This Easter Sunday will be, as every year, the scene of the traditional egg hunt. This childish pleasure does not disappear in adulthood. History us too, to enjoy this gourmet and gourmet moment, we have been looking for the most beautiful Easter eggs made by the greatest chefs of the capital. Here are my five favorites....

 This year, on the occasion of the 2019 Easter celebrations, the greatest Pastry and Chocolate Chefs in Paris have redoubled their efforts to satisfy the taste buds of both young and old.

 1. The most luxurious: Pierre Hermé

PAQUES pierre herme mood The Egg "MOOD" 

This year, Pierre Hermé has chosen to shake up the codes of the traditional chocolate egg by creating a gourmet interpretation of the MOOD of the French goldsmith brand Christofle. He made an egg with a flat bottom and randomly covered with silver leaves.

At the age of 5, when his father was melting eggs, bells, chickens, or even Easter bunnies in the workshop of the family bakery-pastry shop in Colmar, Pierre Hermé was enjoying milk chocolate overflowing with moulds. He has since kept in mind the intoxicating scents, such as a Madeleine de Proust, as well as the taste for traditional chocolate creations, which he nevertheless likes to revisit.

2. The most elegant: Cyril Lignacpaques cyril

Twofold aspect, one side shiny and the other brushed

A superb piece of milk or dark chocolate with an assortment of milk or dark chocolate candies.

3.The most ethnic: Nicolas Cloiseau for La Maison du Chocolat

Nicolas Cloiseau, « Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier » and Chef Chocolatier of La Maison du Chocolat, has created a collection of chocolate eggs that cover pretty coloured masks. 

Sans titreThree masked Easter eggs that Nicolas Cloiseau reveals to the most gourmet and mischievous of the chocovores, from the cocoa lands: Le Brésil Masqué, composé de chocolat, de fruits jaunes et d'un praliné amandes, noisettes et biscuits caramélisés. 

- Ghana Masqué, which consists of dark spicy chocolate with toasted notes and praline with caramelized pecan chips. 

- Masked Java, half dark chocolate, half milk chocolate, with a praline with fine caramelized cashew nut chips. 

4. The most folklore:  Julien Gouzien for Maison Le RouxSans titre copia

The chef chocolatier of the House of Le Roux, Julien Gouzien, has created for Easter 2019 a chocolate egg covered with little Greek blue eyes (you know, the same eyes as those on the key ring that your family brought you back from their holidays in Greece to bring you luck and protect you from the evil eye!). An honor to Greece with a beautiful Easter egg called "Blue Eye".  

Dark chocolate 70% cocoa or milk chocolate 45% cocoa. It contains a traditional fry in the shape of shells and small fish, with dark chocolate and milk chocolate flavors.

5. The most natural: Hugues Pouget for Hugo et Victor

The Hugo & Victor House and its chef Hugues Pouget remain faithful to their commitment made 4 years ago: to ban chemical dyes! 

paques-2019-hugo-victor-paris-6 2Thus, the bright colors that adorn the eggs are entirely natural, made from raspberry, strawberry and passion fruit powders. In addition, to meet a major concern, they bring a just exquisite fruity twist. 

For several years now, Hugo and Victor have been offering eggs with vegetable colors for beautiful and fun chocolates. This year, you will be treated to a chocolate with raspberry flavors, a pink shell with a crystallized appearance, or an egg in two colors, red and yellow, which reveals notes of strawberry and passion fruit. Filled with fried food, they will please young and old alike.

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