Carole Bouquet is a French movie star. She worked with the most famous directors. She became world famous with her role as a James Bond girl with Roger Moore in “For your eyes only”. Now 61, Carole Bouquet is still incredibly beautiful and hasn’t lost an ounce of her charm and unequalled allure. Nothing seems to tarnish her complexion. She claims that it’s better to try and overcome your age rather than try and hide it…

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BEAUTY. “People constantly stared at me when I was young and I didn’t know what to do about it. I tried to hide in my clothes, behind my glasses. I was afraid that only my image counted. I didn’t know how to be beautiful. Fortunately, when young, you aren’t aware of it. You carole-ponly know that it isn’t a guarantee of happiness. Awareness of one’s beauty would prevent learning. Today, I consider that I’m really fortunate! I even removed all of the mirrors at home. I didn’t know what to do with myself. Men began to look at me when I was very young and this terrified me. Today, I realize that I was frightened by their desire”. Extracts from Psychologies

FEMININITY. “I never learned how to be a woman although I did learn independence. Since I was raised by a man, I never thought that I wouldn’t work. I also learned to avoid looking too much in a mirror because he wasn’t very much concerned by his own appearance. There wasn’t very much concern about femininity at my school run by nuns! Until recently, you would never have made me say that I ever went to the hairdresser. I was ashamed of it. It was the height of luxury, futility.” Extracts from Psychologies. “Recently, I understood that femininity is seductive and I adopted the codes. This is something new for me. When I was 20, I went to the restaurant or to a premiere in jeans and a bulky sweater. Today, I make an effort to get dressed up. After the age of 50, certain things should be relinquished. It ages you to try and look like an adolescent or try and be seductive at any price”. 

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AGE. According to her make-up artist: “She’s more beautiful than when she was 20. There’s nothing to hide. Nothing to correct.” The delicate profile of Carole Bouquet doesn’t have a wrinkle, except when she laughs a great deal, loud and clear. However, the actress says that she’s fully aware of her age: “An age of fragility and unease. Those who claim otherwise, must consider that they’re hiding their fear of ageing. It’s touching but not true, an illusion”. She doesn’t feel the need to fight to stop the march of time: “A battle lost in advance, therefore disturbing, painful”. The only artifice she allows herself is makeup. “It’s a game, a construction that amuses me, not an attempt to BOUQUET Carole-24x30-1995appear young. I feel that a woman is at her height when she’s 35. However, it’s not possible to look 35 all of one’s life! Unless; of course, you accept the idea of repeated plastic surgery on face and body. I don’t want to participate in such a frantic race. Carole Bouquet learned, in her profession, the power of lovely clothing and knows what looks good on her: “At Chanel, they cut the dresses on me”. She rushes to add that, in her eyes, femininity is not only a question of adornment but in the way one behaves. “I feel that looking at people more kindly, taking the time to understand them, gives me a softness that I didn’t have when I was considered one of the cold beauties! If this makes me look younger, so much the better.”

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