Welcome to SOPHIE’S CAT, the sophisticated podcast for Paris lovers! Inspired by her blog, Sophie the Parisian shares with listeners amazing conversations with famous Parisian chefs, designers, stylists.  A podcast dedicated to all women who recognize Paris as a center of beauty and Parisian woman as role models for superb style.



FEBRUARY 15, 2019 - Podcast n°2
Conversation with the Chef ALAIN PASSARD


In today’s episode, Chef Alain Passard is going to share with us five main topics about French gastronomy and the eating style of Parisian women. Passard became famous thanks to the extraordinarily artistic way he works with raw ingredients, which has led him to create his menus according to the seasons and his "gardens" located in three different climatic regions of France.



JANUARY 15, 2019 - Podcast n°1
Conversation with the French artist RICHARD ORLINSKI


In today’s episode, Richard Orlinski is going to share with us interesting topics such as: the role of Paris in his creativity, the personality of Parisian women and his collaboration with the Disney Studio for the celebration of the 90th birthday of Mickey. Richard Orlinski is an eclectic artist, a lover of art in all of its forms, the sculptor shatters conventional notions and does not hesitate to embrace new forms of artistic expression. Driven by a global and universal vision, he is eager to explore di erent realms such as sculpture, design, music, live shows...



MARCH 13, 2019 - Podcast n°3
Conversation with the Nutritionist VALERIE ESPINASSE

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