How to camouflage hair roots during lockdown...

Impossible for us Parisian women, like many women, to go to the hairdresser at the moment... but here we are, we can't stand our roots which grow day after day during the confinement. Here are 8 tips for touch-ups to cope with the unbearable!

If the shade you are wearing is lighter than your natural color, it is very noticeable. Worse still, when you start to get a lot of white hair, it gives you a lot of salt and pepper regrowth. So here's my advice on how to cope and feel better.

1. With hair regrowing dye

There are Colouring Kits specially designed for root retouching. A permanent stain for retouching between two stainings. An easy and quick application in racines cheveux210 minutes. Simply apply the colour to the roots using a brush or paintbrush supplied in the kit. The advantage of these kits is that they do not contain any reflections, so there is less risk of getting the wrong shade. And since this is permanent colouring, the touch-up lasts until the next brushstrokes. The disadvantage is that the lack of highlights can clash with the rest of the hair, especially if the regrowths are long.

Schwarzkopf - Kit Racines

Garnier - Kit Racines Réutilisable

Franck Provost – Couleur Permanente

2. With hair mascara

The troubleshooting product par excellence! Hyper easy to apply, you brush the dry roots with hair mascara. Ideal for express color touch-ups for white hair ... for a trip to the supermarket! The precision applicator and the fast drying agents allow an optimal coverage of the roots. The worry in our case of containment, the mascara dye is removed at the first shampoo!

Schwarzkopf - Hair mascara

Karité - K

L'Oréal Paris - Magic Retouch Précision

3. With a touch-up stick

Senza nomeThe cover pen for the white hair. Simply moisten it and apply it like a lipstick. Another method to use the camouflage stick is to wash your hair as usual and then pencil in the regrowths while they are still there. Very practical and effective. It is not a dyeing tool, but the effect can be maintained as long as the lipstick effect.

Hair Cair - Bâton de retouche de cheveux

Delphine Courteille - Bâton de retouche, Tween Time





4. With eye shadow

When you don't have anything on hand, when delivery takes a month and you can't stand the roots anymore... the idea is simply to apply an eye shadow on your regrowth with a brush. All you have to do is choose the colour closest to your stain. Surprisingly effective, because the natural oil in the hair makes the eye shadow last!

5. With a concealer powderracines 4

Same principle as eye powder except that these are intended for ! A super light powder that allows you to touch up the regrowth in a few brush strokes! Clairol - Racine Touch-Up

Fidentia - Poudre capillaire

Wella - Correcteur de racines

6. With a root correcting spray

No more grey, brown or white roots, the sprays are ultra easy to use and camouflage in a few spritzes at 15/20cm! A tip: comb hair gently at the roots for a more natural effect. The problem in this period of confinement that will last who knows how long (?) is that the effect fades with the first shampoo!

L'Oréal Paris - Magic Retouch Spray Retouche Racine

Biokap - Delicato Spray Retouches

7. With hairstyles

Senza nome 1Hairstyles to hide the roots effect is a nice trick but it requires a little practice, here are some ideas:

- Adopt plated hairstyles: by pulling your hair back and using a gel for a wet look effect, you allow your roots to be less visible. Also consider a dancer's bun or tight ponytails.

- If you have curly hair, you can draw curls by creating movement, the look is less drawn to the roots.

- Another hairstyle that can save you is crown braids, which look fuzzy and romantic and go around your head.

Many tutorials are available on the internet or Youtube for both short and long hair.racines coiffure-foulard-cheveux-afro



8. With a scarf or wide headband

Use a scarf or a wide headband for a trendy sixties spirit!  In addition to the fashionable effect it helps to hide the roots!  Also think about knotted, braided or thin headbands or headban

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