Wedding dress: 10 mistakes to avoid...

A number of mistakes have to be avoided before finding and choosing THE dress of your life and be the most beautiful of all on D-day. Follow our recommendations and you’ll be O.K. Low price or haute couture, it’s important to fall in love with your dress and not forget to keep an eye on the future… You still have to love it 30 years from now when you look at your wedding photo on the piano in your living room…

ELEGANCE WEDDING ESSAI ROBE 2 iStock 000010461143 Small1. Choose your dress at the last minute
See a great many dresses in order to determine your taste and, above all, take your time. Dressmakers are overwhelmed in the summer so, if you too have decided to get married during the summer months, arrange for fittings as often as possible so that you don’t find yourself with a dress made at the last minute! By choosing your dress far in advance, you take into account the different fittings required before D-day with serenity!
2. Have a group fitting…
Although it’s tempting to bring your girlfriends, grandmother, cousin and adorable Yorkshire with you, it’s advisable to only go with someone who knows you well, who has good taste and will make constructive comments. Your friends can discover your dress on the day of the wedding. Isn’t a surprise more fun?
3. Choose a dress that isn’t you
Will you still like your punk look 30 years from now? Are you sure you want the same dress as Angelina Jolie? You’re small and fine-boned… Hum, some thought doesn’t do any harm… Think of elegance, the photos, the gossip of girlfriends. Remember: “the loveliest of brides is a bride who remains true to who she really is”.
4. Choose a dress adapted to the style of the wedding
A Marie-Antoinette dress is perfect if you get married at the Trianon in Versailles, Greta Garbo’s fur-trimmed dress for a Hollywood wedding. If you get married in Paris in an elegant formal reception room, choose classic elegance; in a riverside café on the banks of the Seine, a less flashy 50’s dress may be preferable. Adapt your dress to the tone of the occasion.
5. Wear the wrong lingerie for your fittings
A little femininity on the day of your fittings will enhance both you and your dress. Flesh-colored lingerie, a silicon bra, in short, invisible underwear is recommended for the best evaluation of the dress you try on.
6. Over-accessorize
Less is more! Elegance is also simplicity. Choose a single accessory or two at the most, rather than three or four. Choose a wreath of flowers or a veil, a necklace or earrings. You should look fresh and pretty and not disguised and decorated. I personally love the idea of the bouquet and the veil to be discretely feminine and chick on D-day.
7. Don’t buy a dress that’s too small…
You’ve decided to lose 10 pounds thanks to Dukan… Are you sure that it’s necessary? Be careful not to be too weak on the day of your wedding. Whatever the case, try on your dress according to your current size! Wear a dress that suits you on the day of the fitting and inform your dressmaker that you intend to lose 10 pounds. They’ll be able to adjust the dress to your new figure.
8. Want to be stunning instead of comfortable
Imagine the day ahead of you, standing, walking, 500 kisses, dancing, speeches, all of the emotions… It’s best to be comfortable. Choose a dress you feel good in. Avoid sheath dresses that prevent you from appreciating your wedding cake and banish satanic 7-inch heels on this day of celebration…
9. Dream of dresses that are too expensive
A wedding is a great day. However, you shouldn’t go into the red at the bank because your dress is too expensive! Set a budget. The choice of your dress will be all the easier. It’s useless to dream of a Chanel dress if you know that it’s out-of-reach. Moreover, there are beautiful dresses at all prices today. All you have to do is be careful in the choice of the details.
10. It’s useless to try on all of the dresses in Paris
Think about what you want, look on the web, think of who you want to be, your hair, your look, check out the great names for the style, even if you choose a neighborhood dressmaker. In short, don’t rush! If you try on too many dresses, you’ll confuse everything. The mistake to avoid at all costs is to want to combine the Saint-Laurent neckline with the Lanvin veil and the Givenchy gigot sleeves!
All of my best wishes! Charlotte

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Bonsoir, my name is Charlotte. My mother, ex-model for Saint-Laurent, is American but I’ve lived in Paris since I was 4 years old. Since my mother was often abroad for fashion shows, my French grandmother, a dressmaker for Chanel, taught me the way to become a real Parisian. Today, I’m a wedding-planner and my husband directs a famous fashion magazine. I don’t have to tell you that I have a front seat at all of the fashion shows and I’ve developed a good general culture about fashion. Although I’m the personal shopper for my friends, my strong points are marriage and elegance.

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