Per affrontare al meglio il ritorno dalle vacanze, cinque consigli di professionisti da seguire alla lettera…

Maybe it's because she has been an ageless beauty for as long we can remember that we forget Vanessa Paradis first became a child star at the age of 14, with the worldwide success of her song "Joe le taxi". Then she became a brilliant actress (she was awarded a 'César', French equivalent of Oscar, for her debut movie 'Noce blanche'), a fashion icon (spokes model for Chanel), wife to Johnny Depp, a mom to Lily-Rose and John Jack Christopher. And she sailed through all of it with her indelible Parisian je ne sais quoi. This native Parisian and French style icon knows the capital like the back of her hand, citing the Eiffel Tower and the Debilly bridge as her favorite landmarks.

Luxury is today a major actor in the French economy, the creator of wealth, added value and supplier of foreign currencies. However, in reality, the real force of Luxury has been to maintain against all obstacles, in the twentieth century, period of excessive automation and robotics, conservatories of craftsmanship, thereby giving priority to the individual over the group. The nobility of Luxury becomes evident to all those in contact with it, because it’s impossible to remain insensitive to the beauty of the skills of the craftsman…


Master Glassblowers, Chasers and Engravers with proverbial skills, Furniture Makers with a traditional knack, able to obtain incomparable quality and finish, all these and many others, form this high craftsmanship imbibed with the Culture and History that have brought honor to France.The names Baccarat, Hermès, Yves-Saint-Laurent, Lalique, Dior, Puiforcat… are all flags that float throughout the world, calling to mind the existence of our country\"Van and its traditions. They are synonymous with “beauty”, “purity”, “creativity” and the luxury that they generate answers the needs of Humanity which has a need for evasion and dream, both as necessary for equilibrium as the air breathed and the bread consumed.

Our world would really be dreary if it wasn’t peopled with objects of Art that move us and instill us with interest, enthusiasm and Passion!


Who speaks of the superfluous in this respect, whereas it really involves the essential, a “supplement of soul” without which the things in life would really appear to be pathetic? Luxury thereby has a soul, ours, that of the Creators, the Buyers, the impassioned.

\"1459934520-dior-bag-video-making\"It remains a barrier against a standardized civilization, as well as the guarantor of our finest qualities. Finally, it today appears as a major actor in our economy and this is well earned.

So, we wish good luck and a long life to French luxury with the new world clients and future generations …




Text by Jacques Mouclier (former President of Fédération Française de la Couture)

Bonne soirée, Charlotte

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She is genial, discrete and paradoxale… "I once said that I'm anti-consumerist, and that goes against the work I do. It caused a scandal: 'Who is she to think that? She is going against her clientele.' But I do fashion because I'm happy when somebody gets joy from a new garment. There is a magic side to this"…

In the jewellery world, there’s only one brand out there that causes everyone to say ‘oooh’ when they hear its name; Cartier! Although luxury watches are what this jewelry house is best known for, there’s plenty more to it than meets the eye…

Angela Lo Priore, the Italian photographer of 100 PORTRAITS and EAT ME shall have a private exhibition at Barnes (13 rue Bonaparte Paris) from March 14th to June 15th. Today, for the blog Sophie the Parisian, Angela Lo Priore talks about her inspiration and her work. An occasion to dive into the surreal world of Angela Lo Priore.

Elegance is a quality of a person presenting a certain refinement and ease in form and movement and, by extension, a person dressed with care as well as sobriety in a non-exaggerated style. However, elegance involves a great many other aspects based on relations with others and the outer world. For example, elegance is the ability to convey strong emotions without being invasive, or show interest in people and things without turning it into a narcissistic curiosity by a desire to stand out, or even to avoid exhibiting ones own abilities and talents. The philosopher Giacomo Marramao tells us more…




1. Elegance is a play of subtraction. Elegance is the ability to avoid excess, a type of play of subtraction that maintains the essential chic. Elegant people dress so that the elegance is not visible and those who dress overly elegant lose their elegance!

2. Ostentatious is not elegant. Someone who only wants to show off and thinks of elegance as a baroque representation is not really elegant. Elegance sometimes even has to be willingly distracted and neglected. Ostentatious elegance finds its roots in Italian culture. Rome, but also all of Italy, has a baroque Catholic culture and baroque has always been a very theatrical representation. France also has a notion of the theatrical and very pronounced baroque. However, the French also had the revolution, a tragedy that forged the French personality. The French are individuals of character, with a temperament that doesn’t only depend on appearance and representation, but a very developed sense of interiority.

3. Elegance also means that you don’t display what you aren’t … From time to time it’s also necessary to also avoid showing off one’s own abilities and talents. In a certain way, you can’t be elegant without being intelligent enough to be ironic and self-critical.

4. Elegance is a game of distant merger.  This means respecting the world around us, and being attentive to others, without being invasive. Be distant, without being heavy and a snob, because snobbism isn’t elegant, while showing interest in people and things, without this becoming a narcissistic curiosity by a wish to show off.

5. The art of putting people at ease. Sensitivity is now the other side of esthetic. Elegance is the ability to convey strong emotions without being invasive, so that people feel comfortable and not in difficulty. An elegant person is welcoming and makes everyone feel comfortable. The moment of sensitivity and emotion is fundamental.

6. Elegance with others: behavior and language. Elegance today means the ability use language, the means of representation: speech and the way one expresses oneself. Elegance has no meaning if it isn’t backed up by an education of language and a lack of vulgarity in the means of expression. This does not necessarily means using formal language: a very spiritual and ironic form of language can be used. However, language shouldn’t be vulgar and, as a consequence, the listener should never have a disagreeable impression of what has been said. It’s possible to agree or disagree, but language weaknesses are not permissible. Today, the risk involves intolerance due to a lack of respect of one group towards another, or one culture towards another. Education is fundamental, respect though language backed up with sensitivity. Sensitivity is decisive.

Bonne chance! Charlotte


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Ho conosciuto Giuseppina Sansone al Circolo dei Lettori alla presentazione del libro di Nathalie Peigney “Sophie la Parigina”. Era seduta in prima fila e la sua eleganza raffinata e ricercata spiccava in un pubblico già molto elegante. In effetti si occupa di moda, è consulente d'Immagine e Personal Shopper. Ci parla di eleganza e di Parigi.

Aveva proprio ragione mia madre, quando insisteva – durante il freddo inverno parigino  – perché io mi mettessi sciarpa, berretto e cappotto quando andavo a giocare al jardin du Luxembourg con le mie amichette! In linea di massima, ci prendiamo il mal di gola quando usciamo poco coperti, o semplicemente quando beviamo acqua troppo fredda! È una cosa, questa, che vi sembra lampante, e tuttavia…

After a few days before the opening of «Paris Photo», the most important photography fair in the world, Angela Lo Priore, the famous photographer of 100 PORTRAITS and EAT ME talks about her inspiration and her work. Waiting to see his new opera "Stairs Obsession" at the Grand Palais in Paris, we dive into the surreal world of Angela Lo Priore.

Fashion designer Christian Louboutin has developed an international following for his distinctive red-soled footwear. But he happened on his life's passion by accident: all it took was a trip to a museum where he saw a sign indicating that high heel shoes were not permitted there. “I was totally fascinated by that sign. I'd never seen shoes like that”… 

If you are in New York on 1st November at 18:00 please join us for this glamour moment: Jessica Matlin shall present Sophie the Parisian’s book « Style tips from a true Parisian woman» at the mythic Rizzoli library of Broadway. We’ll talk about Paris, but about beauty and elegance. If you haven't heard of Jessica Matlin, she is the reference of beauty and health in the US media world. Her job, beauty director of the famous US magazine: Haper’s Bazaar. We can say Jessica thinks, feels, and breathes luxury. 

Grazie a Instagram, il settore della moda ha subìto un effetto di democratizzazione, diventando più alla portata di tutti: le sfilate ormai possono essere seguite in diretta, i “dietro le quinte” vengono condivisi, i look possono essere acquistati in un clic! Ecco le influencer più seguite in Francia in questo momento (non ho incluso le “celebrities”, la cui attività principale si svolge lontano dalla Rete dei social).

Karl Lagerfeld is by far the most famous fashion icon in the world.  As a designer, photographer and artist, he is known for his bold designs and constant reinvention.  
At the humble age of 86 Lagerfeld is still running the world of fashion today with his influence in Chanel and Fendi and collaborations with H&M, Chloe and his own brand Karl and Karlito collection by Fendi.

It is amazing how certain people manage to create a universe. What I like about Sézane-creator Morgane Sezalory's hyper-Parisian style is that her idea of ​​elegance is immediately clear. Elegance applies to everything from her clothes to the environment in which she lives and works.

Sabato 14 luglio dalle 18:30, alla Feltrinelli Red, via Tomacelli. Partendo dal libro di Nathalie Peigney, Sophie la Parigina (Rizzoli), l'autrice e il filosofo Giacomo Marramao dialogano sulle differenze tra l'estetica francese e quella italiana.

È incredibile come certe persone riescano a creare un universo. Quello che mi piace nello stile iperparigino di Morgane Sezalory, creatrice di Sézane, è che si capisce subito che la sua idea di eleganza si applica a tutto, dai suoi abiti all’ambiente in cui vive e lavora.

If you still haven’t heard about Roland Mouret, don’t waste any more time. This jewel of French couture has just been nominated for the 2014 British Fashion Awards in the “Establishment Designer” category. The ceremony will take place in London on December 1st. Personally, I adore this genius of his super-elegant and ultra-contemporary creations and I’m not the only one. Born in Pierrefitte-Nestalas near Lourdes in France, Roland Mouret is now one of the favorite couturiers of stars throughout the world . Good news, the Roland Mouret store open on 1th November 2014 in New York…

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