Daughter of a diplomat, Michela Bruni Reichlin has grown up as a citizen of the world. Half Swiss and half Neapolitan, Michela combines exactness and correctness with a creative and ingenious drive. Behind the appearance of a young, fashionable woman in perfect makeup and vertiginous heels, hides the determined and practical character of a self-made explorer, always ready for new adventures!

bruni3Above all, it has been the Orient that has inspired her jewels: precious dragons, phoenixes, mythological animals, modern tributes to imperial China and the court of the Mughals, guarding large colored and engraved stones among their paws that come from India and Asia. Even her house is a treasure trove of memories from all over the world, where she mixes exotic, beautiful, and rare piece with classic Italian furniture.


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Jean-Paul Gaultier says: "elegance is a question of personality more than clothing", what do you think?

That there is no doubt about this, and that Jean-Paul is a genius!

48375434 10217363525469984 4256332604883599360 nHow might you define the difference between Italian and French elegance?

The French are sober and refined. They are less interested in labels and more about having a style than Italians, which are often too designer and jewel-oriented.

What is the cause, in your opinion?

The French are less "loud" and do not like excess, whereas Italian women are often more provincial and love to show themselves.

Do you see a different way of wearing jewelry in Paris than in Italy?

They are usually more discreet and also more interesting in Paris with vintage or modern jewels. Italian women, even with jewelry, love flashy and designer.

Audrey Hepburn once said "L'élégance est la seule beauté qui ne se fane jamais. " What do you think about the relationship between beauty/aging/elegance?

Exactly what Audrey Hepburn used to say: an elegant woman ages well, an inelegant woman does not.52365726 10217757633322434 7715008285895557120 n

There is a saying: "Less is more". In your opinion, does this also apply to appearance and jewels, that is, too much kills style and elegance?

Very often but not always! I love Iris Apfel. For example, if you have style and personality, you can even exaggerate.

What advice would you give us for wearing jewels elegantly?

Wear, at most, two pieces together, such as earrings and ring, never placed but in harmony with each other.

Who are the French women you admire?

Catherine Deneuve is one for her beauty, personality, and determination.

Do you think that the French woman is less fixed on the physical aspect than the Italian woman?

No, I do not think so. They are just more discreet about this too.

bruni8Did you read the book 'Sophie la Parigina' by Nathalie Peigney (Rizzoli)?

Yes, delicious and very useful. If you do not want to be a "do-it-yourself tourist", then it is definitely a must-have.

What do you like to do when you go to Paris?

Go to the Louis Vuitton Foundation, see something at the Louvre, a contemporary exhibition, or eat seafood and do lots of shopping.


Do you suggest any particular location?

The Tan Dinh Vietnamese restaurant. It is informal, delicious, and with a divine cellar.

What do you love eating in Paris?

I love going for brasserie, "plateau de fruits de mer" and "soufflé al Grand Marnier".



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Charlotte - Style & fashion

Bonsoir, my name is Charlotte. My mother, ex-model for Saint-Laurent, is American but I’ve lived in Paris since I was 4 years old. Since my mother was often abroad for fashion shows, my French grandmother, a dressmaker for Chanel, taught me the way to become a real Parisian. Today, I’m a wedding-planner and my husband directs a famous fashion magazine. I don’t have to tell you that I have a front seat at all of the fashion shows and I’ve developed a good general culture about fashion. Although I’m the personal shopper for my friends, my strong points are marriage and elegance.

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