Artists & Robots, an exhibition not to be missed at the Grand Palais in Paris until July 9, 2018

In an increasingly machine-oriented society, artists are even more interested in robots since artificial intelligence is shaping human lives and even artwork: its production, its exhibition, its diffusion, its conservation, its reception.


This exhibition invites all audiences to experiment with works created by artists using increasingly intelligent robots. Thirty works provide access to the immersive and interactive virtual world, to the sensitive experience of the augmented body, with space and time turned upside down.

Five food reasons to see the Artists & Robots exhibition at the Grand Palais!

robot31 - Because artificial intelligence is the hot topic of the moment.
So, there`s no need to avoid colleagues at the coffee machine when they talk about the subject. With all the knowledge you are going to obtain, you will be at the center of conversation!

2 - To understand the strengths and weaknesses of robots:
The exhibition begins with robotic art. This is a great opportunity to understand the history of these machines to create and better understand them. But don't panic, we're still very far from sci-fi movies!

3 - Your children will love it.
Whoever says robotic art, says interaction! Between the immersive works and those that require the viewer to activate them, your children won't know which way to turn. No need to leave them at the daycare or call the babysitter, bring them with you!

robot24 - This is the opportunity to review your bachelor’s degree in Philosophy
What are works? Can a robot have an imagination?  Who decides: the artist, the engineer, the robot, the watcher, all together? Wait to see your reviewer's expression when you quote ORLAN on the role of art: guaranteed success!

5 - Meet Takashi Murakami
Or rather, his self-portrait! This contemporary artist proposes an android representing him for the exhibition, who resembles a disciple of Buddha reciting the Sutra from the heart to infinity.  You won't be able to speak to him like with the original person, but it'll certainly be the only chance to take a selfie with the artist!

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