FEBRUARY 15, 2020 - Podcast n°11
Conversation with the Chef ALAIN PASSARD


In today’s episode, Chef Alain Passard is going to share with us five main topics about French gastronomy and the eating style of Parisian women. Passard became famous thanks to the extraordinarily artistic way he works with raw ingredients, which has led him to create his menus according to the seasons and his "gardens" located in three different climatic regions of France.



January 15, 2020 - Podcast n°10
Conversation with Dr Arnaud Cocaul about balanced diets and food pollution.


In today’s episode, Doctor Cocaul, famous Parisian medical nutritionist specializing in eating disorders in general, invites us to relax on the issue of diet in general and our weight in particular. Between the abundance of trendy diets, the controversial organic food and the war against industrial dishes he will explain to us how to develop good eating habits and make them coincide with our daily life whose constraints are not limited to managing the contents of our plate! So today on the jazzy music by Dazie Mae, we'll have a really interesting discussion with Dr. Cocaul about balanced diets and food pollution.



December 15, 2019 - Podcast n°9
Conversation with Doctor de Jaeger about aging


In today’s episode, Doctor de Jaeger shall explain the method he developed, combining diagnosis and action, in order to preserve one’s health capital age well, and stay in good health as long as possible… He will share with us his “how to do” with a very interesting approach. Christophe de Jaeger is a French geriatrician Doctor and researcher specialized in the aging of the human body. He is President of the French Society of Medicine and physiology of longevity.



October 15, 2019 - Podcast n°8
Conversation with Doctor Thierry Hergueta about Mindfull eating


In this October episode, Thierry Hergueta is sharing with us some really interesting information about eating in full consciousness… “pleine conscience” said French’s. For those who do not yet know him, Thierry Hergueta is sociologist and one of the great French specialists in mindfulness. During the conversation he will explain how to "eat in full consciousness to enjoy more. “Conscious eating can make us aware of our own actions, thoughts, feelings and motivations”, he said. Thierry Hergueta explains today the method to eat in full consciousness and how to take the time to observe and enjoy the meal, while slowing down the pace. Mindfulness is really interesting for pleasure as well as for health. So, Parisian!



September 16, 2019 - Podcast n°7
Conversation with Chef Yves Cambdeborde, leader of the French Bistronomie


In today’s episode, Chef Yves Camdeborde is sharing with us some really interesting information about French gastronomy and the eating style of Parisian women. Specialized in the bistrot cuisine, the journalists named Yves Camdeborde the chef of the "bistronomy (for bistro and gastronomy) a version halfway between simple, traditional bistro cuisine and the sophisticated but often expensive gastronomy of chefs. According to him, eating well is above all about being happy at the table! But it is also a balance between taste, quality and health. He will tell us full of chef's secrets and delicacies and will give us his explanation on the fact that the Parisian love to eat but stay thin.



August 15, 2019 - Podcast n°6
Conversation with Cécilia Hermabessière owner of Les Bonbons, the trendiest candy shop in Paris


In today’s episode, Cécilia Hermabessière, owner of one of the trendiest and vintage candy shop of Paris is sharing with us interesting topics about vintage candies !  She tells us how at one time when eating sugar is not very fashionable… her small boutique « Les Bonbons » of the 6th arrondissement of Paris is always full of nostalgic and passionate people looking for the candy of their childhood. Have sweets become a way to face crises with more serenity or simply a kind of "Madeleine de Proust" that brings us back to our childhood with licorice, marshmallow, chocolate teddy bears and Vichy pastille! An original Podcast not to be missed for gourmets and nostalgic people!



July 15, 2019 - Podcast n°5
Conversation with Axelle Bonamy founder of Ma Bonne Amie fashion rental service


In today’s episode, Axelle Bonamy the founder of Ma Bonne Amie, the most famous designer rental company in Paris, is sharing with us interesting topics about the new way of consuming fashion? “Today with the rise of environmental issues the concept of Ma Bonne Amie is particularly economical, ecological and definitely contemporary”. At Ma Bonne Amie showroom the Parisian women, and not only, come to rent haute couture and designer dresses for gala evenings or private soirées. “Wearing the perfect dress for an event is also gain in self-confidence, ease and assertive femininity”.



June 15, 2019 - Podcast n°4
Conversation with the French artist RICHARD ORLINSKI


In today’s episode, Richard Orlinski is going to share with us interesting topics such as: the role of Paris in his creativity, the personality of Parisian women and his collaboration with the Disney Studio for the celebration of the 90th birthday of Mickey. Richard Orlinski is an eclectic artist, a lover of art in all of its forms, the sculptor shatters conventional notions and does not hesitate to embrace new forms of artistic expression. Driven by a global and universal vision, he is eager to explore di erent realms such as sculpture, design, music, live shows...



MAY 15, 2019 - Podcast n°3
Conversation about oysters with Chef* Stéphane Laruelle


In today’s episode, Stéphane Laruelle chef 1 Michelin Star, is sharing with us an interesting topic: the oysters ! The Chef made his way past the ovens of Le Crillon and Grand Véfour and alongside Guy Savoy ***. This meeting allowed him to become head of the Chiberta restaurant in 2008, an Parisian establishment stamped under the flag Guy Savoy. Gourmet cuisine, creative and traditional in its principles, following the application of rigorous methods of French cuisine. Stéphane Laruelle tells us about the passion of Parisians for oysters and the different ways of cooking oysters in a really interesting way. Listen carefully and you will likely discover why the Parisienne eats mainly oysters number 5…



APRIL 15, 2019 - Podcast n°2
Conversation with Michel Turpin Director of the Grande Épicerie de Paris


In today’s episode, Michel Turpin takes us behind the scenes at "La Grande Épicerie de Paris" the largest and most luxurious grocery stores in the capital, the jewels of the "Bon Marché" group, a subsidiary of LVMH. Monsieur Turpin, director of this prestigious grocery chain, explains how "La Grande Épicerie de Paris" became so successful and how with its amazing products and beautiful mise en scène they attract gourmet Parisians, fascinated tourists and celebrities who frequent these stores for their quality and very chic shopping. Michel Turpin shares with us an interesting observation: how the Parisian woman makes her food purchases compared to foreigners, her habits and what it eating well means for her... Listen carefully and you will likely discover the secret as to how the Parisian woman is both ‘gourmande’ (resourceful) and slim!



MARCH 15, 2019 - Podcast n°1
Conversation with the Nutritionist VALÉRIE ESPINASSE


In today’s episode, Valérie Espinasse is sharing with us an interesting topic: “what means eating well and the steps to change and improve our eating habits”… Valérie Espinasse, the Nutritionist of Parisian Stars, coaches both leading actresses and TV people as well as top athletes and anonymous people. She offers a genuine and original approach to weight, nutrition, and age issues: she is a micro-nutritionist, who takes a close look at the individual factors of each of her clients, and builds a tailored program to help them to achieve their best health. During this healthy episode, Sophie the Parisian will share with us 3 secrets about the alimentation of the Parisian women…

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