My Ginette Ny favorite ?

\\\"I love all the black ceramic and rose gold series, the contrast between the warmth of the rose gold and the sleekness of the ceramic gives a very modern feel to those pieces.\\\"


\"\\"7f533b0af3066da5eda5394631a0d29f\\"\"After New York in 2007 and Paris in 2015, Frédérique Dessemond opened her third shop in St Tropez. Ginette Ny’s jewelry shop is staged as a « jewelry bar » concept, enabling customers to \"\\"a78bb57c90b51d3a23fc37066038e040\\"\"discover the collections in a casual and personal way.

Copyright all photos: Ginette NY


Here comes the sun and with it our favorite clothing season: swim season. If you're jetting off on a spring break getaway or simply counting down the days until summer, swimsuit season is officially upon us. A classic one-piece or bikini never goes out of style, but Summer 2019 is bringing forth a fresh batch of fun swim trends to try. From retro styles like underwire bikini tops and high-waisted bottoms to sexy high-cut suits and beyond, these are the top trends of true Parisienne to try this season.

Wedding bouquets, who doesn't love them? Or better yet, who doesn't love staring at picture after picture of them? Your bridal bouquet is a once in a lifetime accessory, so a number of mistakes have to be avoided before choosing! When else do you get to carry a beautiful bunch of flowers designed especially for you, all day long? What flowers should you include? What colours or shapes work best with your dress and your silhouette?  Follow our recommendations and you’ll be O.K.

The Parisian girls love the Lady Dior bag, one of the most popular designer handbags of all time and Princess Diana‘s favorite. “Real luxury requires the best materials and the best craftsmanship”, Christian Dior declared! Amazing story of a legendary bag… 

The 118th edition of the French Open tournament runs from May 20 to June 9, 2019. Roland Garros is an annual sporting event, and is also the place where elegant people of all stripes meet. The idea is to look good, and to adopt a look that goes everywhere as well as stylistically flawless... while admiring the matches! The days can be cool, rainy or even particularly sunny on the Roland Garros central court. Here are some tips to be in style and enjoy the show to the fullest...

Comptoir des Cotonniers made its mark in the 90s. Mothers and daughters met up there to put their wardrobes together. It was revelation... a revolution. Transgenerational marketing was born. This was the beginning of the \"mother-daughter\" campaigns, a simple idea translated into photos by top figures. 

Europe began opening trading posts worldwide in Antiquity. Cotton first became fashionable in the 17th century. The Industrial Revolution made it a must that conquered department stores in the late 19th century. The name \"Comptoir des Cotonniers\" (Cotton Trading Post) encapsulates this vision to reach everyone with strong roots in French culture. The Comptoir wardrobe means classic signature pieces that are both ancestral and timeless. We follow them from one season to the next... they go through the years without a wrinkle and are true to themselves just like the Comptoir woman.




Comptoir means the emotion of imperfection and durability. It means conjuring a sense of otherworldliness and tradition... the guarantee of always finding your basics. 


Here, clothing is a language, a friend who brings out your femininity and helps break the rules to express your true self. \"IVINEA


Comptoir believes that creating the perfect balance between your inner and outer self is the very essence of femininity.


Bringing the classics to life, blending genres, contrasting styles... doing it in a tasteful and playful way, that\'s the Comptoir spirit! 


\"ISTERIAThe Parisian studio works on the collection and its themes. Next come sketches by the stylists then collaboration with the design team for assembly and the workshop to make prototypes. Comptoir carefully selects the fabrics to provide softness, shine and crease-resistance. 

At this stage, a colour palette is outlined to make its mark on the collection.

Sweet prints come together with design to give Comptoir clothing its signature style.

Model makers, a permanent feature at Comptoir, use the studio\'s flat designs to make the template and initial canvas. The design department then works on the sizing for each piece in the collection. At the same time, an extensive colour palette (from Persian pink and royal blue to bottle green, lilac and apricot) gives each collection its own identity. Support and technical files are then sent to the in-house workshop to make the first prototypes. Last but not least, technicians perfect every piece to the last detail as finishes are an absolute priority.

Comptoir des Cotonniers epitomises style that is real yet polished, casual chic that\'s never too sophisticated. Here, we\'re all about simple and stylish clothing. We put our own modern and instinctive twist on French chic.

\"IMANDEBy day and by night 

No frills for work or accessorised to take you into the night, Comptoir clothing adapts to the modern wardrobe: from easy-to-wear basics to must-have classics.

\"IOUDOUDOU\"Be free and be yourself!\" 

Forget about labels and ready-made looks! At Comptoir, we dress to suit our personality, we know how to use our past to create a better future. We love contrasts, bold statements, we\'re free to be ourselves!

A unique and multi-facetted woman 

The Comptoir woman knows every aspect to her character. She thinks outside the box. She\'s 20, 30, 40, 50! Who cares! She isn\'t perfect, she isn\'t done up, she is timelessly modern and owns it with a natural feel that inspires admiration.



Copyright photo, le Comptoir des Cotoniers

Creato da due Parigine, Hipanema è conosciuto sopra tutto per i suoi braccialetti brasiliani, in qualche anno, il marchio è diventato imprescindibile nel mondo della moda e dell’accessorio. Adoriamo e J’adore…

A wild claw hit the Parisian women: the leopard is back. Even if the famous French rule of elegance "less is more" is still valid, this year the Parisian women are leaving their reserve: the leopard print is worn all over, i.e. on imposing and striking pieces such as coats and dresses. If it has long been rejected and decreed vulgar in the capital of good taste, it is now over. On the contrary, black spots have never been so famous and worn by influencers. There are as many leopard prints and ways to wear it as there are styles and women, it's up to you to play with the beasts, but let's see together HOW TO DO....

The well-“red” Parisian… In summertime, I think the color red gives us Parisians a little lift. It’s warm, it looks good, and it’s flamboyant! We Parisians wear it with black, gray or white. Anything can look great in red (handbag, gloves, coat, that sexy little dress). But keep the look sober, if you want to achieve Parisian elegance.

A partire dal 1830, Charles Christofle, orafo parigino, si dedica, sempre con eleganza e savoir-faire,    alla creazione di un’arte della tavola eccezionale, di gioielli raffinati, di accessori per la casa e per l’arredamento. Al di là dell’eccellenza nella lavorazione dell’argento, che ha contribuito al successo e alla notorietà di questa bella Maison, è grazie anche alla ricerca formale, alla cultura della rarità dei materiali, che nascono delle collezioni di opere di alto pregio…

Luxury is today a major actor in the French economy, the creator of wealth, added value and supplier of foreign currencies. However, in reality, the real force of Luxury has been to maintain against all obstacles, in the twentieth century, period of excessive automation and robotics, conservatories of craftsmanship, thereby giving priority to the individual over the group. The nobility of Luxury becomes evident to all those in contact with it, because it’s impossible to remain insensitive to the beauty of the skills of the craftsman…


Master Glassblowers, Chasers and Engravers with proverbial skills, Furniture Makers with a traditional knack, able to obtain incomparable quality and finish, all these and many others, form this high craftsmanship imbibed with the Culture and History that have brought honor to France.The names Baccarat, Hermès, Yves-Saint-Laurent, Lalique, Dior, Puiforcat… are all flags that float throughout the world, calling to mind the existence of our country\"Van and its traditions. They are synonymous with “beauty”, “purity”, “creativity” and the luxury that they generate answers the needs of Humanity which has a need for evasion and dream, both as necessary for equilibrium as the air breathed and the bread consumed.

Our world would really be dreary if it wasn’t peopled with objects of Art that move us and instill us with interest, enthusiasm and Passion!


Who speaks of the superfluous in this respect, whereas it really involves the essential, a “supplement of soul” without which the things in life would really appear to be pathetic? Luxury thereby has a soul, ours, that of the Creators, the Buyers, the impassioned.

\"1459934520-dior-bag-video-making\"It remains a barrier against a standardized civilization, as well as the guarantor of our finest qualities. Finally, it today appears as a major actor in our economy and this is well earned.

So, we wish good luck and a long life to French luxury with the new world clients and future generations …




Text by Jacques Mouclier (former President of Fédération Française de la Couture)

Bonne soirée, Charlotte

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Surely, in your life, you have met women that were spreading something incredibly attractive around them. Something that attracted both men and women. And it was not the exterior beauty. It was something inside of them. Remember what Lady Diana was like? It’s not surprising that almost 20 years after her death, people still remember her charisma, allure and aura. Another perfect example is Audrey Hepburn. 

Throughout the season, the trench coat has undergone several transformations, and whatever your personal style, has always been able to adapt to it. This year, there are many interesting trench coat styles to choose from.  Classic or stylish a trench coat can be worn over a suit, jeans but also on a feminine lace dress. But let’s talk before of the story of the original trench coat.

It's been hard to deny the appeal of natural colors in recent months, thanks to a flood of designers who refreshed them on spring/summer 2019's catwalks. Burberry led the charge with its traditional trench coats and checked shirt and coordinating camel trousers, but the palette was everywhere from Chanel to Dior, Fendi to Loewe. So, why beige, why now? If fashion is the constant push and pull of action and reaction, then we could call beige a backlash to the 'look at me' showboating that Instagram and the rise of street style have spawned. Maybe in a world of overstimulation, designers were issuing an official invitation to pare things back and start afresh. Whatever the reason, we're all aboard the beige train.

She is genial, discrete and paradoxale… "I once said that I'm anti-consumerist, and that goes against the work I do. It caused a scandal: 'Who is she to think that? She is going against her clientele.' But I do fashion because I'm happy when somebody gets joy from a new garment. There is a magic side to this"…

In the jewellery world, there’s only one brand out there that causes everyone to say ‘oooh’ when they hear its name; Cartier! Although luxury watches are what this jewelry house is best known for, there’s plenty more to it than meets the eye…

Non è un segreto per nessuno, l’accessorio ha un ruolo sempre più importante nel look. E in questo gioco, non solo le borse e le cinture sono delle protagoniste, anche i gioielli hanno un ruolo fondamentale, soprattutto l’inverno prossimo. Anne-Sophie Mallard ci descrive le tendenze…

Since 1827, French maison Mauboussin has been creating exceptional pieces of jewelry, dedicated to women who are passionate in unique designs of originality and sophistication. Today, majority of Mauboussin creations are designed, cut and crafted in France, to offer women the best of a great artistic and jewelry tradition.

Emma Meston è una creatrice di gioielli diversa dalle altre. Questa artista ha dato vita alla propria tecnica, che appartiene ai  mestieri d’arte: la Smaltatura. Una sottile trina di filo di rame italiano, stagnato e sottoposto a bagni particolari, lavorata a mano, ingloba delle madreperle, delle pietre semi-preziose, inserti di pezzi da collezione e cristalli della Maison Swarovski. Le sue creazioni, realizzate completamente a mano in lunghe ore di lavoro minuzioso, sono dei capolavori, dei veri “gioiellini” di delicatezza. «Adesso, espongo le mie creazioni in un e-shop e vendo in tutto il mondo». Incontro con un’artista che lavora sulla scia dell’ispirazione.

Rami Mekdachi ha dato origine alla tendenza, molto sulla cresta dell’onda, delle cosiddette fragranze “selettive”, create su misura per un personaggio o per un posto cult. Ultimamente, queste fragranze riscuotono un vero successo. Rare, insolite, adattate e identificate con i vari nomi di chi le ha richieste, sono accomunate – quasi tutte – da un nome, quello del loro creatore: Rami Mekdachi. Le tre fragranze Jacques Garcia, sono lui. Sono lui anche l’Eau de cologne Bensimon, l’Eau de Colette, il Parfum Costes…

Angela Lo Priore, the Italian photographer of 100 PORTRAITS and EAT ME shall have a private exhibition at Barnes (13 rue Bonaparte Paris) from March 14th to June 15th. Today, for the blog Sophie the Parisian, Angela Lo Priore talks about her inspiration and her work. An occasion to dive into the surreal world of Angela Lo Priore.

So they are unsuitable for gardening, unless it’s high-society gardening or the jardins of the Palace of Versailles. She wears them “casual chic” or “elegant cool,” from morning to night, during the week or on the weekend, from the kitchen to the meeting room, at an opening in Saint-Germain-des-Prés or riding a bicycle through the streets of the French capital…


Regardless of the cut or the color of her jeans, the Parisian woman will manage to find a wayjeans2 to show off her creativity and make them the centerpiece of her look. In Paris, jeans are mainly blue, black, white, or gray.

\"3333\"If she is a fashion addict, she follows the latest trends to the letter, and the “certified” Parisian woman wears cigarette jeans: more elegant, that fit like a glove, and are therefore more feminine, but above are all more easily matched to tops and shoes of any style …

Nata a Parigi il 22 giugno 1966, Emmanuelle è cresciuta a Parigi, nel quartiere del Luxembourg.

È nata in una famiglia di artisti, suo nonno Louis era stato decano della Comédie Française, di cui faceva parte anche sua zia Françoise (con la qualifica di “pensionnaire”), e suo padre era fotografo.

Elegance is a quality of a person presenting a certain refinement and ease in form and movement and, by extension, a person dressed with care as well as sobriety in a non-exaggerated style. However, elegance involves a great many other aspects based on relations with others and the outer world. For example, elegance is the ability to convey strong emotions without being invasive, or show interest in people and things without turning it into a narcissistic curiosity by a desire to stand out, or even to avoid exhibiting ones own abilities and talents. The philosopher Giacomo Marramao tells us more…




1. Elegance is a play of subtraction. Elegance is the ability to avoid excess, a type of play of subtraction that maintains the essential chic. Elegant people dress so that the elegance is not visible and those who dress overly elegant lose their elegance!

2. Ostentatious is not elegant. Someone who only wants to show off and thinks of elegance as a baroque representation is not really elegant. Elegance sometimes even has to be willingly distracted and neglected. Ostentatious elegance finds its roots in Italian culture. Rome, but also all of Italy, has a baroque Catholic culture and baroque has always been a very theatrical representation. France also has a notion of the theatrical and very pronounced baroque. However, the French also had the revolution, a tragedy that forged the French personality. The French are individuals of character, with a temperament that doesn’t only depend on appearance and representation, but a very developed sense of interiority.

3. Elegance also means that you don’t display what you aren’t … From time to time it’s also necessary to also avoid showing off one’s own abilities and talents. In a certain way, you can’t be elegant without being intelligent enough to be ironic and self-critical.

4. Elegance is a game of distant merger.  This means respecting the world around us, and being attentive to others, without being invasive. Be distant, without being heavy and a snob, because snobbism isn’t elegant, while showing interest in people and things, without this becoming a narcissistic curiosity by a wish to show off.

5. The art of putting people at ease. Sensitivity is now the other side of esthetic. Elegance is the ability to convey strong emotions without being invasive, so that people feel comfortable and not in difficulty. An elegant person is welcoming and makes everyone feel comfortable. The moment of sensitivity and emotion is fundamental.

6. Elegance with others: behavior and language. Elegance today means the ability use language, the means of representation: speech and the way one expresses oneself. Elegance has no meaning if it isn’t backed up by an education of language and a lack of vulgarity in the means of expression. This does not necessarily means using formal language: a very spiritual and ironic form of language can be used. However, language shouldn’t be vulgar and, as a consequence, the listener should never have a disagreeable impression of what has been said. It’s possible to agree or disagree, but language weaknesses are not permissible. Today, the risk involves intolerance due to a lack of respect of one group towards another, or one culture towards another. Education is fundamental, respect though language backed up with sensitivity. Sensitivity is decisive.

Bonne chance! Charlotte


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Daughter of a diplomat, Michela Bruni Reichlin has grown up as a citizen of the world. Half Swiss and half Neapolitan, Michela combines exactness and correctness with a creative and ingenious drive. Behind the appearance of a young, fashionable woman in perfect makeup and vertiginous heels, hides the determined and practical character of a self-made explorer, always ready for new adventures!

Roger Vivier is often remembered for dressing a list of exceptional women. Not only did he design the shoes Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II worn in 1953 on her coronation day, he also crafted acclaimed creations for the greatest personalities of his times: the Duchess of Windsor, Princess Soraya of Iran, Marlene Dietrich, Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot and, of course, Catherine Deneuve in “Belle de Jour”, the film in which the iconic heels featuring the silver buckle made their first appearance. Dive with us into this fascinating story…

While the closing of the iconic Colette boutique marked the end of an era, it has also given life to a new address that has the fashion word very excited…

For savvy shopping, wait for the sales! It is the ideal time to find your favourite brands at up to half price or even more sometimes. And the year 2019 marked the end of the ‘floating sales’, sales at other times of the year, so, the next not-to-be-missed sales period in Paris will start on Wednesday January 9 to February 19

Chances are you have someone in your list who is impossible to get a present for because she usually has the latest and greatest of everything! Well… don’t start pulling your hair yet! Here is a thoughtful gift that is undeniably cool, genuinely practical and yes… something she can use. Sophie the Parisian: Style Tips From a True Parisian Woman  

Ho conosciuto Giuseppina Sansone al Circolo dei Lettori alla presentazione del libro di Nathalie Peigney “Sophie la Parigina”. Era seduta in prima fila e la sua eleganza raffinata e ricercata spiccava in un pubblico già molto elegante. In effetti si occupa di moda, è consulente d'Immagine e Personal Shopper. Ci parla di eleganza e di Parigi.

The well-“red” Parisian… In wintertime, I think the color red gives us Parisians a little lift. It’s warm, it looks good, and it’s flamboyant! We Parisians wear it with black, gray or white. Anything can look great in red (handbag, gloves, coat, that sexy little dress). But keep the look sober, if you want to achieve Parisian elegance.

Aveva proprio ragione mia madre, quando insisteva – durante il freddo inverno parigino  – perché io mi mettessi sciarpa, berretto e cappotto quando andavo a giocare al jardin du Luxembourg con le mie amichette! In linea di massima, ci prendiamo il mal di gola quando usciamo poco coperti, o semplicemente quando beviamo acqua troppo fredda! È una cosa, questa, che vi sembra lampante, e tuttavia…

Quest’anno, a Parigi, il jeans interpreta la modernità con una stupefacente scelta di tagli e di look. Se c’è un capo di cui il nostro guardaroba non potrà mai fare a meno, questo è proprio il jeans. Intramontabile, si porta con tutto e in tutte le circostanze…

Paris’s haute couture fashion shows have just drawn to a close. The culminating event was the arrival of the bride on the catwalk, an absolute feast for the eyes. For Saint Valentine’s day, we wanted to show you a few of the wedding gowns of our dreams and give you a little foretaste of the trends this coming season.

We gauche Americans can’t get enough books and articles about how to eat, dress, shop, entertain and look as sophisticated as a French woman. Several years after the publication of Ines de la Fressange’s Parisian Chic and its companion, Parisian Chic City Guide, comes a new guide to French style:  Sophie the Parisian: Style Tips From a True Parisian Woman by Nathalie Peigney (Rizzoli, 2018). 

So, you’re vacationing in Paris and you’d love to catch a Froggy Prince Charming, right? To attract a French guy, first you have to know what turns him on or off. Generally speaking, they’re attracted by interesting feminine women. In fact, several surveys have shown that on a first date, they notice your eyes, your smile, your boobs, and your hair (in that order). Weight actually comes last. In terms of fashion, their tastes are pretty conventional. The results below might just surprise you.




Only 20% like this. Most guys complain it’s cheating. They’d rather admire your genuine assets, whether or not you’re well-endowed.


20% say they like this.


Only 20% like this. Most find the look “too Pocahontas”.


40% say ok but not downright gothic.


30% think it’s great for hanging around at home but wouldn’t actually want to go out with a woman dressed this way.


30% like this hairstyle if it suits the shape of the woman’s face.


40% find this attractive as long as the woman is cool and has the figure for it.





100% like ladies who lick their fingers.  



100% like the “good girl” look.


\"\\"Desinger\"100% said fashion heels are nice if the woman knows how to walk in them (without overdoing it)






100% think short, well-manicured nails are classier than long ones.


100% say sexy







100% say yes, but not every day!


100% think they’re pretty.


90% say their ladies look great in plaid shirts


90% prefer to see two-piece bathing suits.


90% of guys think these are cute, as long as you vary your undergarments.


80% admit they find the schoolgirl look hot.










80% love it!


70% of guys like athletic chic.


70% say western footwear is cool if it’s really your style and it goes with your outfit.


60% like the “barely there” look.


60% find‘em sexy. They love the classic pinup look !




100% say no way they want a sloppy kiss from a woman wearing tons of lipstick.


80% would not like to see their partner dye her a weird color.


100% do not want to take someone out to dinner who keeps saying “No thanks, I’m on a diet”.


100% find these classless.


This is too flashy for all the guys surveyed. 20% say fancy nails are ok, within limits!


May warm your feet, but won’t warm his heart. A 100% turn-off.


80% want to see pastels… only on Granny.













85% say flattery will get you nowhere. 15% say flattery will get you anywhere!


90% don’t really appreciate string underwear. ‘”Too little” can be “too much”!

Foto 3: Doc Martens boots 
Foto 5: Christian Louboutin shoes

After a few days before the opening of «Paris Photo», the most important photography fair in the world, Angela Lo Priore, the famous photographer of 100 PORTRAITS and EAT ME talks about her inspiration and her work. Waiting to see his new opera "Stairs Obsession" at the Grand Palais in Paris, we dive into the surreal world of Angela Lo Priore.

Good jeans deserve, and above all require, special care and maintenance. Here are tips from Monsieur, the longest-running men's magazine in the world (launched in France in 1920 by Jacques Hébertot and Paul Poiret, it reflects an "Art de Vivre in the name of Elegance" that always remains faithful to the times). 

Fashion designer Christian Louboutin has developed an international following for his distinctive red-soled footwear. But he happened on his life's passion by accident: all it took was a trip to a museum where he saw a sign indicating that high heel shoes were not permitted there. “I was totally fascinated by that sign. I'd never seen shoes like that”… 

If you are in New York on 1st November at 18:00 please join us for this glamour moment: Jessica Matlin shall present Sophie the Parisian’s book « Style tips from a true Parisian woman» at the mythic Rizzoli library of Broadway. We’ll talk about Paris, but about beauty and elegance. If you haven't heard of Jessica Matlin, she is the reference of beauty and health in the US media world. Her job, beauty director of the famous US magazine: Haper’s Bazaar. We can say Jessica thinks, feels, and breathes luxury. 

Grazie a Instagram, il settore della moda ha subìto un effetto di democratizzazione, diventando più alla portata di tutti: le sfilate ormai possono essere seguite in diretta, i “dietro le quinte” vengono condivisi, i look possono essere acquistati in un clic! Ecco le influencer più seguite in Francia in questo momento (non ho incluso le “celebrities”, la cui attività principale si svolge lontano dalla Rete dei social).

Karl Lagerfeld is by far the most famous fashion icon in the world.  As a designer, photographer and artist, he is known for his bold designs and constant reinvention.  
At the humble age of 86 Lagerfeld is still running the world of fashion today with his influence in Chanel and Fendi and collaborations with H&M, Chloe and his own brand Karl and Karlito collection by Fendi.

It is amazing how certain people manage to create a universe. What I like about Sézane-creator Morgane Sezalory's hyper-Parisian style is that her idea of ​​elegance is immediately clear. Elegance applies to everything from her clothes to the environment in which she lives and works.

La parigina ha la particolarità di seguire le mode, pur conservando una certa libertà. Il suo segreto: fare un mix dei capi base con dei capi molto trendy e giocare con i colori. Quest’inverno le parigine coloreranno le strade di Parigi, perché i colori e i tessuti stampati sono al centro dell’attenzione. Il nero non ha più il ruolo di protagonista esclusivo, anche se rimane un colore senza tempo, simbolo dell’eleganza in ogni circostanza.

Parisians have the distinguishing feature of following the trends while maintaining a certain freedom. Their secret: mix basics with ultra trendy items, play with colors.  This winter, Parisians will brighten the streets of Paris because colors and prints are in the spotlight. Black no longer has the lead even though it remains a timeless, elegance in any circumstance.

If you still haven’t heard about Roland Mouret, don’t waste any more time. This jewel of French couture has just been nominated for the 2014 British Fashion Awards in the “Establishment Designer” category. The ceremony will take place in London on December 1st. Personally, I adore this genius of his super-elegant and ultra-contemporary creations and I’m not the only one. Born in Pierrefitte-Nestalas near Lourdes in France, Roland Mouret is now one of the favorite couturiers of stars throughout the world . Good news, the Roland Mouret store open on 1th November 2014 in New York…

Sabato 14 luglio dalle 18:30, alla Feltrinelli Red, via Tomacelli. Partendo dal libro di Nathalie Peigney, Sophie la Parigina (Rizzoli), l'autrice e il filosofo Giacomo Marramao dialogano sulle differenze tra l'estetica francese e quella italiana.

I would like for my dresses and my drawings to be studied in a hundred years", declared fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent in 1992. He couldn’t imagine that in 2017, a museum would pay tribute to his work.

È incredibile come certe persone riescano a creare un universo. Quello che mi piace nello stile iperparigino di Morgane Sezalory, creatrice di Sézane, è che si capisce subito che la sua idea di eleganza si applica a tutto, dai suoi abiti all’ambiente in cui vive e lavora.

Quest’anno, a Parigi, il jeans interpreta la modernità con una stupefacente scelta di tagli e di look. Se c’è un capo di cui il nostro guardaroba non potrà mai fare a meno, questo è proprio il jeans. Intramontabile, si porta con tutto e in tutte le circostanze…

French lingerie is often associated with charm and seduction.  In point of fact, while French women like their lingerie to be traditional, comfortable and particularly good quality, they also like to be daring and provocative if inclined, and wear ‘femme fatale’ lingerie.  From the renowned Petit Bateau briefs to the Dita Von Teese retro look, where lingerie is concerned, French women look good and exude charm…

Dal suo primo défilé nel 1952, al suo allontanarsi dalla scena della moda nel 1995, a seguito della vendita della sua Maison – nel 1988 – al gruppo LVMH, Hubert de Givenchy ha lasciato, per quarant’anni, un segno indelebile nel mondo della moda, grazie all’eleganza delle sue creazioni, come il celebre tubino nero indossato da Audrey Hepburn in Colazione da Tiffany.

Uno dei personaggi più in gamba del mondo della profumeria in Italia. La sua missione: ricercare le più belle espressioni della creatività dell'arte della profumeria per distribuirle attraverso una rete di rivenditori che condividono con lui l'amore per le fragranze capaci di suscitare emozioni. Da anni va in Francia e ha una conoscenza eccezionale di Parigi e della sua art di vivere…

La sua missione: ricercare le più belle espressioni della creatività dell'arte della profumeria per distribuirle attraverso una rete di rivenditori che condividono con lui l'amore per le fragranze capaci di suscitare emozioni. Uno dei personaggi più in gamba del mondo della profumeria in Italia….

A Paris, nous ne portons pas notre jeans pour faire du jardinnage, à moins que ce soit du jardinage mondain ou dans les jardins du palais de Versailles, mais plus dans un cadre « chic en ville » ou « élégant sexy”. En fait, nous portons non stop dans la Ville Lumière cette pièce maitresse de notre garde robe, du matin au soir, d’un déjeuner entre copines chez Ralph, le restaurant du couturier boulevard Saint Germain, à un vernissage dans le Marais ou sur notre bicyclette dans les rues de Paris…

«Mi piacerebbe che, tra cento anni, si studiassero i miei vestiti, i miei disegni»: ecco quello che, nel 1992, diceva il grande stilista Yves Saint Laurent. Non aveva alcun dubbio che nel 2017 un museo avrebbe reso omaggio alla sua opera, proprio nel cuore della sua casa d’alta moda…

In linea di massima, la moda tende alla realtà e al comfort, senza dimenticare tuttavia il fun, il colore e il glamour… In poche parole, quali sono i capi indispensabili da adottare? Su quali colori ed imprimés puntare per essere al top quest’inverno? Vediamo le novità che daranno ritmo al nostro guardaroba…

A number of mistakes have to be avoided before finding and choosing THE dress of your life and be the most beautiful of all on D-day. Follow our recommendations and you’ll be O.K. Low price or haute couture, it’s important to fall in love with your dress and not forget to keep an eye on the future… You still have to love it 30 years from now when you look at your wedding photo on the piano in your living room…

French lingerie is often associated with charm and seduction.  In point of fact, while French women like their lingerie to be traditional, comfortable and particularly good quality, they also like to be daring and provocative if inclined, and wear ‘femme fatale’ lingerie.  From the renowned Petit Bateau briefs to the Dita Von Teese retro look, where lingerie is concerned, French women look good and exude charm…

Ah! Paris, the cradle of fashion, design and sartorial excellence. Paris: your podiums are most watched, your houses of fashion most influential, your collections most anticipated and your fashion-weeks can’t be overlooked. Each season, true fashion addicts wonder: what will be worn? Fortunately, Sophie is aware of the latest and will inform you about the major trends for the coming winter… Jane Birkin sang: "Ex-fan des Sixties, petite baby doll… ". You’re not dreaming. The Sixty’s are back! This is the main trend right now. Miniskirts, A-line dresses, patent leather Mary Jane shoes, graphic checks and patterns in marshmallow colors…  An unavoidable look for Parisians, both feminine and sexy, with strong influences of Swinging London, for a fresh and carefree allure. Absolutely necessary for the right mood sans faute pour être pile dans le mood Brigitte Bardot et Catherine Deneuve this coming winter.

If you still haven’t heard about Roland Mouret, don’t waste any more time. This jewel of French couture has just been nominated for the 2014 British Fashion Awards in the “Establishment Designer” category. The ceremony will take place in London on December 1st. Personally, I adore this genius of his super-elegant and ultra-contemporary creations and I’m not the only one. Born in Pierrefitte-Nestalas near Lourdes in France, Roland Mouret is now one of the favorite couturiers of stars throughout the world . Good news, the Roland Mouret store open on 1th November 2014 in New York…

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