Who is Sophie the Parisian?


Sophie the Parisian is a parisian fictive character created by Nathalie Peigney: "I am parisian, a true parisian, born in Paris and that live in Paris.… My girlfriends are Parisians living in Paris too. You’re either Parisian or become Parisian. But you have to work at it and keep working at it because carelessness is the enemy of the Parisian.



Like a smart card, we have our very own confidential codes of behaviour, which only a Parisian knows. A neo-Parisian freshly arrived from abroad can only become Parisian if she has a good friend, a sort of fairy godmother who shares her secrets with her and so on…

People talk about French attitude and “typically Parisian” behaviour... And yes, it’s true, we have a particular way of being with our friends, our fiancé and our children. Part of our charm lies in how difficult we are to decipher. We know what we want and how to get it but we don’t really show it, assuming a naive and modest air. We’re hurried but precise with a certain controlled bohemian casualness. Is this why women all over the world want to imitate our style which they say is unique and men fall in love with a French woman?
Another aspect of our style is we know how to fuse grandma’s secrets with contemporary ideas; we enjoy meals in traditional sauces but we eat steamed green beans, love “minimalist” nouvelle cuisine dishes but are fond of the dishes of our Italian neighbours which we’re quite happy to make part of our Parisian heritage. This art of casually switching from one style to another isn’t learnt overnight but we can help you!

We Parisians are always in motion; a chic, invigorating but laid-back whirlwind. A touch of “I’ve always been like this”. Our day is taken up with work meetings, parent-teacher meetings, quick trips to the supermarket and essential society events. We cross the road on a diagonal and, smiling and self-assured, we park our Smart car where we see fit; the important thing is to be where we need to be, at the right time and, most importantly, not to appear overwhelmed.

It’s said we’re elegant. Even if our style is studied down to the last detail, it must always seem very natural. And here again, we have our secrets… There are strict rules for being and staying chic, whether it’s on our wedding day, walking along the Seine, in Biarritz or having a drink on a terrace in Saint Germain des Près. The same applies to our children who, in addition to their “Bonpoint”education, are always immaculately dressed.

In the United States, my friends tell me I’m “So Parisian” and ask me for shopping and style tips! I take it as a compliment. We do know the places to go for everything, from the best chocolate éclair to the private sales not to be missed. Of course, we’re proud to share our finds but we rarely disclose our addresses. Which are often the same as our friends’. A Parisian is recognised by her address book. From the soup bar to the hat shop or the latest spa; don’t get it wrong!

It’s said Parisians are slim. But I can assure you we like cake, sausages and cheese! Where does our weight go? It’s a state secret…. Well, we can give you a bit of an insight! You have to be constantly on the alert; better to prevent and correct than cure and repair. With practice, it becomes almost spontaneous. To keep a natural-looking face despite passing years, a slim body despite our love of food and a personality that’s up to our reputation, we have to have the right attitude whenever and wherever.

The truth is that it’s difficult to be and stay a true Parisian, but we work hard on our style and our reputation, proud to bear this noble title. So, shall we get started?

Brigitte, Catherine, Carole, Chantal, Charlotte, Clara, Isabelle, Marion, Nicole and Maxime my blogger friends and I are going to help you become a true Parisian, supported in our mission by so French and feminine VIP testimonials”.

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