My friend Anna comes twice a year to visit Paris from San Francisco. I am always surprise to see her energy when arriving after a 15 hours trip! A couple of years ago, she told me her secrets to make her stay in town as relaxing and rewarding as possible: she often goes in Luxembourg or Tuileries garden for a relaxing promenade after her day visit and she manages her evening time with attention to make her next day in top form. Let’s see…

Doing a Paris 1

In the evening I look for the good temperature

I take a lukewarm shower, no hotter that 98,6°F, to relax me, rather than a hot shower; In my room, I low the heating to 66,2°F (on the other hand, I must keep my feet warm, warming the extremities aids the vasodilation of small blood vessels, which encourages sleepiness, sometimes I even wear socks in bed when I sleep on the first night).

I eat a light and early dinner

When I have trouble digesting I have trouble sleeping, so travelling I avoid heavy meals before going to bed, I do not eat French oignon soup, red meat or spicy dishes, and not drink alcohol, coffee or tea. I opt instead for salad, fish, vegetables and dairy products (they contain tryptophan, which is used to make serotonin, the calming hormone). I eat dinner as early possible (ideally, two hours before bedtime). I drink a herbal tea or a glass of warm milk, which has a sedative effect.

Waking up

I try to wake up gently. Whit gradual light- daylight is ideal- and to music, rather than a noisy alarm. While still in bed, not fully awake, I take a few minutes to emerge gently form my dreams and to stretch your muscles (this make the transition from being in bed to being up and about much easier).

The first thing I do, even before I get in the shower, is to drink a large glass of water. This allow me to rehydrate and to eliminate the night’s toxins. Now it is time for a shower: nice and hot, to wake up my body. I do enjoy this moment of pleasure to think about all the good things that await me during my day: visiting the Paris, eating a delicious lunch, walking in the gardens. My favorite Luxembourg but also Parc Monceau or Tuileries.

Bon Séjour! Catherine

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Catherine - Lifestyle

Bonjour, my name is Catherine. I live in the heart of Paris. I’ve always loved to travel and, over the years, I developed it into a real art: the right addresses, the suitcase, how to manage fatigue with my Parisian look! From Cannes to Antigua, from the red carpet to Pilates, I have to live up to the reputation. I have small apartments in Paris that I rent out. I love to personally welcome my guests and give them some recommendations about life in Paris “living like a true Parisian and not like a simple tourist in an elegant private suit in the heart of the city”.

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