His sculptures, designed around the "Born Wild" concept, reflect a profound reflection on animal instinct and human nature, in a resolutely modern style that never gives way to trash, extravagance or ephemerality. Richard Orlinski is an eclectic artist, a lover of art in all of its forms, the sculptor shatters conventional notions and does not hesitate to embrace new forms of artistic expression. Driven by a global and universal vision, he is eager to explore different realms such as sculpture, design, music, live shows...

Some of his works are worth millions of euros and stars love it, like Sharon Stone who is one of his clients. But thanks to a partnership with Eurodisney everyone can buy a statue of Orlinski, like the Mickey Wizard sold for less than 49 euros (put in dollars).



in 2005 Richard Orlinski decided to “devote himself fully to art”. Today he is surrounded by more than 200 collaborators! The story began with a red resin crocodile that he chooses to exhibit in Deauville at the “American Film Festival”. From the top of the peaks of Courchevel to television screens, Orlinski takes art where it has never been before, even if that means breaking 
the rules! Displaying his art in “unusual places and in the open air” very quickly became his trademark. For the celebration of the ninetieth birthday of Mickey, the Disney Studio chooses him for re interpreting the “Mickey Sorcerer’s Apprentice”.



IMG 1584About your career, you say you used cross roads to achieve success?

Yes, because I was not accepted as I was, I had no choice. It's quite complicated to get off the beaten track, you had to break the codes out of obligation at the beginning. On my way, I had to do a lot of work, get involved and face a lot of vexations, but I understood that all this was necessary for my project to mature and for me to be ready too. I wasted a lot of time getting to this point.

You have a very characteristic style, how did you define this style?

I am looking for an immediate reading and emotion of the work. You don't have to worry about understanding a work. In fact, what I like is that my sculptures can please children first. Children are cash is the least corrupt public that exists.

IMG 1586You are the best-selling French artist in the world but you stay away from the art world?

If I am not admitted to the great art world, it doesn't matter. If five out of every 100 people do not adhere to my work, it does not matter. I would rather please as many people as possible than work for an elite.

Your sculptures are for everyone with affordable sculptures, like the magician Mickey?

Yes, thanks to the partnership with Disneyland Paris everyone can buy a statue of Orlinski. It is an outcome. For me it is a consecration. The Mickey Wizard, for example, is sold for 49 euros.

IMG 1585Richard, can you describe yourself?

I'm an atypical person who breaks codes. For me, art is something universal and we can build bridges between all art forms. I am in favour of sharing, for teamwork, values that are not necessarily in tune with the times. I like freedom, being able to do what I want and having the means to do it. It's extremely complicated to get! I am satisfied with very simple things, I do a lot of work in children's hospitals by organizing workshops. These exchanges with these little ones are beautiful, and it's better than any gift for me.

And what about you as a child, what did you want to become?

As a child, I wanted to be a veterinarian to care for animals but I also had artistic desires. Today I sculpt crocodiles and "King Kong" in precious materials and in pop colors! But I was also attracted to cinema and music.

Can you describe your world, where you live?IMG 1583

In my apartment, which is based on Haussmann style, I have combined classicism and modernity. My interior is above all an experimental living space for my creations. In addition to sunlight, I need artificial light: the ceiling is a starry sky of small spots with white lights that captures the color of the object well. I'm against the current trend of advocating dimmed lighting!

Copyright all photo: Richard Orlinski 

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