If you are in New York on 1st November at 18:00 please join us for this glamour moment: Jessica Matlin shall present Sophie the Parisian’s book « Style tips from a true Parisian woman» at the mythic Rizzoli library of Broadway. We’ll talk about Paris, but about beauty and elegance. If you haven't heard of Jessica Matlin, she is the reference of beauty and health in the US media world. Her job, beauty director of the famous US magazine: Haper’s Bazaar. We can say Jessica thinks, feels, and breathes luxury. 

She’s talented, let’s take a look at her impressive career: She has worked in London with Space NK as Brand Messaging Manager but also as a consultant and copywriter. She has been beauty editor at Cosmopolitan, Allure, W… and has contributed to international publications including Grazia, Tatler and British Elle.

FOTO LOGO 1With a friend and co-host Jenn Goldstein, they created Fat Mascara, which has quickly become the #1 Fashion & Beauty podcast on iTunes. Each week, they cover industry news and interview the business's biggest names such as Charlotte Tilbury, Christian Louboutin, Bobbi Brown, Jen Atkin and many more….

As you can imagine she knows all about the new trends, the secrets of the brands, the future of comestics, the people from the beauty industry… She has agreed to share some ideas about her experience.



1. You have been working for press and beauty brands for many years, have you felt an evolution in the expectations of women in terms of beauty in the past few years ?

There's never been fewer expectations of women in terms of beauty. When I started working in this industry, there was a much narrower view of what a model or spokesperson looked like, and there was a long-held philosophy—subconscious or not—that the customer passively accepted the model and the message that a brand put out. In the past few years, we see that's no longer the case. Customers don't relate to a lot of what the brands have been putting out, and brands are starting to rethink their models, their messages, even their products—it's customers who are calling the shots, which shows just how much power they have. This flip is pretty amazing, because it just goes to show that the idea of one singular beauty ideal is just totally outmoded.

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2. Do you think the Millennials have different views or expectations of beauty/health unlike previous generation?

Absolutely. There are so many differences in the way they view beauty, but here's a big one. Millennials, by and large, don't relate to the idea of "aspirational beauty" in the sense that they think one product is going to turn them into the celebrity or model of the moment. If a brand is going to put a celebrity in an ad, they have to offer something more, and that's relatablity. Chrissy Teigen is a perfect example of that. Because people are so hooked on her Insta-stories where she comes off as this real-mom/at-home-cook type of person, she could make dental floss seem aspirational. As for health, the idea of diet food is an anathema to a lot millennials. That doesn't mean they don't care about diet, fitness, weight loss and that whole lot—it just means that the idea of branding something "diet" feels a bit superficial, as right now it's all about health and wellness. Some may argue it's semantics, but the idea is it's not just about losing weight, it's about the bigger picture. 

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3. What are your responsabilities as chief editor when you advice or choose brands?

As Beauty Director of Harper's Bazaar, I look for brands who are truly innovating in their category. I'm always seeking out brands who are created by people with real authority in their subject and offer a fresh or personal point of view. Product-wise, I'm looking for those that have new (and well-researched) ingredients, clever delivery systems, and/or luxe packaging—those always get my attention.


4. You interview each week, famous people from the beauty industry on Fat Mascara podcast, could you share with us some of your most memorable moments?

Too many to share! You'll have to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes! But a few that make me smile? Makeup artist Kristofer Buckle is laugh out loud funny but he gave very practical advice—Kristofer is definitely a Fat Mascara favorite, because his humor is so quick (you will cry laughing) and his tips are basically bulletproof. (He does Mariah Carey's makeup, so he's a genius when it comes to flawless foundation.) 

Hairstylist Orlando Pita—an absolute legend in this industry—had some great stories about working with in the fashion in the 90s, like creating the hair for the legendary Jean Paul Gaultier "Rabbi Chic" show. Orlando is hardly a nostalgist, so I was grateful that he indulged us with a few gems from the past. He also gave some brilliant advice regarding the whole Instagram revolution. It changed my view on things right then and there.

FOTO INTERNA 95 YSL2 2N0A1053Esteé Lauder Companies Global Vice President John Demsey was just on. I've always admired his career, and to have an hour to chat with him and hear about growing brands like MAC and Tom Ford Beauty was such a treat. Hearing what he had to say about the influencer revolution and what it takes to make it in beauty today was sobering but necessary. 

Last, Charlotte Tilbury's episode was so inspiring. She may be British, but she has this very American self-visualization, self-actualization thing that always throws me for a loop and freaks me out a bit in the best way—I think she should be a life coach if she ever wants to give this beauty thing a rest. She's a genius. 

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