The 118th edition of the French Open tournament runs from May 20 to June 9, 2019. Roland Garros is an annual sporting event, and is also the place where elegant people of all stripes meet. The idea is to look good, and to adopt a look that goes everywhere as well as stylistically flawless... while admiring the matches! The days can be cool, rainy or even particularly sunny on the Roland Garros central court. Here are some tips to be in style and enjoy the show to the fullest...

If the competition takes place first on clay, the show is also in the stands, where panama hats and Lacoste polo shirts compete against each other. So here is the look of rigor to wander with chic in the alleys of the legendary Parisian tournament.

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tenue-femme-rolland-garros-paris-select-600x684If Roland Garros announces the beginning of the summer season, it should not be forgotten that the competition takes place in Paris, where the weather is full of surprises... and the matches can last several hours, it is better to plan: 

- Rain can appear at any time. I advise you to bring an umbrella or a light raincoat in case the weather gets bad. 

- If it is grey, feel free to bring a light jacket such as a bomber or a blazer. 

- Conversely, the temperature can exceed 25 degrees (and yes!). I suggest you bring a hat and a pair of sunglasses to avoid sunburn and sunburn. 

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If you wish to attend a match during the competition, no dress-code is required, but it is always a good idea to go with elegant attire.  Indeed, if you are expected to join the very select audience that plans to attend the most chic Grand Slam tournament, the most correct attire is required! It's hard to dress in the chic spirit of this chic tournament, because if you tell yourself, there are a few codes to respect when you walk down the aisles of Roland Garros! 


- The most popular bag is the small straw basket. 

- A buttoned dress of the blouse dress type, as dressed and elegant as it is casual. 

- A hat, of course (!) that can only add a certain class to your look, while fighting the sun of June. A borsalino is flawless. No to wedding hats.

- On the shoe side, choose simplicity, opting for little black underwear, which will match your entire summer wardrobe. 

- Classic glasses, no extravagance, this is not a fashion show.


Lei e Izabel Goulart- A pair of sneakers, top of the range of course

- Black straight pants for sobriety. 

- A silk shirt in a nude shade. 

- A handbag in linen tote bag

- A sober but elegant hat.

- Glasses should not be neglected in case of sunshine, in order to fully enjoy the tournament.

BCBG = bon chic bon genre = good chic good kind


- Choose the bardot neckline, with a white or tennis striped dress, as elegant as it is feminine (nothing beats the pleasure of wearing bare shoulders and, incidentally, avoiding unsightly tanning marks). 

- The pleated skirt is the other true timeless piece. You put it on with your eyes closed with your crop-top sidekick for an ever trendier sporty-chic look.

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- The it-accessory remains Panama ivory. With its navy ribbon, striped or clay, this timeless headgear invades the stadium as it does every year, symbolizing the elegance of the tournament.

- The Trilby made a noticeable entrance into the women's locker room. Speckled, two-tone or simply plain, this funny hat with narrow brim is the trendy accessory of the season.

- The vintage visor makes its come back: transparent or straw version, it signs its big comeback and ensures a retro look.


And while we're at it, we allow ourselves all the "good chic and good style" accessories according to our needs: from the cap with the RG logo, to the shopping bag, the totebag "I can't I'm at Roland", without forgetting the small fan, very probably essential this fortnight. Or the bohemian scarf in the hair.


- Elegant sneakers to walk down the stadium's aisles (Stan Smith, Veja or J.M. Weston, both chic and relaxed). The must?  Adopt "collector" models to make sophisticated clothing cool, enhance your style or soften a total printed look.

- Underpants-on, slightly compensated and casual are always very chic.

- Sneakers made in the Basque Country (perfectly clean of course).

- Pretty spartans with buckle (with perfectly groomed feet, of course).



As for you, give your man two styling options, one slightly casual with sneakers and the other classic, with moccasins, all 100% leather.

- A short sleeve polo shirt (or the same long sleeve in case of grayness).

- Chinese pants (alternate between dark and soft shades depending on the weather). 

- Sunglasses 

- Nice watch. 

- Options: an elegant bermuda shorts combined with a white t-shirt or the uncontrollable piqué polo shirt, the best ally for hot sporting days. Elegant caution does not mean multi-pocket explorer's shorts and white t-shirt does not mean solitary navigator's t-shirt... In case of rain, the trick to stay dry is to put on a sporty rain jacket a little wide and wear an umbrella signed RG under your arm, faithful companion of a potential rainy day in the gallery. 

The guarantee of a sober, sagely casual but aesthetically perfect look.

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- Ice cream from Ben & Jerry's truck.

- Roland magazine.

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