The bridges in Paris are much more than just a way of getting from one bank of the Seine to the other; they’re a distinct part of Parisian life. Each one has its own story, atmosphere, and life . . . like all Parisian women. I love and adore them. Here’s a little song I’ve written for you.



Under the bridges of Paris,

Parisian women dance, laugh, and sing

While upon them,

The tourists dream and take pictures.


On Wednesday afternoons,

Parisian kids

Fly across the pont d’Iéna

To play on the carousel by the Tour Eiffel.




My American friends

Stroll along the banks of the Seine,

It’s an unforgettable moment

Walking under the pont du Carrousel.


Since the Exposition Universelle of 1900,

The Paris smart set dances and twirls across

The pont Alexandre III

On its way to the Grand Palais.


Romantics from all over the world\"39418761b286a1ad5e0df311525fe04f\"

Stroll hand in hand and in love,

Along the passerelle des Arts 

To the Louvre.


Under the pont Saint-Louis

Between the Île Saint-Louis and the older Île de la Cité

My Italian friends

Take a leisurely stroll along the riverbank.


The secret refuge of Parisian women

The Île aux Cygnes by the pont de Grenelle 

Is where you find the mini Statue of Liberty,

Given to Paris by the American community.


\"595013776f3e1f24b5d7a4efe701fc00\"Gaze upon the booksellers from the pont Royal,

A row of little green chests,

Forgotten novels or prewar newspapers,

Etching out a whole poem on the banks of the Seine.


On the pont de la Tournelle

Connecting the left bank to Île Saint-Louis

We hear the sound of happy music,

And see the twirling shapes of dancers and skaters.






“Let’s go down to the Seine. It’s a delightful river. You never tire of looking at it,” wrote Guillaume Apollinaire. That says it all!


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Bonjour, my name is Maxime. I obtained my name because my grandmother always took me to Maxime’s in Paris for my birthday, always in the company of her best girlfriend! When I was fourteen years old, I was already enamoured with their Parisian chatter. Now, when with friends, I know everything about the art of invisible make-up and light cocktails! The Parisian really has a very distinct character: she’s surprising and interesting. And she’s so feminine! As for invitations, it a real task: each day Paris offers new exhibitions, previews and vernissages. With a Parisian, you absolutely have to be in the right place at the right time!

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