The history of this brand began in 1837, when Louis Vuitton, then 16 years old, moved to Paris to start his handcrafted luggage business.

At Monsieur Maréchal s Parisian Atelier, Louis Vuitton quickly became a highly regarded craftsman. This was the origin of a specialized activity and the beginning of a career in an industry based on his ability to customize suitcases and trunks according to the clients s wishes. Louis Vuitton held this position for 17 years before opening his Atelier at 4 Rue Neuve-des-Capucines, near Place Vendome. A bold choice that would prove to be successful: almost two centuries later, his initials are among the most famous in the world and the Monogram canvas has become the international symbol of luxury.

In 1875, the creation of the first vertical trunk-cum-wardrobe, with each part carefully designed, guaranteed the success of a company already specialising in travel. In 1886, the padlock with a cylinder lock allowing the customer to open each piece of luggage with a single key. Two years later, in 1888, the famous Damier canvas was created and registered. In 1892, Louis Vuitton died.

The rest of the history of the Louis Vuitton’s would be written by his son Georges and his grandson Gaston-Louis.

In 1896, the famous Monogram LV was created to celebrate his father. The motif is composed of the interlaced initials of his father LV; to complete the canvas Georges adds a flower with four petals enclosed in a circle, a four-pointed flower and a diamond containing it. For the creation of this canvas, Georges was inspired by the Gien majolica tiles with four-petalled flowers, a decorative element found in the kitchen of the family home in Asnières. In 1905 the Monogram canvas was registered as a trademark; this logo, which has remained unchanged over the years, marked the evolution of the luxury fashion world.

In 1914, Georges Vuitton opened a shop on the Champs Élisées, in an Art Nouveau building, which became the historical symbol of the House. In the following years, the brand grew and became pure luxury.

In 1987, the LVMH empire was created through the merger of Louis Vuitton and Moët Hennessy. Ten years later, American designer Marc Jacobs was commissioned to develop new lines of ready-to-wear, footwear and accessories.

After 15 years at Balenciaga, French designer Nicolas Ghesquière replaced Marc Jacobs in 2013. In 2020, Nicolas Ghesquière was joined by Johnny Coca to create high-end accessories.

Today, the company Louis Vuitton remains consistent with the spirit of its founder, Louis Vuitton, who invented the true Art of Travel through trunks, bags and accessories that were at once creative, elegant and practical.


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When it comes to style and fashion, Paris is a city of reference, and it\\\'s no coincidence that it has its own look! Chic and casual, elegant and sober, simple and sophisticated, classic and innovative: the Parisian look never gets old! Here are 10 must-haves for a Parisian.

Moins est plus. A few simple and versatile items make up a wardrobe in perfect French style. A dark sheath dress, ballet flats, a jacket, a well-cut shirt, a pair of jeans, to be mixed and matched without going overboard.

1. Jacket. Ideal for setting the tone for a casual look over a simple T-shirt or that touch of glam to complete a little dress: it saves on any occasion. Perfect for mid-season as a single coat or in winter under a coat.

2. A white shirt is absolutely a basic item that should not be missing from a girl s wardrobe. It s better if it s oversized because it adapts more practically to different styles and seasons. A shirt that suits us well makes us immediately elegant. It is ideal for the most formal and elegant occasions, with high-waisted skirts and trousers, but can easily be played down with jeans, dungarees or jumpers.

3. Jeans. Among the basic items, it is the one most used by all Parisian women. Among the thousands of models and colours, it\\\'s best to opt for a slim, dry and close-fitting model, not too tight.  The only colour of denim that counts is indigo, in a shade of blue without excess.The best with trainers, loafers, heels, blazer or maxi sweater... in short, perfect with everything.

4. White t-shirt. A basic item that is perfect on its own or under a blazer. Elegant with a suit or a high-waisted skirt. Casual with jeans or trousers.

5. Ballerina shoes are a passepartout, as they easily adapt to both elegant and casual looks. For the day, they are perfect with skinny jeans. For a more bon ton and formal look, also suitable for work, pair them with ankle-length capri trousers. For evening and elegant occasions, you can wear them with dresses and skirts.

6. Beige trench coat practically, the coat that goes with everything. You can find it in any shape (double-breasted, single-breasted, oversize, fitted) and it is a perfect garment. In short, one of the few truly evergreen garments!

7. Marinére. The classic mariniére, the absolute symbol of Parisian style. The striped T-shirt is perfect with a pair of ankle-length jeans and total white sneakers, but it can also become the key piece to make even the most classic navy jacket and trousers outfit instantly cool.

8. The little black dress should be accessorized according to the wearer s personality: it is perfect with classic dark pumps but also with ballet flats. It goes well with a smart jacket but also with a denim jacket, parka and trench coat.

9. The cashmere V-neck jumper. Perfect with any outfit, from jeans to the classic pencil skirt, with the right accessories it can be worn from morning to night.

10. Sneakers are comfortable, simple and very popular. Shoes created for those who simply walk a lot but want to feel good, without posture problems. White, they are the absolute bestsellers and are a must-have for any Parisian.

Copyright outside photo: @ Image courtesy: Ines de la Fressange for Uniqlo

Each December since 2002, CHANEL unveils a collection dedicated to its Fashion Métiers d’art.This collection highlights the creative dialogue between Virginie Viard, Artistic Director of CHANEL’s Fashion collections, and the Maisons d’art, enhancing the creations of the House.

Returns to live in the glorious Renaissance. And the credit goes to the Chanel Métiers D Art Le Château des Dames fashion show. We are in the Loire Valley, in Le Château de Chenonceau. That castle (of the Ladies) which has been inhabited by extraordinary women, such as Catherine de Medici. An exceptional woman, Catherine remains an orphan, just like Gabrielle Chanel, and grows up, like her, in a convent. Both linked to esotericism, they remain eternally linked to the color black for life.

In fact, the dominant color in the collection is black. A parade of models parades through the marbles and the wide corridors of the castle, wearing total black outfits. The garments are enlivened by sequins and geometric decorations on the fabrics. This year Virginie Viard, decides to evoke the figure of a woman strongly influential in history: Caterina De Medici. 

The particularity that characterized the event was the total absence of public, due to the emergency from Covid-19, in the presence of only one guest, the testimonial Kristen Stewart. In any case, despite the lack of magic granted by the spectators in the presence, the event was perfectly successful.

Outside photo: Chanel Finale photo by Juergen Teller

Photo credit: Photo Chanel

Photo credit: Kristen Stewart

A world premiere, models parading and filming themselves at home with Runway dresses, makeup, hairstyles, all put together in a great "CR Runway with amfAR against covid-19" fashion show with music, a crazy thing not to be missed on YouTube, if you haven't seen it on May 1st at 10:00 pm. Congratulations to Carine Roitfeld, the former editor-in-chief of the French edition of Vogue, for this great idea!

Twice a year, fashion's elite descend upon Paris for Haute Couture week 2020. The much-anticipated showcase presents the opportunity for couturiers to let their imaginations run free and design without the constraints of ready-to-wear practicalities.

The 118th edition of the French Open tournament runs from May 20 to June 9, 2019. Roland Garros is an annual sporting event, and is also the place where elegant people of all stripes meet. The idea is to look good, and to adopt a look that goes everywhere as well as stylistically flawless... while admiring the matches! The days can be cool, rainy or even particularly sunny on the Roland Garros central court. Here are some tips to be in style and enjoy the show to the fullest...

The well-“red” Parisian… In summertime, I think the color red gives us Parisians a little lift. It’s warm, it looks good, and it’s flamboyant! We Parisians wear it with black, gray or white. Anything can look great in red (handbag, gloves, coat, that sexy little dress). But keep the look sober, if you want to achieve Parisian elegance.

A partire dal 1830, Charles Christofle, orafo parigino, si dedica, sempre con eleganza e savoir-faire,    alla creazione di un’arte della tavola eccezionale, di gioielli raffinati, di accessori per la casa e per l’arredamento. Al di là dell’eccellenza nella lavorazione dell’argento, che ha contribuito al successo e alla notorietà di questa bella Maison, è grazie anche alla ricerca formale, alla cultura della rarità dei materiali, che nascono delle collezioni di opere di alto pregio…

Surely, in your life, you have met women that were spreading something incredibly attractive around them. Something that attracted both men and women. And it was not the exterior beauty. It was something inside of them. Remember what Lady Diana was like? It’s not surprising that almost 20 years after her death, people still remember her charisma, allure and aura. Another perfect example is Audrey Hepburn. 

Throughout the season, the trench coat has undergone several transformations, and whatever your personal style, has always been able to adapt to it. This year, there are many interesting trench coat styles to choose from.  Classic or stylish a trench coat can be worn over a suit, jeans but also on a feminine lace dress. But let’s talk before of the story of the original trench coat.

Since 1827, French maison Mauboussin has been creating exceptional pieces of jewelry, dedicated to women who are passionate in unique designs of originality and sophistication. Today, majority of Mauboussin creations are designed, cut and crafted in France, to offer women the best of a great artistic and jewelry tradition.

Nata a Parigi il 22 giugno 1966, Emmanuelle è cresciuta a Parigi, nel quartiere del Luxembourg.

È nata in una famiglia di artisti, suo nonno Louis era stato decano della Comédie Française, di cui faceva parte anche sua zia Françoise (con la qualifica di “pensionnaire”), e suo padre era fotografo.

Daughter of a diplomat, Michela Bruni Reichlin has grown up as a citizen of the world. Half Swiss and half Neapolitan, Michela combines exactness and correctness with a creative and ingenious drive. Behind the appearance of a young, fashionable woman in perfect makeup and vertiginous heels, hides the determined and practical character of a self-made explorer, always ready for new adventures!

Chances are you have someone in your list who is impossible to get a present for because she usually has the latest and greatest of everything! Well… don’t start pulling your hair yet! Here is a thoughtful gift that is undeniably cool, genuinely practical and yes… something she can use. Sophie the Parisian: Style Tips From a True Parisian Woman  

The well-“red” Parisian… In wintertime, I think the color red gives us Parisians a little lift. It’s warm, it looks good, and it’s flamboyant! We Parisians wear it with black, gray or white. Anything can look great in red (handbag, gloves, coat, that sexy little dress). But keep the look sober, if you want to achieve Parisian elegance.

If you still haven’t heard about Roland Mouret, don’t waste any more time. This jewel of French couture has just been nominated for the 2014 British Fashion Awards in the “Establishment Designer” category. The ceremony will take place in London on December 1st. Personally, I adore this genius of his super-elegant and ultra-contemporary creations and I’m not the only one. Born in Pierrefitte-Nestalas near Lourdes in France, Roland Mouret is now one of the favorite couturiers of stars throughout the world . Good news, the Roland Mouret store open on 1th November 2014 in New York…

I would like for my dresses and my drawings to be studied in a hundred years", declared fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent in 1992. He couldn’t imagine that in 2017, a museum would pay tribute to his work.

Dal suo primo défilé nel 1952, al suo allontanarsi dalla scena della moda nel 1995, a seguito della vendita della sua Maison – nel 1988 – al gruppo LVMH, Hubert de Givenchy ha lasciato, per quarant’anni, un segno indelebile nel mondo della moda, grazie all’eleganza delle sue creazioni, come il celebre tubino nero indossato da Audrey Hepburn in Colazione da Tiffany.

«Mi piacerebbe che, tra cento anni, si studiassero i miei vestiti, i miei disegni»: ecco quello che, nel 1992, diceva il grande stilista Yves Saint Laurent. Non aveva alcun dubbio che nel 2017 un museo avrebbe reso omaggio alla sua opera, proprio nel cuore della sua casa d’alta moda…

In linea di massima, la moda tende alla realtà e al comfort, senza dimenticare tuttavia il fun, il colore e il glamour… In poche parole, quali sono i capi indispensabili da adottare? Su quali colori ed imprimés puntare per essere al top quest’inverno? Vediamo le novità che daranno ritmo al nostro guardaroba…

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