France: Biggest cheese consumer in the world

Did you know that in France we eat more than 55lb of cheese a year‽ With well over 1,000 varieties, there is little doubt that France is the world leader in Cheese! Whether you prefer your cheese fresh, pasteurized, sharp or mild, we have a cheese for every taste. We just love cheese! In fact, 96% of us eat cheese regularly. Everyone agrees that visiting France without tasting French cheeses would be a sacrilege, I agree…

A global hit

French cheeses are an enormous hit abroad. Nearly a third of French cheese production is exported to our European neighbors and across the across the Atlantic to North America. France actually ranks third in world cheese production, with 1.9mn tons, just behind Germany and the United States. But probably no other country has such a wide variety of premium cheese products.

Regional pride


Cheese is more than food; it’s a part of everyday French life that’s emblematic of our culture. Three quarters of all French cheeses are sold through supermarkets and French consumers are always discovering new cheeses to love. The all-time favorites include goat’s cheeses, Emmenthal, and our good old Camembert (yummy as long as you’re not put off by the pungent aroma). Every region of France (some might claim each town or village) is rightfully proud of its own local variety of cheese. The leading cheese regions in France include Normandy (famous for camembert), Burgundy (runny, robust Epoisses cheese), Loire Valley (mild Chavignol goat’s cheese) and Auvergne (soft blue cheese).

How to eat it

FROMAGE IN 2Cutlery: small knife. Never touch the cheese with your fingers. You should use a piece of bred to hold your cheese and remove the crust with your knife. Never use your fork, even if you’re given one, except for gruyere, if you eat it without bread.

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