Confinement: great return of the pyjama

As a great lover of masculine elegance and having the good fortune to live with one of the most chic & smart Italians on the peninsula I was a little worried that this period of confinement would be synonymous with jogging for him as well as for me. In order not to fall into the trap of letting go physically and morally, I immediately decided to put my wardrobe to the test. And nice surprise, my man also with a trend, I take out my pyjamas and English dressing gowns until breakfast!

Pigama 2We're locked in! While I'm stubbornly making my tagliatelle with pea, basil and pine nut pesto, my boyfriend is dawdling and stays in his pajamas, a little longer than usual anyway, until breakfast, which we're having right now at around 12 o'clock to skip lunch!

Beware, a beautiful pyjama bought at Schostal, Charvet, Arnys or Brooks Brothers all made of delicate cotton. Even if there are only two of us in the apartment, my boyfriend doesn't go unnoticed, with his pajamas with wide navy and lie-de-vin stripes, or light blue, or even white with navy piping!pyjama-charvet-paris

A small detail that makes all the difference, a beautiful pyjama is a well-ironed pyjama! Attention pyjama does not mean prehistoric slipper, a beautiful velvet ballerina like the gondeliers of Venice from Gallo or English slippers like Church! As women I love your bare feet gentlemen, so pajamas and bare feet in summer, so sexy!

But did you know that pyjamas are a European adaptation of the traditional clothing of men from the Indian subcontinent, the "pajama", or in Hindustani "pyjama" which means leg wear. Made Sans titrein a fine cotton or linen poplin, it consists of a shirt that goes down to mid-thigh and wide trousers held by a cord. English settlers brought it back around 1800. For cool European nights, warmer materials, such as cotton flannel, were preferred. In the old days, the blouse that made it used to combine it with underpants and had large initials embroidered on the pocket. If you have time... look at The Pink Panther released in 1963 where David Niven wears sumptuous pyjamas!

Stay home!


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