Wedding bouquets, who doesn't love them? Or better yet, who doesn't love staring at picture after picture of them? Your bridal bouquet is a once in a lifetime accessory, so a number of mistakes have to be avoided before choosing! When else do you get to carry a beautiful bunch of flowers designed especially for you, all day long? What flowers should you include? What colours or shapes work best with your dress and your silhouette?  Follow our recommendations and you’ll be O.K.

1. Choose it based on your taste and character

After the dress, the bouquet is the detail that represents your personality and taste. It must be true to your image and not that of your friend or your favorite star!

2. It should harmonize with your dress9682cd23daf3436984fd6fc3d92efa70

To choose the perfect bouquet, you must evaluate a very important element: the type of dress and its color.

- If you have a simple light-colored dress, a bouquet with a splash of color will go well with it.

- If, instead, you have chosen a very elaborate or colorful dress, a simple and/or single-color bouquet will be best.

An example: with a precious French lace, simple and fresh daisies would be better.

3. Study its shape and size well:

- If you are not very tall, avoid a "waterfall" bouquet.

- But, if you are tall and the dress has a long train, a "waterfall" bouquet would be perfect.

- If you have a short dress (in terms of elegance, we do not recommend a mini ...), your bouquet should be small and compact.

- One trick: The bouquet should never hide your waist, which is the narrowest part of your silhouette (the bouquet has to be much smaller than your waist)

4. Use seasonal flowerse5bb580080617af3f79df8aab7321cf0

So they will last all day without wilting. It makes no sense to use lily of the valley in December or tulips in August ... they won't last long. If your favorite flower is the poppy, don't choose it for the most important day of your life ... it will wilt before you even get to the church!

5. Don't choose one that's too heavy…

You will have to carry it almost all day and then, you have to throw it at the end of the ceremony. Imagine if the bridesmaids trying to catch a bouquet weighing 10 pounds!

6. It must be well groomed and trimmed

It shouldn't smudge or stain your dress or your gloves and has to be comfortable to carry all day. Be careful with certain flowers, like as lilies, which lose their pistil, or other flowers that could transfer their color to your dress in the rain!

7. Adapt it to the decorations of the church and the location

- If you are getting married in a prestigious salon in the center of Paris, it's best to avoid wildflowers. It will be more suitable to use elegant and classic roses, peonies or calla lilies.

- If you are getting married on the beach, choose flowers that stand up to the heat. They should be light flowers that provide a touch of freshness.

6fac9374f77f28d72d59e52764c44f798. Avoid bouquets that are too fragrant

They could trigger a headache or allergies. For you, the groom or the many guests who will come to congratulate and kiss you!

9. Check the meaning of the flowers you choose …

Every flower has its own meaning …. Ask your florist or wedding planner to avoid making a gaff:

- The various shades of carnations express kindness, friendship and loyalty.

- Daisies symbolize innocence and sharing feelings.

- Roses symbolize happy love.

- But be careful: Anemones represent expectation and regret.      

10. Ask your fiancé what he likes …

According to tradition, the bouquet is the last gift that the groom makes to his fiancée ... so it’s a good idea to talk to him before choosing

All of my best wishes! Charlotte

Charlotte - Style & fashion

Bonsoir, my name is Charlotte. My mother, ex-model for Saint-Laurent, is American but I’ve lived in Paris since I was 4 years old. Since my mother was often abroad for fashion shows, my French grandmother, a dressmaker for Chanel, taught me the way to become a real Parisian. Today, I’m a wedding-planner and my husband directs a famous fashion magazine. I don’t have to tell you that I have a front seat at all of the fashion shows and I’ve developed a good general culture about fashion. Although I’m the personal shopper for my friends, my strong points are marriage and elegance.

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