How to relax after your journey

Arriving in Paris: relaxing after your journey
Your have just arrived. It is important you rehydrate by drinking lots of water in order to avoid muscle stiffness. After hours on a plane, your feet suffer and your legs feel heavy and tired. Once you are settled, take off your shoes and do the following:

FEET: Sitting down, one foot on the opposite thigh, take the upper part of foot in one hand, and with you other thumb draw an imaginary line in the middle of the arch of your foot, from the heel to the toes. Press down firmly. Next, move this line to the each of your toes. Put your fist under the foot and roll it, pressing firmly, from the heel to the toes, to follow the under your foot’s arch. Squeeze your foot between your two hands, pressing strongly at each compression from the heel to the toes, while breathing gently. Then change feet.

LEGS: Lie on your back, hold your leg and stroke it firmly, beginning with your foot and moving to your thigh, while breathing gently. Remain lying down for 10 minutes, legs raised. I your feet and/or hands are cold, massage them in the same way.

Arriving in Paris: Dealing with Jet Lag
To get used to the new time zone:
•    Spend time outdoors and avoid sleeping during the day.
•    Eat your meals at the correct times for the place where you are, so that your biological clock can adapt more easily.
•    One of the best ways of overcoming jet lag is to expend energy, sp it’s a good idea to exercise, e.g. jogging or walking. A gentle activity helps relive the physical stress and tension of your journey.

Next days: Part 2 of To make sure your stay in Paris is as relaxing and rewardind as possible

Catherine - Guide

Bonjour, my name is Catherine. I live in the heart of Paris. I’ve always loved to travel and, over the years, I developed it into a real art: the right addresses, the suitcase, how to manage fatigue with my Parisian look! From Cannes to Antigua, from the red carpet to Pilates, I have to live up to the reputation. I have small apartments in Paris that I rent out. I love to personally welcome my guests and give them some recommendations about life in Paris “living like a true Parisian and not like a simple tourist in an elegant private suit in the heart of the city”.

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