By Sylvie Siguret : " The femininity, a question of attitude"

Surely, in your life, you have met women that were spreading something incredibly attractive around them. Something that attracted both men and women. And it was not the exterior beauty. It was something inside of them. Remember what Lady Diana was like? It’s not surprising that almost 20 years after her death, people still remember her charisma, allure and aura. Another perfect example is Audrey Hepburn. 

LD PAR Mario testino FOTO ESTERNA 2

The source of true feminine beauty comes from deep inside a woman’s being and is manifested when our thoughts, words, actions and emotions are in perfect harmony with our purpose as a woman. As Simone de Beauvoir ESTERNAsaid, "One is not born a woman, one becomes one". We are not pretending to give you keys to develop your feminity but just help you to understand how to be.

Freedom – Angelina Joli

A truly feminine woman is not trapped in her head. She is free. What being “trapped in your head” really means is that you’re not feeling. Feeling is the essence of femininity, because to feel, you need to be surrendered, andmore in your body than in your head. 

ANGELA JOLI Onu Pakistan

Femininity is about being free. Free to be yourself, free to love, and be loved, free to not judge others, free to want the best for others, free to not expect others to conform to your rules, free to lead and not follow, free to believe rather than doubt, free to be a force for good, free to care, free to love yourself…. If a woman doesn’t feel free in her life, she will exude a heavy energy which doesn’t encourage men (or women) to want to be around them. This is the first secret.

Self-confident and knows her value - Beyoncé

Of course, you should dress in feminine clothing that suits you, it helps immensely to appear feminine on the outside, but you don’t have to. It’s all about having grace, and most importantly, exuding self-confidence. Beyonce-The-most-alluring-thing-a-woman-can-have-is-confidence-1068x561Confidence in the women’s vocabulary is often associated with ‘strength. A woman from the beginning of the 20th century, who does not complain, does not cry and is capable of surviving any challenge in life …But it’s not self-confidence. The true self-confident woman is the one, who accepts herself with all her flaws and weaknesses; who is not afraid to express her wishes, desires, needs, and feelings. These self-confident points give her a special aura, a magic attraction.

A sense of vulnerability – Vanessa Paradis

A woman must allow herself to be vulnerable. Vulnerability takes courage because you have to surrender to your fears of being seen and known. It feels scary because it requires getting naked emotionally and you could get hurt. It’s important as women that you first listen to and trust your intuition to determine when to be vulnerable and when not to be. Yet to have real intimacy in a romantic relationship you must be willing to be vulnerable. Without vulnerability, you are prone to being hollow and rigid. You miss out on the rich, close connection with the persons you love. You cannot experience feminity without vulnerability. Third secretimage001


Take care of your beauty – Monica Bellucci

115224411 oIt’s not just the pretty nails, skin, and hair. It’s also the clothing and style, which help you send a message to the world about you. You have to care about your appearance and not hide under the ‘comfortable’ mask of a woman who takes care of all the others. We’re not talking about expensive designer clothes or other fancy stuff. We’re talking about a woman who remembers that her clothes and looks tell the others ‘a story of her life.’ Think about what your looks tell the rest of the world:  “I am a wonderful and attractive woman”? Or is it “I have lost myself in the daily routine”? When you answer this question, use every minute to express yourself and your femininity ☺


Attitude – Fanny Ardant 

telerama 007970 002 0j-ai-toujours-vecu-avec-exagerationM382207Isn’t femininity also a matter of attitude? A mix of propriety and emancipation, associated with a light gait, cultured language, and graceful gestures. In reality, there are a thousand and one ways to be feminine. For example, the Parisian woman usually plays the card of a certain disinterested class associated with a certain Je ne sais quoi (I don’t know what) that comes from within, plus a warmth and indecipherable iciness—a temperament that passes in a moment from self-parody and scathing humor to melancholy and fragility. In any case, judging from the surveys, being feminine, is what most women say they want.


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