The well-“red” Parisian… In summertime, I think the color red gives us Parisians a little lift. It’s warm, it looks good, and it’s flamboyant! We Parisians wear it with black, gray or white. Anything can look great in red (handbag, gloves, coat, that sexy little dress). But keep the look sober, if you want to achieve Parisian elegance.

Who would believe it? Where else but in Paris? It would appear the “little black dress” is now out and the “little red dress” is now in! The Parisienne in all her charmingly paradoxical splendor, now wears red to paint the town red! She’ll be wearing red on New Year’s Eve, and she might even wed in red!

8745b5c454f119c0f966dca3977b3bedDare red, and usher in the new year in style.

Red attracts the eye and stimulates desire, that’s why it’s so widely used in advertising. It denotes an impulsive, expansive personality. So, if you’re normally a wallflower, wearing red can give you a chance to stand out. Red never goes unnoticed, so give it a try.

Red for whom?033a0851a7f6b6f23819f572fd168177

Red for brunettes, red for blonds or red for redheads, as long as it’s a bright, bold red; not a burgundy or plum shade. The right red brightens your complexion and adds a touch of glamour. Be careful however, if you’re very light-skinned, in which case red may not be your color.


Red symbolizes sensuality, heat, blood, fire, and strength. Not a bad color for a date!

Easy does it!390a67479ab55f8605a9e3518ede7ec1

Like any other color, don’t overdue do it! Don’t wear all red and don’t go overboard on accessories. That is unless you want to look decked out like a Christmas tree!

That little dress

The in thing this winter is a short, simple, 60’s-style red dress. Wear it with black or brown heels or high boots (more elegant that light colored hose).


Red lace with a flattering cut. Especially for blonds! Consider letting a little red lace peak out through your décolleté, “accidentally on purpose”. This effect works well with a tight-waisted jacket or a little black dress.  Red lingerie even looks glamorous under jeans and a big sweater. Yes, M’am, we Parisiennes love contrasts!


Nothing frilly if you want to be chic. A nice big red sweater can be worn over sober white, black, gray or beige pants or a pencil skirt. A small red sweater is magnifique with a white blouse, and classy with a quality leather skirt. Wear black heels but not too high, since you don’t want to overload your message. (Red stimulates endocrine glands, which boost adrenalin, which brings out animal urges, so leave your 5-inch Louboutins in the closet when you wear red.) Less is more à Paris.


Definitely fashionable this winter. A top choice during the day with a more casual outfit, like short gray or black pants, or jeans and a white shirt or blouse. Very elegant with black accessories. We like it with beige or brown, especially gloves and heels. I adore red & brown; it’s more subtle than red & black.

Marinière (Striped top)

833fa8139a3a93e5e182bc0f56ef7240A marinière is a classic French striped top, inspired by the jersey worn in the French navy. In the classic version, the stripes are blue, but this year they’ve turned red! For a dressy look, wear a red marinière under a black smoking jacket. For a 60’s look, try a flared skirt and basic, flat shoes. A ray of sunshine on a winter’s day? Wear you marinière under a man’s jacket with the cuffs rolled up, over jeans or a “nice girl” skirt.

High heels

Red high heels go well with a sober look – an all-black outfit, jeans, or something a little sexy. We love’em even if they aren’t easy to wear! I wear mine with slim-fit jeans and a slim-fit man’s jacket. Sexy tip: light-colored stocking are a must, along with a plunging neckline!


A red designer bag is many a Parisian woman’s dream, but few of us will dare carry a big bag. The Red Hermès Kelly is gorgeous but very loud and very, very expensive. Opt for a clutch bag, which is less flamboyant and just as chic, if not more so. A clutch goes well with a wider range of styles, so it’s a less risky choice.


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