A wild claw hit the Parisian women: the leopard is back. Even if the famous French rule of elegance "less is more" is still valid, this year the Parisian women are leaving their reserve: the leopard print is worn all over, i.e. on imposing and striking pieces such as coats and dresses. If it has long been rejected and decreed vulgar in the capital of good taste, it is now over. On the contrary, black spots have never been so famous and worn by influencers. There are as many leopard prints and ways to wear it as there are styles and women, it's up to you to play with the beasts, but let's see together HOW TO DO....

The leopard Print is the sexiest motif of the moment. But leave out the discreet details, this year we're wearing it on coats, dresses, boots... In short, we dare to put it forward! We would tend to associate it with black, white, beige or gold, to give it a chic look. But more and more fashionista do not hesitate to combine it with other patterns such as tiles and peas but also with color: electric blue, neon pink, pastel, red...

5-must-have-street-style-fw-printempsete-2019-L-1YF2ER1ST RULE : CHOOSE AN AUTHENTIC PRINT, I.E. IDENTICAL TO THE ANIMAL 

There are many kinds of leopard prints, and many of them can make fast enough "cheap", in order to choose your leopard printed piece, you have to bet on the typical leopard print: black and fawn spotted on a more or less dark beige background.


The material plays a lot on the rendering, avoid synthetic materials but also materials too sexy like silk, its too fluid side does not suit the leopard print making it border line "vulgar" unless it is a small top under a classic jacket like tuxedo or men's jacket. It is best to choose a simple material such as cotton jersey or cotton. No shine, no rhinestones, no frills, just simple and chic in beautiful materials.


The leopard is an animal print! So... leopard style pumps or ballerinas look much better if they are short-haired than if they are only printed. A little too poor, like "I would like to but don't dare...". So, escape from cheap shoes, belts or bags!


Avoid cuts that are too “moulantes” (tight) or even a little too much romantic. Choose basic and refined cuts, without frills, leather ties or braids or rhinestones brooches, etc. Wear the leopard on modern cuts to control it.


df34ccacffbaa0b22b7faf01593e2ed0• Of course... for a classic Parisian look you can with all the neutral and basic colors like: navy blue, cream, nude, white, anthracite grey. But it blends well also with subtle and indefinable halftones such as burgundy, greige or fir green for example.

• With pastels to cut the style too "girlie": mint, baby pink, sky blue, lemon yellow go very well with this print.  

• So French this season to weat it with floral and tropical prints and marine prints.

TO AVOID TO WEAR WITH THE LEOPARD’SNamibie Etosha Leopard 01edit

• In Paris, the leopard can't stand colors that are too bright and too kitschy for him.

• Beware of black, which can be elegant only if everything is of high quality because black and animal print remains in the so chic Parisian spirit border line “vulgaire”. So with black ok but the print must be mastered on pretty pieces. 

- Leopard lingerie ; tight leopard dress ; leopard miniskirt ; leopard trench coat.


Leopard print a ParisWhether you're wearing your favorite jeans or a grey pencil skirt, an accessory in leopard brings a brings a modern and trendy touch.

- A leopard bag ? Think about the strict shapes and prefer leopard pouches mixed with beautiful black leather or a rigid schoolbag in a slightly strict shape rather than bags that are too big and have no shape. Once again... bet on well worked foal leather.

A pretty leopard scarf? It can be worn in the hair or as a belt on a flowing dress. It is THE versatile leopard piece. Once again... choose it in a beautiful material, bordering on transparency and matt for an elegant Parisian style.

You choose a leopard swimsuit this year? So avoid walking on the beach or at the refreshment bar with heels... and stay sober in shape. Play "good tone" with a white linen beach dress or a very sober pareo.  For my part I bought a two-piece triangle and wear it with a red plain cotton pareo.images

As a masterpiece? Be careful the bad taste comes quickly, so wear as the main piece of your look, only if you have a good master of elegance… The t-shirt: to be chosen in a basic and refined form. It can be worn with raw jeans and nude, grey or black shoes. That's all. The coat: we'll talk about it again this fall, but a word of advice right now, only in high-quality matt synthetic fur and to wear with dark grey jeans, black boots and a white t-shirt or to mix with denim. And name with a rhinestone dress! A dress: for an elegant look, play as "nice girl" as possible, with nude make-up and classic accessories. Beware of the unforgivable vulgar slippages in Paris!miu-miu-resort-2019-Uma-Thurman

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