"Black is always trendy" is what people often say to each other when they don't know what to wear. In any case.... Black is the Parisian woman’s color. Beyond the boulevard périphérique—the wall that “protects” the capital—women wear beige, blue, and pastel tones, but in the Ville Lumière, black persists and always wins. Although the runways and fashion magazines offer the new colors of the season, when buying, reason beats emotion and the Parisienne chooses black because it is the “master key” that goes with everything and suits all situations. 

5baae9b69dd991313cf148acec295cd6The Parisian just changes accessories to create a new look and goes from flats to a décolleté with a four-inch stiletto heel, from “nude” makeup to scarlet lipstick, adds a cardigan to her little black dress from the office and is immediately ready for an evening look. Black is infinitely adjustable. Even black underwear sells better than white or flesh-colored in Paris! It is a safe bet, a guaranteed investment because it is timeless.  

Why we always return to black?

In the end, we always go back to black because the Parisian is rational and likes clothing that lasts—not ephemeral one-season garments. And then, color requires good taste, and the risk of clashing discourages more than a few, because Paris has difficulty accepting vulgarity, even if creative! Bright colors are often limited to accessories, handbags, and scarves to give a touch of fun or to eliven a too sober look. Plus, in black, a fabric of inferior quality or an inadequate model, can go unnoticed, but in orange would be really terrible. 

7ac57b0eecc6e076809dc21715a193aeAt one time, black was the color of “princes” because it was austere but elegant; then it became the symbol of sophisticated evening dresses dear to Coco Chanel and tuxedos by Yves Saint Laurent. Today it is the symbol of absolute modern elegance; black is the Parisian woman’s UNIFORM. Unfortunately, it is also worn out of a desire for easy or “trendy” elegance. In contrast to aggressive and pompous colors, it can emphasize character and conversation, like the frame of a painting, or otherwise to blend into the crowd. The choice is yours!





The black could gradually disappear to make way for the brown! "Brown has been growing for some time now and it is time to officially announce it," Edelkoort said at the Autumn-Winter 2020-2021 Trendseminar in the Dutch capital. The next thirty years would revolve around brown... Those with an observant eye will have already noticed the presence of many shades of brown in the collections proposed in recent seasons by Celine, Fendi, Burberry naturally, but also at Dunhill and Prada.

The main reason for this fashion is the increase in retro trends inspired by the vibe of the seventies. The growing demand for sustainable and more natural fashion also leaves an opportunity for this more neutral colour to return to the shops.


Black slims down: true or false?

For decades, we have been told that black makes us thinner. That black is chic and goes with everything. That it's the color of girls who have shapes. Is that why we meet so many dark and sad silhouettes? Does it work to camouflage your shapes in a tar sweater and a raven skirt?e198c224e8a50921daa65a08427b0d9d

Certainly, black has an undeniable minimizing effect on shapes. Aaaah.... sigh of relief. Except... there's black and black! And it's not just the black!


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