Sylvie Siguret: Art and Creativity A La Française... The Portrait of a Rather Unusual Marketer

Launching new products, arousing interest, showcasing brands... Sylvie Siguret has spent most of her life doing this. Before joining the 3rd French press group Mondadori, this marketing pro worked in high-tech and tourism. It was an opportunity tackle all sides of the trade: campaigns, TV sport, e-mailing, brochures, events... The major French groups like Renault, Pinault or Axa invest in works of art, Sylvie Siguret explains.

silvie6In 2008, Sylvie Siguret became Publishing Director and launched book collections on the newsstands. It was a huge success with 5 million books sold, including collaborations with great French chefs such as Cyril Lignac, Georges Blanc, and Guy Martin. Her particularity: She ties aesthetics to efficiency. This art enthusiast is inspired by the artists she admires.

Sylvie Siguret, what do you think of the major groups like Renault, Pinault, Axa, etc. that invest in works of art?

It's a marketing strategy. Major brands invest in art with two objectives:
Touch a wider audience by moving away from their main activity through exhibitions or milestone events - Start relationships with artists to develop collaborations. In the latter case, we are talking about art-marketing. The products are developed and signed with contemporary artists.

They create a strong emotional value for buyers who no longer care about the price. Luxury boutiques are reinventing themselves by focusing on this new concept. Some of them have even become museums. Louis Vuitton has created boutiques with a space dedicated to art and its ephemeral shops, such as the one opened at the MoCA of Los Angeles for the Takashi Murakami exhibition in 2007.

silvie2The product's publicity is then naturally based on the universe and the signature of the artist widening the brand's resonance and awareness. A winning strategy for both the groups and artists.

Sylvie Siguret, what are your sources of inspiration?

Being Parisian is a chance that I never take for granted! I'm constantly surrounded by culture: the Palais-Royal and the Colonnes de Buren, Beaubourg and the sculptures of Niki de Saint Phalle.... The artistic program is exceptional, including the most classic to the most contemporary artists  in painting, dance, music, and equestrian art.

silvie5This culture mix "à la française" is a real asset.  It is well known that art stimulates the imagination of individuals by giving them the ability to find original and creative solutions. As for me, I'm filled with inspiration. Looking for new concepts, communicating with current codes, and anticipating trends constantly demands a capacity for innovation that I draw from my artistic encounters. In this way, along with the excellence of art, I have honed my sense of aesthetics. In all that I do, I look for quality, elegance, an ace as they say.

I admire classical artists such as Monnet, Renoir, or De La Tour... but I am more aesthetically sensitive towards contemporary painters such as Chagall, Buffet or Foujita, Murakami, Khalo, Hooper. In my spare time I do photography, and do not get tired of contemplating the clichés of Man Ray, David La Chapelle, or Bettina Rheims. I am also a fan of street art (Anis, Mosko) and digital art (Miguel Chevalier, Catherine Ikam).

silvie3I am fascinated by all these new technologies that make it possible to transform monuments or places through graphic projections. In what way do these artists inspire me?

When I find a creation, I look at the equilibrium, the harmony of the colors, the calligraphy, the framing of the photo or the video, the words, the music, the general movement... I know that I'm far from creating masterpieces, but all of these artists have left a mark deep inside of me.


Photo.1: Columns of Buren – Palais Royal
Photo 2 :Frida Kahlo.
Photo 3 : Le saké - Foujita
Photo 4 : Takashi Murakami
And Then, And Then And Then And Then And Then (Red)

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